Isekai Goumon Hime Chapter 7

Isekai Goumon Hime Chapter 7

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Page 1:

Thanks to Hina, Elizabeth is in a good mood!!

Page 2:


This is wonderful, truly amazing!

You’ve earned my praise, doll!


Your body seems to be fine now.

I am truly honored to be receiving praise

from Elizabeth-sama, Kaito-sama’s master!

At first, I thought I had no other choice but to destroy you along with my foolish butler.

Rejoice, Kaito, it seems you can live a longer life!

How can I feel happy knowing I was that close to being killed off?

But to think you knew how to cook…


Page 3:

There are many useful skills recorded within my memory,

from cooking, to cleaning, to accompanying you through the night!

This way, I can fulfill all of Kaito-sama’s desires!

No, no, those kinds of extra services are kinda…

Is that so?

But, being able to service you at any time, and any place, would be my greatest pleasure!

Any place…as in outside, too?

Yes, even outside!

What are you two even talking about?


This doll is very useful.

I welcome it as my servant’s servant.

So. Kaito, I need you to give it a name.

A name?

Don’t be so surprised by such a little thing.

I’m just telling you to name your possession.

Page 4:
Ive never thought of her as my possession…

Thinking of a name for a girl is hard…

Please excuse my impoliteness, but I am Kaito-sama’s property.

I am your lover, your companion, your soldier, your weapon, your pet, your plaything, your sex toy…

I get it so, please stop phrasing it like that-!

Whatever I am to you, I’d still like you to give me a name…


What name should I choose?

Wait…now that I remember… There was once an animal

that was willing to get close to me unconditionally…

It only lasted until I had to move again, though.

Page 5:

How does Hina sound?

It sounds rushed, like you just thought it up on the spot.

I really did put a lot of thought into that, ok!

As expected of Kaito-sama!

To be able to think of a name that surpasses those of all humans, demi-humans,

beastmen, mythical beasts, and the gods across heaven and earth!

Thank you so much! From now on, please let me be known as Hina!

The name that Kaito-sama bestowed upon me…gufufufu

By the way

Page 6:
what kind of food do you like, Kaito-sama?

I’ll eat anything, as long as it’s not rotten nor poisoned.

I see, I understand!

I will try my very best to make delicious food for you!

Then, suppose…

If I happened to make food that you liked,

I’d die of happiness!

Calm down…don’t die from something like that.

I understand, then I will live forever!

Somehow, having someone to talk to is really refreshing.




I heard you the first time!

Page 7:

It seems this man would like to speak with you.

This is the man the church sent sent by the church in order to keep an eye on me

He came all the way here unofficially.

Nice to meet you, Sena Kaito-kun.

My name is Clueless Ray Faund. I wished to meet with you in person.


As expected of your servant, Elizabeth. Your attitudes match.

Page 8:
I don’t know much about the church

But they should hold a considerable amount of authority in this world…

I just want to run away.

Then, let us go to the church.


But, I’m still Elizabeth-sama’s butler, so…

You only admit you’re my servant in times like these!

Just give up, I’ve had enough of your tiresome chatter.

It’s troublesome, so just go!

Good girl, Elizabeth, a wise decision indeed.

I haven’t reported the matter of your summoning him to this world yet.

If I had, there would have to be an exaggerated procedure followed by proper punishment,

but that would be troublesome for me as well,

so it would be to both our advantage to keep this meeting informal.

Fine. But if you fail to return him, I’ll end you.


Page 9:

Kaito, take him to the underground magic teleportation circle.

You know, the place you had to use that weird way in order to remember.

Ah…that underground passage was so maze-like, that was the only way I could remember the path.

It’s weird that you can even remember something that way.

Remembering something by carving it into your body.

Normally, one wouldn’t think of carving something on their body like that.

You surprised me.

I only know the way that was taught to me by my father.

You can’t forget something that painful.

Something wrong?

Ah, no.

This way, please.

Kaito-kun, watch out for teleportation-sickness!

Page 10:

Where are we? This place doesn’t look like the church.

This is the church’s secret underground passage.

Come, my private room is this way.

Here we are.

Sit wherever you’d like.

Ah, thanks.

This tea is nice.

I’m often scolded by my subordinate for buying too much of it.


No, I think it’s a good hobby…

Page 11:

Even though he’s smiling, I can’t feel relaxed at all…

It’s extremely rare for a person from a different world to come here.

To think you were summoned as Elizabeth’s servant…

Your wavelengths must be an exact match

You mean I’m similar to Elizabeth?

Ah, no, I’m sorry, you’re not similar at all.

She was born as the only child of the great noble family of Fanu.

It’s said that despite being sickly throughout her childhood, she had a cruel personality.

At? the age of sixteen, she started torturing people and gained magical power from their suffering.

Then, she kept using that evil power to slaughter more people.

She continued those acts without any fear of god.

Page 12:


It was rumored that the power was the result of her contracting with a demon.

But Elizabeth doesn’t have anything to do with the fourteen demons, right?

That’s right. I don’t know how, but she achieved all that on her own…!

She, who holds the power that surpasses that of the demons,

is a cursed existence in this world.

That’s true, but…to me, after staying by her side…

Even though she’s a tyrant, I don’t hate her.

I actually quite like that innocent side of her that she shows sometimes.

Please excuse me for getting so worked up.

Then, let us talk about your world.

I heard that they’ve developed technology instead of magic there.


But, I don’t really know all the details…

Page 13:

Thank you, that was an interesting conversation.


However, I’m sorry to inform you that

you won’t live until the end of the hunt for the remaining thirteen demons.

Although this body is immortal, I do still understand the difficulty of staying alive.


if you were to survive,

the Church’s Inquisition would sentence you to eternal torture by flame.


It’s the obvious outcome, isn’t it?

I mean, there’s no way they’d let a puppet created by Elizabeth live.

Of course, I’d like to avoid that if possible.

Page 14:

To that end,

I have an offer for you.

I view [The Torture Princess] as a dangerous existence.

Back when she was captured, she was restrained so that she couldn’t counterattack or escape,

but if she were to form a contract with one of the thirteen demons,

she would become powerful enough to break free from her restraints.

If that’s the case, then why did the Church send her to kill those demons in the first place?

One of the Church’s top officials, Godo Deos-sama, promised to take responsibility with his life if something like that were to happen.

But we of the Church can’t afford to lose such a great man.

Page 15:

So my request

is for you to kill Elizabeth with this poison.


Page 16:

In exchange, I’ll offer you a painless death.


That’s right. According to your own words, you died before you were summoned here.

This isn’t such a bad deal, is it?

I see…

This Clueless guy…

He’s one of those arrogant bastard-types.

Not satisfied with my offer?

Then in order for you to truly appreciate my proposal, let me show you what happens to the “heretics.”


Watch, listen, and learn.

Page 17:




Page 18:

You wouldn’t want to join them, would you?

I await

your good news.

Page 19:


I’ve never felt like this when I was teleporting with Elizabeth…

Shit…don’t I still have work to do…?

…Hina has probably taken care of it for me already, though…

I don’t have to report about my conversation with Clueless right away…

Page 20:

There’s no way I could forget about this, anyway…

Ah…I just want some rest…



Page 21:

Welcome back, Kaito-sama!!

I’ve been awaiting your safe return!


Your return was the only thing on my mind!

I was so worried I thought my chest would burst and send gears flying everywhere!



……Were you standing here waiting for me that entire time?


Um…next time, you can sit anywhere you’d like.

You can even take a nap, if you want.

Eh! Such things!

I’ve been given permission to sleep on the master’s bed!

In other words…

an indirect invitation!!

You’re wrong…

I don’t have the strength to joke with you right now.


Page 22:


The sheets are soft…and they smell nice.

This must be Hina’s doing…

Thank you, Hina…


I guess I won’t be using this bed much longer, since I’ll be leaving soon.

A peaceful death…

That was what I wished for.


No matter how hard I try…

I just can’t seem to picture myself killing her.

She’s the kind of person who’d seek death on her own terms.

Hina, right now I’m…

Page 23:

Please excuse me, Kaito-sama.

You seem to be tired…

So as a lover, it’s my duty to look after you.

Page 24:

I-is that right…?

Yes <3


If you keep this up, I’ll really fall asleep.

What’s wrong with that?

It’s fine, so please just relax.

No matter what happens, I’ll protect you!

Page 25:

Ah…I see.

I was…


Page 26:

I don’t know what will happen next,

but at least I’m safe here.

I’m not in any pain,

and Hina just said she would protect me…

Including the time I lived in my previous life…

This is the first time I’ve ever felt safe.

To think I could ever feel like this…

Page 27:

This is so you’ll remember not to make that mistake again!!


I’m dreaming…

I guess…because I want you to be happy.

If [The Torture Princess] were to contract with one of the thirteen demons, her power would be immeasurable.

Don’t make me laugh, “Earl.”

Page 28:

It’s a torturer’s fate to be abandoned by all of creation and die.

…That’s right.

You weren’t gonna run away, were you?

Despite all the pain and suffering that awaits you,

you’ll take full responsibility for your sins.

Page 29:


Were you able to calm down?

Your face does look better now.



Thanks to you, my head is clear.

Hey, Hina…

Would you be sad, if I were to die?

If that ever happened, then I would die as well.

Because I don’t want to live in a world without you.

No no no no


I see.

Then, at the very least,

I should try to live for as long as possible, right?

Page 30:

Look, there’s a full moon tonight.

Page 32:
Hmm, it just changed to an interesting color.

What is that?

A poison that can kill you.


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