Isekai Goumon Hime Chapter 5

Isekai Goumon Hime Chapter 5

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 5
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Page 1:
Kaito getting punished has become a daily sight…

Page 2:
In other words, the built in translation function inside your body is running on high efficiency,                                               so the ingredients that have the same name as in your country doesn’t taste the same as yours.

And that’s why my cooking tastes bad?

Olive is not actually olive and pepper is not actually pepper…

They’re not?

But how can that be the only reason?

Isn’t this enough? Just let me go already!                                        Please let me go! I’ll do anything.

Page 3:
I’m still not sure whether you are defiant or not.

If you’re going to torture me then just kill me quickly, please.

You just have way too little will to keep on living.                                     You’re not allowed to die without my permission.

Wait a minute Elizabeth-san.

This angle and distance is a little dangerous.

Hmm! Ok you’re dead!

Hey, aren’t you the one revealing yourself!?

Didn’t you say my grilled skewers taste great?


With salt and pepper

That doesn’t count as cooking.



Page 4:
The spike is gone…what a relief.

Isn’t this the “Butcher”?

One shouldn’t be punishing their servant in front of a guest.                                 “Butcher” this is my idiotic servant Kaito

Nice to meet you idiotic servant-dono.                                            I’m the friend of gourmets and customers with peculiar tastes, your friendly “Butcher”.

I’m grateful of Elizabeth-sama’s patronage every time.

Page 5:

Thank you for you politeness.

Ah,                                             are you perhaps wary of me? I do look a little weird, but I’m just your normal demi-human.

He’s not a demi-human, but a human from another world.

Is that so…

So? “Butcher” what did you bring today?

Oh yes! Chicken and pigeon’s liver, pig’s intestines, cow’s tongue and heart.

If there is no problem, I’ll put them in the ice spirit fridge.

Umm, you did well.

You really don’t eat human meat?

It just tastes bad and the cost is way too high.

So it is being treat as food.

Does servant-dono want to try it? I can offer you it for a relatively cheap price.

Page 6:
Cheap? So you’ve managed to acquire the dead bodies from somewhere?                                  But there shouldn’t be any wars breaking out nearby.

There are a stack of dead bodies in a certain territory.

But the most delicious part of the body is gone and the teeth are…

That must be the work of demons or their devotees.                                   Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?

Ah- to be honest, I only cared about the quality of the meat.

I’ve met people like this in my previous life.

Page 7:
To even remember this remote village, I’m amazed of how good my memory is!

I’m amazed that you have a sense of clothing.

That butler outfit has never looked good on you though.                                       Fufu.

So why don’t you give me something that will?

Page 8:

So there are demons in this town…? It seems peaceful to me…

Huh? What’s wrong Kaito?

Reptile’s arms and dog’s ears?

A hybrid of demi-human and beastman huh?                                   The pure blood ones who are noble, look completely different and can’t be found in the human territory.

Page 9:
A hybrid of demi-human and beastman…just like that “Butcher”…

The “Butcher” is a special case

I guess I should say this.

Welcome to another world.

Now this really feels like another world.

Come Kaito.

Page 10:

Where are we going Elizabeth?

The sudden appearance of those corpses haven’t caused a turmoil yet ,                             meaning most of the corpses belong to the poor.

So it’s obvious that we’re going to the slump.

It seems the bloody marquis is trying to recruit new servants again.

That’s the carriage right?

Page 11:
There shouldn’t be anyone willing to sell their children to the rumored people-eating castle anymore right?                                       I heard even the child of a minor noble was gathered to be a servant.

Is that so?

I heard Anna from around the corner didn’t just do it once, she sold her fourth son to loan a piece of silver.

Just to loan? How could she?                                      I just don’t get why anyone would sell the child that they’ve gone through all that pain to give birth to.

Kaito don’t do anything,                                  because you can’t do anything anyways.


Page 12:

You just need to drink tea at the marquis’s castle while I get this over with.

You’re just my add-on.


Its good being young, I also want to be young again…

You’re ugly even when you’re young.

This carriage belongs to the marquis right? Thanks goodness!                               My name is Flora.

I’ve come all the way from the main street after hearing that the marquis is recruiting new maidservants.

Page 13:

I want to live like a real lady.                                      I had a fight my father, a land owner so I snuck out of the house, but                                      to think I would come across such a wonderful opportunity!

Who…are you?

Yeah, who the heck are you?

Ah, I forgot.

Anna-san told me to mention her name as the person who introduced me to the job.

Oh,                                   really.

Has anyone found out that you left home?

I think not.

Come butler-san.

Page 14:

Don’t do anything.

Yeah, I know I’m useless.

We’re heading to the village Kaito.

You’re heading out immediately?

Can you spare me a minute Elizabeth?

I’m heading out, please wait for a while.

Page 15:
She’s not damaged,                                         so she should be fine.


Would things be different if she were also here?

Then maybe I’ll be the one house-watching.

But having a lover, huh? I still can’t believe it.

How should I treat her…?

Page 16:

The bloody marquis’s castle

Please, this way.

Wow- this place is just glittering.

Houses of the rich are so different-

Page 17:
You’re not a noble.

Servant go this way.

Eh…                                wait.                                 Eli…Flora-sama!
You can just find a place and sleep.

This will all be over quickly.

I can’t do anything about this?



Page 18:

Not good.
I have a bad feeling about this.

You, go join that line.

You too!


Page 19:

Sorry about that.

I’m count Eskuro’s daughter, Melanie Eskuro.                                 I was told by my aunt that I’m here to learn about serving…

I’m Sena Kaito.                                     I’m sorry, but did your father die and you were immediately sent here after getting adopted by your aunt?

Eh? How did you know?


This place is dangerous.

You need to be always ready to run if something were to happen.

Page 20:
I don’t know about your preparedness,

but to wear such high quality clothes…


Hurry up and move!

Try your best!

Page 21:



To your horrific theater!

What’s with that voice…its scary!!

You are all audiences, directors, actors so I want you to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

You can try to escapes from this annex all you want.

Page 23:
I will only save the last remaining persoooon.

Until then “reducing the numbers on your own” is fine toooooo.


This man,

could be a demon.

You never told me that this would be the actual stage Elizabeth.

Page 24:

They’re so big!!


No let me down!!




Page 25:
They’re not just being captured…

They’re kept alive while being skewered…


Everyone ruuuuun!!


Open the door! Open up!
It’s useless! Stop and run away!

Page 26:
Uwah! Uwah!!

The branch!                                So the trees are here to prolong the game.

Let’s just stay hidden under the trees!


Why are there so many here?

I will only save the last remaining person.

Until then “reducing the numbers on your own” is fine too.

Page 27:

…So,                                          that’s it.



Page 28:
Calm down, don’t fall for the demon’s…the enemy’s word.

How can you be sure that he will save the last remaining person?                                    We should work together to call for help instead of killing each other.

No one will come!!

I was told to die in a body bag!!

Die for the sake of your family,                                  please die for us.

No one saved me then!!

So you’re gonna kill me,

you must have lived an easy life before this right?

Page 29:

Why don’t you at least just die for my sake?

Page 30:
Just leave it to me, we’ll get out of here together.

There are only 8 left huh…?

Listen here, we’re gonna run to that door,                                        if the crows come, just swing your weapons like we’ve planned.

Page 31:
I’ll get all of us out of here alive!

Let’s go!

Spread out!

Page 32:

That’s everyone!

Looks like they’re bad with fire!

I hope so!!

Page 33:

Hey I’m Noie, what’s your name nii-san?


Sorry Kaito.

I was…

Don’t worry.

You were abandoned by your parents right?


Page 34:

I can’t cut it!


There’s no other way.

Run Noie.


You’re really obsessed with having your meat raw, huh?



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