Isekai ni Kita Mitai dakedo Ikanisureba Yoi no Darou Chapter 1

Isekai ni Kita Mitai dakedo Ikanisureba Yoi no Darou Chapter 1

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Isekai Ni Kita Mitai Kedo Dou Sureba Yoi No Darou

(It seems like I’ve come to another world but what should I do?)


Original work: Mai (?)

Illustration: Yukinatsu Mori (Mori’s the last name)



Btw I provided (sometimes guessed) translations of the sfx, choose whichever, it might be better to have the animal sounds as the original


Pg 1

Corporate slave systems engineer, in another world!?


Pg 2

Sfx: *cicadas* (miin min min miiiii)


When I was a child

I always spent my summer holidays at my grandfather’s home in the country


Sfx: creak creak (gisha gisha) (the rope)


Amazing! We were able to catch a huge wild boar!!

You’re amazing Grandpa!


Sfx:  snort (bifu)

Sfx: sqeal (pigiii)


You see, this here’s a knot snare


The forest, the mountain, the animals


And the figure of my grandfather living there


Hiro, do you wanna know how to make one?




To me, they looked like they were shining


Pg 3




Akihiro Maekawa-kuun


Yawn (or ‘Fuah/wha’)


Yikes, I only intended to rest my eyes for a bit but accidentally fell asleep……


Thanks for the overtime again today~♡

How’s the progress?




At this rate, we can meet the software development deadline with ease


Is that so~

Ah by the way, you see, I just got a phone call from the other party


They want to change the specifications just a little bit

You know, Proposal D




Pg 4

This is troubling~~

But you know… I’m just one of those types who simply can’t say no?




Well, I’ll talk about the details tomorrow!

Thanks for your hard work!




(Handwritten): Proposal D, just a little, the level of work is-


No um wai..!


Sfx: close(patan)




(Bottom screen): Finished for today


Sfx: stagger (or wobble or sway) (fura fura)


Sfx: click click (kacha kacha) (key turning)

Sfx: crash (gashan) (door)


Sfx: click (kachi) (light switch)

Sfx: completely exhausted




Sfx: collapse


I just managed to get the last train…

From tomorrow onwards I might have to start staying overnight at the office …


Pg 5

Sfx: …beep beep beep (…pipipi)


…aaah, time to go to work


Sfx: beep beep beep beep (pi pi pi pi)


Today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and forever…

I thought that my life would continue like this


Pg 6

That’s what I thought     but (TL Note: a larger space which I think is meant to show like slowing down/hesitation maybe just … is better) [PR suggestion: Put the word “But” on a new line in the huge blank space?]


Pg 7






What’s this?

What happened…


F-for now, let’s go ba……





Could somebody please explain this situation to me…


Sfx: piroriron ♬


Situation awareness and response have been wished for

Commence bestowal of skill [Well-informed Person]




Pg 8

Well-informed person?


I don’t really get it… who are you?

What is happening? I want to perform a confirmation of the present situation


(handwritten): I want to go to work though…


Sfx: piroriron ♬


Present situation clarification has been wished for

Skill [Recognition] derived from skill [Well-informed Person] has been created




Commence bestowal of skill [Recognition]


I want to get all information about the present situation. Are you able to do that?


Sfx: piroron ♬


The acquisition of implementation for all information and experience has been wished for.

Commence bestowal of skill [Acquisition]


I am Interface

I am something that sends you from here to the other side



The other side?


Pg 9

Sfx: Whoosh (?)(fua, teleporting wind sound I’m guessing)



I- to work…






Sfx: rira rira rin ♬


Bon voyage


Pg 10

Sfx: chirp chirp chirp chirp (chichi chi chi)

Sfx: tweet tweet tweet… (pipi pi…)




…is this


Pg 11

Really now, what exactly is this

Sfx: haa


Sfx: haa

Aah I’m totally late dammit!


Even though I have no previous records of tardiness or absences from work

Sfx: haa


Handwriting: Got out of the forest…


In any case, I haven’t come across a house or anything—–




…what the hell


Sfx: fwooosh (zaaa..)(strong wind)


Pg 12

From here to the other side


…wait a second, is this not Japan…

Or rather, where even is this?


For the present, let’s calm down and analyse the situation!


  1. It’s possible my current location isn’t Japan
  2. I only have enough food and water for a maximum of 3 days
  3. Until now I’m been a big forest. It’s possible big wild animals are inhabiting it.
  4. My weapon class is box cutter tier


Sxf: tap tap tap tap (???) (poku poku poku poku, I think it’s smth like thinking/calculating)


Sfx: flash (ka)


Sfx: ding (chiin)


I’m screwed (or ‘I’m at a loss’)


Pg 13


Woah woah, a T Gaten is doing something like a Mori Boy debut is impossible right~~~~~?

TN: ‘Gaten’ is a job seeker magazine for manual labourers/blue-collar workers, e.g. civil engineers, cooks, architects, etc. ‘Mori Girl’ or ‘forest girl’ is a type of fashion where they look like “fairy-tale forest wanderers”, and Akihiro is, right now, a boy… in a forest…


Though if it was Grandpa he’d be able to survive~~








The other kids at school said that it’s cruel to kill and eat animals…


Is that so…

Did they say that…


But Hiro

Just remember this


Wild boar stew is super-duper delicious


Pg 14

Handwritten: You’re right

Wild boar is delicious~ delicious~

Sfx: Gahaha



Sfx: growl


Even if I did it here, the boundary still won’t open

Anyway, let’s secure food first


Sfx: smack smack (pan pan)


I’m pretty sure my tool set is in my bag

Handwritten: a lighter too




A snake…


Is that a Blue General…?

TN: type of snake, also known as a Japanese rat snake


I wonder if that’s edible…

Sfx: mutter (boso)


Sfx: beep beep (pipi)



Skill [Recognition]


Pg 15

Sfx: shu shu shun!


Uwa!? (actually ‘vu’ or maybe a strong ‘u’? but sounds kinda weird)


Wha…what the heck is this…






“Blue General Imitation”…?


Screen: Pseudo-Blue General


Is that that snake’s name…?


Lives on the ground. Staple foods are fruits, nuts and berries, and insects…



On the screen:

The poison is used for protecting itself from enemies [hidden] neurotoxin

Human size [hidden]

The poison glands are in the head [hidden]


It seems that if you cut off the head you can eat it!


Pg 16

Ahhh I understand now!


I understand about the snake but now what??


Sfx: guuuuu


Well whatever, let’s leave that just leave the thought for later!!


Sfx: nodding off (uto uto)


Sfx: thud (ga)




Well then, sorry snake…


Become my nourishment!!


Huhh poison??


Eh?! It’s used like that?!

Not by biting?!


Somehow I was able to kill it with a stab

Sfx: sigh (fuuu)


Pg 17

Sfx: piroriron ♬

An announcement

From the skill [Acquisition]




The conditions for the skill [Acquisition] have been fulfilled

The subject’s skill [Conceal] 0.03


The corresponding skill has been transferred

Sfx: pikopi


Sfx: pipi~☆




Sfx: guuuuu


…let’s leave that thought for later!


Sfx: sizzle (juwaaa)


Pg 18

I’m glad I still carry my lighter even after quit smoking~~♡


Sfx: crackle crackle

Sfx: sizzle… (juuuuu…)


Handwritten: While the fire is wild, roughly fry the surface

After that rotate it around


This is kinda nostalgic

It was eel back then though…


I wonder if it’s almost done now…


Sfx: sizzle (juu)


There’s no sauce or salt but let’s eat


Sfx: bite (?)(hafu)




Pg 19

The instant I bit into it, fat oozed out from underneath the crunchy surface

And from under that, the fluffy white meat leapt inside my mouth…!


The sweetness of the fat and melt-in-my-mouth fluffy feeling…

I thought it would be something strange but on the contrary, while different from eel it has its unique kind of tastiness..!


…and so, thank you for the meal


Sfx: haaaaah

Handwritten: I’ll take the leftovers for a snack


It was delicious! ♡


Next is to secure drinking water

In the worst case, I’ll filter river water…


But I’d like to look for spring water if I can…


Pg 20


It’s already been 4 hours since I started walking along the river

Don’t even talk about spring water, the scenery hasn’t changed at all


Sfx: haa haa




An animal’s tracks…


Is it a drinking and feeding ground for herbivores?


I’ll follow it this way…



Just as I thought!


Pg 21

Securing drinking water is complete…and


Sfx: full (?)(tapun)


Sfx: waddle waddle waddle (??)(hyo hyo hyo)


Sfx: beep (pi)



While I’m at it, should I secure food in advance?


Sfx: drool (juru)


Could I use Grandpa’s snare from back then?

Knot snare


Arrow: Person encouraged by the initial success of the snake grilling


Right right


Set it at the tree base like this




Sfx: pikoko

An object with twisted iron


This is clearly something manufactured by human hands

…which means


Pg 22

There is intelligent life near here…!


Sfx: light up (paaaa)


…it’s too early to celebrate


Gehehe you’re prey yo


Hyahhah it’s fresh meat yo


They’re not necessarily a friendly race…


Right handed stone axe


Stone spear


Yep! I’ve made them pretty well right?


Handwritten: It’ll serve as self-defence tools at the very least~


Sfx: piko

A stone exceedingly suitable for weapons


Thanks to this guy’s information I have a lot of information


Handwritten: Hologram…?


Screen: A stone exceedingly suitable for weapons

Sfx: tsupu


I don’t really get it but I’m thankful for letting me use it to survive


Pg 23

The traps face inwards and are set here and there


Perhaps beyond here


Sfx: squeal (bukiii)



This crying sound is…


Squeal (bukiii)

Squee (giii)


Sfx: rustle..


As expected


Sfx: pikokon ♬


Pseudo-Wild Boar




At any rate, it’s huge


Sfx: footstep (za)(yes just one)




Pg 24

Sfx: serious (kiri)


A girl?


Is that the owner of the trap…?


Handwritten: That’s good, they’re not like the “Hyahhaa” kind


Pg 25

Sfx: shoot (pishu)


Sfx: swish (shi)

Sfx: turn (tein) (I have no idea, just guessing)




Well I’ll be darned


Is a tiny bow unable to pierce that huge beast’s hide?

To begin with, that huge beast is too much for one person to handle


Sfx: shock


Sfx: gleam (??) (chaki)


Woah woah! Does she intend to bring it down with a melee attack?


If you’re pierced by those tusks, you won’t have a chance against it


Pg 26

Well maybe despite appearances she’s a master of the axe…



Sfx: swing swing swing (???)(pun pun pun)

Sfx: closing in


…absolutely not!!




Sfx: POW


Pg 27

Sfx: thud


Whoooooh/shoooom (nyoooom?)




Pg 28

The leg!!


Sfx: Fwip (???) (gazu)


Sfx: whack (?? Doteeen)


Squeal!? (BIgii!?)


Holy, my axe died with that hit


Sfx: damaged… (horo…)




Get down quickly!!


Pg 29

Sfx: snoooort… (bufuuuu…)

Sfx: shake (yurari)



I’ve made a cool appearance but…


Sfx: fshhh… (fushuuu…)


Pg 30

…I wonder if I can kill it with this shoddily made stone spear


Sfx: snooort (bufuuu)




Sfx: fwish (zua)




I can do it!


Don’t you


Underestimate humans!!!


Sfx: slash (doshu)


Pg 31

Sfx: gioo


Sfx: sink (zuuun)




Sfx: haa haa


I did it…!


Announcement from skill [Acquisition]. Conditions for skill [Acquisition] have been fulfilled

Subject’s skill [Bravery] 0.20. The corresponding skill has been transferred


I’m amazing


I’m a kid who can do it if he tries


Sfx: glow (jiin)


Also I acquired something…!




Handwritten: that’s right




Err, are you okay?

Is she frightened…?




Did my words not get through to her…?


For now, if there’s no hint that she’s not hostile…


Sfx: chk (kata)


Pg 32 n/a


Pg 31

Sfx: flutter down (hara)



She’s cute


Pg 33




Sfx: gets up (suku)







I-It is I who should say…


Please take care of me from now on…!!


Sfx: quickly bows





?? Uhhh…first of all, I’m glad you’re safe

Ah, so you understand Japanese huh


And I was certain that this place was a foreign country



What is Japanese?




Pg 35

?? …Ummm truthfully, it appears as though I’m lost in this forest…

I am not sure where we are right now…


Oh my! That’s terrible!


I am Lisatia from Toruka Village

My occupation is a hunter


Handwritten: Though I’m still an apprentice


By all means please come to our village, Husband


My name is Akihiro Maekawa


Handwritten: Hunter? Matagi???

TN: Matagi are traditional winter hunters in Touhoku, Japan


Erm… by the way, what do you mean by “Husband”…?


Sfx: blush (kaaa)


…You know


Because just a moment ago you proposed to me…


Pg 36

To throw down both arms,


And raise both hands defencelessly


It is a respectful bow handed down in our country and

If performed between man and woman, it is the highest grade of

Marriage proposal


Pg 37

Akihiro-sama did a marriage proposal and

I accepted it


We are already a married couple




We are a couple


Sfx: piko

A matrimony relationship has already been tied.



A couple


Sfx: piko

A matrimony relationship




……eh ……


Pg 38

The corporate slave systems engineer met a beautiful girl in another world and obtained a wife!?




Launched into another world and in one day

This is how I resulted in taking a wife


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