Isekai Goumon Hime Chapter 6

Isekai Goumon Hime Chapter 6

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 6
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Page 1:
where are we? The kitchen?

You’re today main course

Page 2+3:
Let’s show

The demon

A befitting


Page 4:

Page 5:

Why, why did you…do that!

It’s fine, I’m already dead

What!? Are you an idiot!

That’s pretty harsh…

Now…since it’s still meal time, we need to take this chance and run…


Before you asked me if I had been abandoned by my parents or not

Only someone who has the same thing happen to them can say that

Did Kaito also…

Ah not just abandoned, I was killed by one

Page 6:
you may not believe it but I came from a different world, and I was killed before I came here                                                       this body is of a golem



It ate the whole sword?

Next time the spider shoots its silk, let it eat me                                                  take that chance and run

Idiot!! Don’t say something like that so readily!!

Page 7:
it’s fine, I’m a puppet                                              my body, my heart

I have nothing left to fear or cry about

While Noie, you can still cry when scared, your heart is still beating

Live on as a human being

Try your best

I used to sneak out to watch shows about heroes when dad was not around

Right now by saving Noie, who resembles my past self, I can become what my past-self wished to be, a hero

As my thought reaches this point, I don’t feel so bad that my prolonged shitty life would end here…

Page 8:





I wonder?

Page 9:

Maybe it’s because

I wanted you to be happy

Page 10+11:

Page 12:


Dead people can’t be saved


Page 13:
I’ll kill it I’ll kill it

I’ll kill it I’ll kill it

Page 14:
first I need to call Elizabeth here…

Not a single scratch? Where is everyone?

Wasn’t the door locked before?



Why…stay away, run now!


Page 15:
It’s dangerous here Melanie

Oh Kaito

I finally found this hidden passage

Huh? Where did you hand fall off?                                               Was it detachable in the first place?



Isn’t that a spider!

Page 16:
I hate bugs!!

Page 17:



What happened?

You don’t have that usual face of someone about to die, is it because of the blood loss?

Even though I said you’re immortal but you’ll still die from losing too much blood you idiot

Page 18:
…like I said                                                  there was a bird-face demon in the annex…




The chain stopped the blood

Are you listening Elizabeth

Sfx: nodding(*)
(*): I don’t normally translate sfx but this panel is just so cute

I was taken to the kitchen                                                   there lies a dead girl missing parts of her body

The nobles tend to be more pure blooded than commoners, so “they also taste better”

Nobles are used for meals while commoners are used for entertainment

What extravagance

Still it caused me a lot of time trying to get here…

Who cares about that?

Page 19:
we’re heading to the annex                                                 and give that demon a gruesome death


To see you so excited, it’s like you’re a different person

Look at your arm                                                      it’s rare to see a human…not afraid of pain

But Kaito                                                       even though after witnessing such carnage

How can you not notice it?

What are you talking about?

The demon here really likes to torture humans, perhaps even more than that “knight”

Page 20:
He is just like me                                          seeing joy in humans suffering

seeing delight in humans screaming

So answer this Kaito                                                            what would be the worst possible despair that such a twisted bastard

Would take pleasure in creating?

…I was left in the state of dehydration for days

After I thought I was finally given the water to survive

I was killed…

Page 21:
by giving someone the hope that they may survive                                            Then letting them taste true despair…

Precisely                                                        for example during that carnage

When there are only two left, one is a weak little girl then                                            the other one would think he only needed to kill her and that would be it

But in reality he was killed instead…

Elizabeth, that is…

By the way Kaito

There wasn’t a single child making it all the way here though?



Doesn’t it make you wonder

Page 22:
why would the child of a noble bloodline be joining the carnage?

Who knows…                                               maybe they made a mistake or it was to match the number?

Elizabeth is doubting Melanie?

I’m not doubting, I’m sure of it

Kaito-sama! Save me, I’m scared…!


Page 23:
Kill it

Kaito-sama, you’re terrible

You’re terrible…Elizabeth

I was so close…

So close to letting your servant have a taste of true despair!!

Page 24:
Don’t you dare order your master around, you useless dog!

Even without your begging, that is my prey


I apologize for my servant’s rudeness                                                      now welcome to my Grand Guignol!

Page 25:

After losing your human form, taking on the guise of a little girl is quite easy                                              the thing in that annex should be your servant or you in disguise

Huh?                                                   Despite its human status being a marquis                                     the demon it fused with is just “the Earl”

And I was just getting my hope up!


Page 26:


But Elizabeth, you aren’t even showing any room                                              to make a counter attack though?

The one disappointed should be me

Page 27:
“The wheel of death”!! * (* Note: We are not sure what the author means. Katakana is “the feel of death” while the kanji translates “grinding wheel”)

I’ve just crushed your familiar to death so

How about I slowly make you disappear the same way?

Page 28:

Argh!                                                              Wait!!

What’s wrong, “Earl”?

Your voice is painful to listen

Can’t you at least caw like a crow?


You make a deal with me…!


…don’t listen to him

Page 29:

I know that after hunting down the third-teen demon, the “torture princess” will be sentenced to a death by flame

If you don’t kill me…

You also                                            won’t need to face death!                                        Am I right? Our interest coincide right?

So please spare meeee

Page 30:
you imbecile!!


At the end of the path of torture is a hell without any hope                               of salvation decorated with one’s own scream

That is the moment when a torturer’s life is complete

Page 31:
you kept chasing a torturer’s path without knowing that?

Don’t make me laugh Earl


You or I

It is our fate to be abandoned by all creation, to our death

Page 32:
with this everyone in this castle should be dead                                                  that also implies for that bird-face and the kids impaled by spears…


Thank you Elizabeth


I’m fine with curses and condemnation

But your gratitude is too much. It’s humorous and I can’t understand it at all

I mean your life will be over once you hunted down all third-teen demons right?                             Yet you still killed this guy for me

I’ve heard that Elizabeth did the same deeds as those demons

But now I’m starting to notice that she is fundamentally different from them

…it doesn’t matters                                                 I don’t think about my death

Page 33:
after I live my life as a cruel and proud wolf

I will die like a sow

It is already decided

Page 34:
I’m the only one left surviving…


It’s because I wanted you to be happy

This is the first time someone ever said that to me…

It just feels impossible to have a happy life in this world

It will be difficult, but I’ll try my best…


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