Isekai Goumon Hime Chapter 8

Isekai Goumon Hime Chapter 8

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Page 1:

Responding to the church’s speculations, what are Elizabeth and Kaito’s decisions!?

Page 2:

Poison huh?

And it’s quite an expensive one, it would be dangerous for even someone like me to drink

I’ll gift it to you

You should gratefully accept the cup of wine that your master gifts you


Please allow me to refuse                                           since it would be a waste on me

Was it Clueless?

What did he offer you in return? A peaceful death?

Heh, you really know your stuff

Well, I know that at this rate, only hell awaits you

Page 3:

It would be foolish to make a deal with him                                               you can’t escape death either way

However                                     the basic terms are not bad

You should rather seek asylum from the church instead of Clueless personally


No matter what, you are from a different world, not a heretic                                it’s true that if you survive until the death of all thirteen demons, you would be deemed as my possession but

For now, there is a high chance that you can still receive mercy

Page 4:
if it’s just activating the teleportation circle and connecting to the church then Hina’s knowledge should be enough

Do as you like

You’re fine with me running away?

Of course not

You are my puppet, you are my possession until you break

Nevertheless, even though your concerns are uncalled for, it would leave a bad taste in my mouth if I can’t repay the pity from a servant

You are free to do whatever

If you want to leave then do it quietly                                              if I catch you, prepare to be tortured

Page 5:
why didn’t you secretly poison me?


After the incident with the “Earl”, you’ve developed a deep hatred for demons                              Clueless should have told you, didn’t he?

Page 6:

That the birth of an even more powerful demon shouldn’t be allowed right?


I think the same as a high up from the church                                             you won’t make a contract with the demons


You will be abandoned by all creations                                           to die alone right?

Yeah that’s right                                              I will live the life of a prideful wolf before dying like a despicable sow

Page 7:
there is no way                                      you would tolerate a demon by your side right?

There surely won’t be any demons left by the time of this girl’s death

Elizabeth tortured innocent people, piling up their dead bodies, and after she will get execute

That death scene is probably lonely and pitiful

Page 8:
ku                                              kukukuku…


Only 11 left

Page 9:
is the church entrance where you want to go?

Um that’s right

Understood!                                                    If my beloved Kaito-sama wishes, Hina could also…

It’s fine…

Please take care

What I’m going to do at the church

It’s best if Hina doesn’t know

Page 10:

Hi, are you thinking about seeking asylum from the church?

I can’t let you go

Sorry, but it would be troublesome if the church knows about my private deal with you

It’s too bad if you refused, but I’m gonna secretly take care of you                        rest assured

Page 11:

This will come sooner or later anyway


Gah                                  hah…!

Oh my, it would be troublesome if you cried out with just something like that

You would quickly wreck your throat at this rate                                        well I don’t mind a wrecked throat

Come with me will you?

Welcome great sinner

Page 12:
you will be welcome here

And then rejected

Ain’t this a special seat?

Looks like a picture is drawn on the ceiling

I heard that is the tormented girl…

What was she mourning…?

I don’t know about the church of this world

But this scene is probably not what they wanted to see

Page 13:

The god here shouldn’t be desiring this kind of hell

We also want to summon those with the useful information of the other world

Because of that, we will dissect your body to study the structure of Elizabeth’s summoning spell                                   isn’t it great that your body would prove to be of use to mankind, now you can compensate even a little for your sins

This guy sees more value in my death than to keep me alive

Aa what joy                                          what joy


I’m scared

By “us” you meant yourself

Page 14:

And the demon you made a contract with?

So that’s it

He’s is the type that is weak to surprise attacks

Dad’s blackmail targets, those company president who cooked the book, was always making faces like this

I’ve learned a lot from their constant excuses

You see, even though the magic circle was connected to the church’s entrance, I was planning to meet up with you since the beginning                                your interference actually saves me a lot of time

Page 15:

I’m not a saint who would sacrifice himself for someone else

But this kind of hell is not something one can leave alone

After seeing this hell, I started to suspect you

I just can’t see that you’re torturing them to make them confess their heresy

Demons gain power from human suffering, from their screaming souls

The torment here just seems to take their suffering as priority

Inside the underground passage too, if this torture was authorized by the church then there should be more people walking around

But we didn’t meet up with any other clergies at all

To stop the birth of a demon stronger than any demons

That was why you wanted to kill her right?

Page 16:

But the fact that the church employs Elizabeth shows that their backs are already against the wall

Why else would they “hire a sow to dispose of the pigs”?

Even so, you wanted me to kill Elizabeth

How do you plan on dealing with the rest of the demons?

Of the thirteen, only two have been killed, there can only be one reason why                                         you would want to kill such a competent hound this soon

You’re one of the thirteen demon

Page 17:
isn’t that right Clueless?

Well I was actually able to notice all of this thanks to Hina’s help clearing my head

Is that all you want to say?                               Mr. Puppet who hasn’t completely died yet

It’s already too late                                          the fact that you’re gonna get tortured until you weep won’t change though?


I’ve already found the demon                                     and fallen into the trap

Next is the “Torture princess” turn


You fool, the teleportation circle has already been sealed from this side!

Page 18:
there is still a circle capable of letting one person through here


It hurts…


Page 19:
this body is really convenient, I don’t even die from bleeding so much


You said it before right? That I can use my blood to summon something


Can you carve it on my body?

Impossible!? To draw a teleportation circle onto your own body!?

Too bad I was not the one drawing it…

Stay away! Stay away, Elizabeeeeeth!!

Page 20+21:
how can I not come after being called so passionately?

Page 22:

Guh                                            Uoh

Let’s just keep it simple for the small fries

Death by hanging


Page 23:


Damn you!                                            Damn you!!

You like pain                                        right!




Page 24:


That guy…despite his unnaturally high magical power                               he’s no demon!


You                                                      can just simply kill



It’s not that simple you fool!                                                 He’s a member of the church!

A demon that a member of the church could come in contact with is…

Page 25:

I know it’s to transfuse blood and stop my bleeding!!                                 But that was too painful!

Follow me if you wish

You can stay but if I return late or take a different route to return to the castle                              you need to try your best to survive until I return to heal you!

That is no different than saying I have no other choice                                but to follow you!

Guh…it hurts…

The blood transfusion did heal me a little…                                     I can keep up as long as I can ignore this pain…

Page 26:

That reaction…could it be!

Page 27:

It’s not the normal Elizabeth…she’s shouting anxiously




What is that!

Page 28:

with this 2 layer restraints…


there are letter all over your body…

Page 29:
I can’t read them even with my translation function…

These are the church’s shackle…!?

Hnn…it burns…


Is this a joke!                                                            I’m not the one needing shackles, it’s should be him you imbecile!

The guards are here!

Curse you Elizabeth! Is this your doing!
Page 30:

Give me that, old man!



Page 31:

Guh…                                        fuh

At least you’re a little                                       useful…

It’s an honor

Page 32:
the letters on the wall here are the same as the ones on your body…





Elizabeth! Idiot, don’t be so reckless!

Shut up                                                 just let me                                   be…!


Page 33:
please your majesty, I was wrong                                          to try to take your power while keeping you imprisoned in here

I now offer to you my everything

I shall prove my loyalty by releasing you

I beg you to save me from that demonic woman

You imbecile!

Don’t open that door!!

Something sinister enough to make Elizabeth this perturbed…

Page 34:

Is behind that door…



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