Isekai desu ga Mamono Saibai shiteimasu. Chapter 7

Isekai desu ga Mamono Saibai shiteimasu. Chapter 7

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Isekai desuga chap 7


Page 1:



Oh come on *I’m not your pony


Oh, again?

Sui, it’s dangerous *you might get hurt

*what about me?


Sui ~



Page 2

Chapter 7: The Tree of Life


Page 3

My apologies, Isu-chan

You came all the way out here to meet Dory-chan but …

Ah, it’s alright

This little girl… is she a monster plant?


Page 4:


Sui-chan is… a monster plant?

You didn’t know either, Fitis?


What are you guys up to?



Ah… Ah it’s just… We didn’t know Sui was really a monster plant

Uh… Uhm it was the egg that Kyou found in the woods

Ah… well…


Page 5

It’s been half a year since he brought it back and hatched it



It’s just… there are records about monster plants having human forms…


About that…



Page 6:

What’s wrong?


Butterfly Flowers!

Once it blooms, it becomes a monster plant in the form of a butterfly and flies away

They’re really rare, so they’re called lucky plants




For me?

Thank you, Sui

If you tap on it and give it a command

It’ll hover wherever you want


Page 7

Thank you very much, Sui-chan!

I’ll treasure it!


Page 8


Who could it be?

Don’t tell me

It’s those fake adventurer bastards again!?


Page 9

Could it be that they’re here for my little Sui?

Everybody get inside!


Page 10

Nice to meet you!

My name is Mokoshi, a goddess of this world!

You must be Kyou-kun right? Even though you’ve just met me

I’ve always been watching you!


Page 11

*Who …?

I just told you. I’m Mokoshi, one of the goddesses of this world!

You can just call me Mochan <3

It’s almost Spring, isn’t it?

And here comes a beautiful lady… With a mental disorder

*what a waste

Hey, that was just rude!

I’m a real goddess, mind you!

Did she really just read my mind… ?

Lily, say something, anything

The goddess Mokoshi-sama!? Is it really you!!?



Page 12


Do you believe me now?

But I’m just a religious symbol, so it’s not really a big deal

Anyway, Himuro Kyouji-kun

There’s something I must ask of you

Would you please come hear me out?

I’ll explain Sui’s real identity as well


Page 13

*I don’t really get it, but I have no choice; or I’ll still harbour doubts…

Can Lily and Fitis come along?

Of course, there’s no problem


Could this be…



Page 15

This is the World Tree


Page 16

World Tree?

No mere human has ever set foot here before

By the way, the World Tree is commonly known as the Tree of Life

*The ancient Tree of Life

*After consuming the Fruit of Wisdom to gain the knowledge of the universe, Adam and Eve then shared the Fruit of Life to gain immortality

*They had reached the level of gods, and thus were despised and expelled by the gods themselves … This is the Tree of Life, from the tale of the Garden of Eden

*The Tree of Life was born from one of the ten Sephirot

[T/N: singular form: Sephirah, Google “Tree of Life and Kabbala” for more information]


Page 17

Of course, people from a different world would have different knowledge

Well, at least different lore than that of Earth

In this world, there are a total of ten continents

Every continent used to have a Tree of Life

But now, six have died, and only four remain

That’s why, Kyou-kun

I want you to regrow the Trees of Life

… Huh?

Only four left…


Page 18

Because humans have cut them down…

Cut them down!?


Nowadays, no one would call it the Tree of Life anymore

Instead, they called it

The Demonic Tree

The Demonic Tree…

*The meaning is the complete opposite of the Tree of Life…


Page 19

You see…

Every monster plant is born and grown from a seed. And where would those seeds come from?

They are all from the Tree of Life

As the seeds grew, many kinds of monster plants were created

That’s why, for humans, the tree that produces monsters can only be a monster itself

As a result…

People cut down all the Trees of Life


Page 20

That’s true, aren’t they just too cruel!?

The monsters are a part of this world, but humans only see them as hunting trophies

Why can’t they all just live in peace? *I’m extremely angry

About a century ago, humans figured out the origin of the monster plants

Since then, they have been hunting down the so-called “Demonic Trees”

*just like animals and plants of my world

*the monsters are an essential part of this world

If the monsters were to be exterminated…

Humans would also become vulnerable…

That’s right!


Page 21

But still, a group of monster slayers arose

And completely tipped the scales that were once balanced

The Mighty Six

They are the six so-called heroes who successfully cut down the “Demonic Trees”

The Tree of Life could reach to the clouds, but…

For those who managed to accomplish such a feat, there’s a saying

“Honor – Power – Influence. They have beyond that of the king on his throne”


Page 22

In some ways, they run this world

I get it, mostly… but still

You want me to regrow the Trees of Life?


How am I supposed to do that?

You’d need to be a God to grow such a tree, I can’t do that!

But you possess the ability of a God, “Breath of Life”

So you’ll be just fine!


Page 23

You don’t mean, the farming progress I have made

Is because of that ability you just mentioned?

Ding ding ding!

We have a winner!!

So reincarnation did give me a special skill after all…

Raising monsters and nourishing lives are the same, right?

This truly is the power of a God!

Has nobody ever questioned you?

Such as asking how you can grow monsters, or something like that?

…So that’s how everything went so well growing monsters…


Page 24

Now, I’m going to need you to find me a core to grow a new Tree of Life


This is the core of a Tree of Life

Where can I find one?

They’re found in the heart of the tree

But ever since the trees have been cut down, humans have stolen the cores

So the cores are in the hands of those who cut them down…

Meaning … The Mighty Six …


Page 25

*They chopped down the Tree of Life and can slay high-ranked monsters

*I couldn’t exactly just walk in and ask them for the core

*… I’ve been pushed into a corner

*I might have to politely turn down her request…

Oh before I forget!

The Trees of Life are sustaining the life flow of this world

But there’re only four of them left, and once they’re unable to sustain the flow, the world will end

*……..Huh? The beautiful goddess says what?

*Let’s see, you don’t mean…eh?

*So, having been reincarnated, I’ll share the same fate…?


You would perish along with everything else


Page 26:

*AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH What in the world were you thinking, you stupid, good-for-nothing tree killers!!

*This is absolutely ridiculous!!

Why don’t you just explain this to everyone else!?

You could just tell the Mighty Six directly!!

I’m only responsible for watching over this world, so …

So you have no right to interfere in human affairs?

Pretty much

*This world is inhabited by humans

*They’ve earned the right to decide their own fate…

*So they can’t just blame the Gods for their choices


Page 27

But, why me?

Well, you see..

I’ve been observing everything for such a long time

So, I’ve grown attached to this world

*Attached … huh?


Page 30

That’s why I can’t remain silent any longer

And I came looking for your help

Alright then, I’ll try collecting the cores

And regrow the Trees of Life for you

I’ve had the chance at a new life, and I wouldn’t want to waste it

Thank you in advance


Page 31

Ahhh! You’ve been working so hard!

Welcome… back…

Hey, thanks for looking after the house

Ah, right

About Sui-chan’s identity


Page 32:

She’s the Demon King’s child.


*Next chapter, to gather the cores, I have to advance my cooking skills


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