Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 2

Isekai Kenkokuki Chapter 2

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Isekai kenkokuki chap 2
Page 1:
What is this?
You still don’t understand after seeing this?
They are the same race as you
Another World – Nation Founding chronicles
Page 2:
Why are there so many children?
30 people in total
No idea
Lately humans have been abandoning them in my forest
Now that I think about it, this starving body
Don’t tell me, that I was also abandoned because of a famine?
Do I have to take care of them?
You understand things quickly
Look after them for me until they can walk on their own feet
Page 3:
It’s not like I hate children or anything…
I also grew up in an orphanage so I have empathy for them but…
The problem is food shortage?
I will supply food to everyone here for 3 years
During this period, you should all learn to find your own food.
How surprising?
Food huh? Eat insects you lad
He is a good guy, isn’t he?
I thought he was gonna say that
Why did you save those children?
Page 4:
If it were you
Would you abandon them starving and without shelter
Or would you pick them up just to throw them away irresponsibly?
If you save someone, be responsible until the end.
That’s how it is
Were those fruits brought here by this Griffin?
Humans and Griffins are simply different
Did he have me do this out of worry since he doesn’t know how to raise humans…
Page 5:
I will look after all of them from now on
A wise choice
In short, I’m now your leader
Nice to meet you!
Page 6:
Language barriers!?
Ah um…
About the language…
Ah, sorry
People from another world don’t understand this world’s language
I almost forgot
Page 7:
Why can I speak with you then?
Because I have the “Divine Blessing of the Divine Word”
It’s only natural
Divine Blessing of the Divine Word !?
Divine Blessing of the Divine Word: It allows the owner to communicate with other races
This is a problem, isn’t it?
Alright, I will lend you this Divine Blessing for awhile
It can be borrowed?
Usually, it’s impossible
However, I also have the “Divine Blessing of Lending”
Page 8
Divine Blessing of Lending
Divine Blessing of Lending: The owner can temporarily lend this blessing to another person
Wouldn’t this trouble you?
Who said I would lend you those precious Divine Blessings?
I will just lend you the “Divine Blessing of Language”
Divine Blessing of Language
Divine Blessing of Language: The voice and hearing will be changed to a different language. There is a limit to the number of languages which can be appointed to change
Divine Blessing… It sounds exactly like those unimaginable powers in fantasy stories
In total, how many Divine Blessings do you have?
Page 9:
Why are they so cheap?
Or is that the Griffin’s special characteristic?
Don’t tell me having a bunch of Divine Blessings is common in this world
But useful Divine Blessings are not that many you know
Like “Divine Blessing of Language”, it’s quite useless with my vocal organ
Let’s try to speak
Page 10:
That’s all, please treat me well
Oh oh
A foreign language naturally came forth from my mouth…
Nice to meet you
Onii chan?
Can I call him Onii chan?
I can understand everything!
Onii chan?
Oh my heart
What’s your name?
Page 11:
Shouldn’t you introduce yourself first before asking for someone’s name?
I’m Ron
I’m everyone’s leader
I gave you my name
Tell me your!?
My name is
Hey hey…
What name should I pick in order to sound like this world’s people’s names?
Page 12:
How about Almus
What does it means?
It just sounds nice?
Ah, I see
That’s all huh
Then, I’m Almus
Nice to meet you, Ron-kun
How old are you?
20?? You look younger than me
Page 13:
He’s not lying
It’s true
If that’s what Griffin-sama says…
Now everyone, how about some self-introduction?
…Ron, 12 years old
I’m Soyon
I’m Ron’s childhood friend
11 years old
Page 14:
10 years old
10 years old
10 years old
No one here is less than 9…
Even you have to introduce yourself
I still don’t recognize you as our leader!
Page 15:
I know what you’re thinking
Out of nowhere appears a kid calling himself as your leader
It’s just that hearing it from a kid who is younger than me is a little…
However, it’s not so different from the orphanage, isn’t it…
I’m sorry
He doesn’t mean any ill-will
He is just somewhat stupid
What are you doing Soyon!
Who are you calling stupid!?
But it’s the truth, isn’t it?
You’re stupid for calling me stupid
Then Ron-kun is stupid too!
All of them are children who have been abandoned
They seem to be quite a lively bunch
Page 16:
But I’m sure that they are suffering on the inside…
I will definitely protect you guys!
You the self-proclaimed leader, do you have any good ideas? Please tell me.
Ah right…
Let’s begin with agriculture!
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