Isekai ni Kita Mitai dakedo Ikanisureba Yoi no Darou Chapter 2

Isekai ni Kita Mitai dakedo Ikanisureba Yoi no Darou Chapter 2

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 2
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Pg 1

Left side: Akihiro, who got a wife the day he came to another world, is…!?


Liz’s eye
TL note: sorry, I accidentally translated her name as Lisatia when it should be Lizatia, will be fixed from now on!


Pg 2

Drop the pseudo boar fat in a one-handed pot, and wait for it to melt.


Sfx: steam (shuuu)


When the fragrant aroma of the fluffy lard rises,

Put in the pseudo chili peppers found in the forest and quickly fry them.


Sfx: hiss (ja)


After a stimulating aroma rises, throw in some liver and

these pseudo chives, which I also found earlier.


Sfx: sizzle (juuu)


When the heat has passed, sprinkle with salt, and it’s finished.


… there!


Sfx: flutter (parara)


Pg 3

Lizatia-san, it’s finished!


I have also finished the first stage over here.

It’s gotten a bit late, but let us have lunch.


Sfx: piko

Pseudo-boar (meat)


Pg 4

Sfx: quiver quiver (puru puru)







To think you can cook something like this with that plant.

I only recognized it as a medicinal herb!


It’s also thanks to the salt and the kitchen utensils you were carrying.


Handwritten: salt is important


As I thought, fresh liver is delicious…


Handwritten: thanks


Sfx: Mm—♡


While I, Akihiro Maekawa, enjoy this food in a carefree way,

I’ll thing about the big problem I have right now.


Pg 5

First, for some reason, I was abruptly thrown into this unknown forest.


Due to a series of events,

I ended up saving her… Lizabeth.


Sfx: snort

Arrow: series of events


I was lucky to meet a good native person.


The problem is –


Handwritten: well then

What shall we do with these spoils?


Let us drain the blood before it solidifies.


I will also help.


But this thing is big, with only two people…


Pg 6



Sfx: lifts (hyoi)




What is this superhuman strength!?


Just who is my wife—!?


Handwritten: do this and hang it on the rope—


Sfx: piko


Skill [Herculean Strength] … ?



Skill: Herculean Strength


Pg 7

That’s right,

I vaguely remember it now.



Skill: Herculean Strength

Covers and strenghtens the muscles of the whole body with magical power

Generally, in the 1.00 state, it doubles the normal strength

In addition, it operates at the target person’s desired timing

There are no hindrances to daily life.


Screen: (first line of above screen, magical power in bold)


This is another world.


Sfx: spurt (busha

Snake: Pseudo Blue general


Bird: Pseudo Quail

Note: very pink


Liz: Why there is a beautiful Nordic girl who understands Japanese


Boar: Pseudo Boar


It’s a world of swords and magic…!


Pg 8

… and, well,

I was surprised, but this is also not really a big problem.


Sfx: Mm—♡ Mm—♡




After all, the food is good.


The biggest one, the problem which I need to settle extremely quickly—


Sfx: Nn.


Is there something on my face, Akihiro-sama…?


Sfx: oh



No, sorry, I unintentionally… that was rude of me, wasn’t it.


Of course not! Please stare at me as much as you want without reserve!


Sfx: eek (hi)


Sfx: suddenly (gaba)


Because we are a married couple!


… is that I suddenly got a wife in this world by accident.


Sfx: slump (zun)


Pg 9

Well then, let’s depart soon.

It is about 5 kilometers from here to the village.


Sfx: hup (yoisho)





Speaking frankly… I’m 35 years old and an old man.

And on top of that, a stranger.


Is it okay for someone like me to take up a wife?



I thought you were surely in around your mid 20’s.

You look very young.


Eh? Is that so.


I am 15 years old and am already an adult, and in relation to age, there are no problems at all.


Handwritten: my belly is getting big though


Oh— 15 years old and an adult…


15 years old!?!?


Yes. Besides, an encounter always starts with two strangers.

It’s okay if we build up our relationship from there.






Pg 10


It’s totally a crime and

I can’t, and



… and above all,

You proposed to me.


And that’s why…it’s okay.







Pg 11

That was a misunderstanding, wasn’t it!?


Sfx: neh~~~


Sfx: piko

Pseudo goat


This is Toruma Village



Sfx: neh


A European farm village… man, this is exactly like the scenery I see fantasy RPGs.

Excuse me, I am in your care.


Handwritten: because I’m penniless…


No, on top of being the one who saved my life, you are a valuable hunter, so I think my father will also be pleased.


Pg 12

Sfx: wheeze wheeze (zehi zehi)




handwritten: she’s young…


sfx: thud thud (zushin zushin)


About 20 kg

About 60 kg


In the end, on the way here, I couldn’t tell her my proposal was a misunderstanding.

Handwritten: I’m a loser


Sfx: mumble mumble (butsu butsu)


15… in other words, it’s totally impossible that I proposed to a girl 20 years younger than me, right~~~

Furthermore, doesn’t it look like I “sold my help”?




Sfx: huh


I wonder if you could drop the ‘sama’


It’s like “Husband-sama”…


Right, in a friendly way…


It’s okay to address me without honorifics.


Um… addressing you without honorifics becomes an acceptance of “we have a fairly close relationship”…

Bu-but, that is how it is, isn’t it. We are a married couple, after all!


I just dug my graaave




Pg 16

I’m home! Is father here?


Ohh. Welcome back, Liz.

How were the traps?


Yeah, it was a disaster.

And… there’s someone I want to introduce to you…


So-sorry for the intrusion…


Yeah? Who is this?


He was lost in the forest and…


Handwritten: ah, it is embarrassing…


He’s my lifesaver…


Handwritten: no no, it wasn’t much…


Pg 17

He is Akihiro-san, who proposed to me!


Sfx: Kyaa~~~~~


Sfx: Straightforward!!



…… yes.


Nice to meet you. I’m Akihiro.




Is that so.


Nice to meet you. I’m Ast.


I’d like to talk in detail.

Come inside.


Sfx: sway (yurari)


I wonder if I’ll return alive…


Pg 18

Sfx: topopopo…


Nice to meet you. I’m Teashia.


I couldn’t prepare a meal, but please have some tea.


Handwritten: It’s Teashia’s tea

My mother

Th-thank you


… hmph.


I understand the situation.

First, you have my thanks for saving my daughter.


I injured my back and sent out my daughter instead of me. I’ll take responsibility.


Pg 19

—– however, while it maybe be true that you were saved, isn’t marriage a little premature?


Sfx: annoyed (muu)


Er, I don’t mean that I’m not pleased with you.

Because with those top-quality clothes, you’re a suitable person, right?


Ah, he understands? It was 50000 yen at A●ki*

TL: Aoki is a Japanese brand which sells “high quality business suits at low prices”


You should know, but hunting is a taboo job.


Sorry, I did not know that.


Dealing with the death of animals means consequently there are many who embrace the shirking of emotions.

Above all, with the high death rate of hunters alone, they have a firmly-rooted bad reputation of being “exempt from God’s blessing”.




Is it okay?

Becoming that kind of hunter?


Handwritten: To make matters worse, the tax is absurd ya know?

It’s severe ya know~~~?


Well, I’m not saying I’m particularly against your marriage, okay?


Is it okay?


He’s extremely against it—


Pg 20

Geez, father.


“Fathers” aren’t different from in Japan huh…


Handwritten: This seems serious…


Sfx: huh


— no, wait.


Isn’t this situation actually convenient!!


I mean, I’ll go along with the normal course of events when introducing yourself to parents.






Sfx: slam (gata)


May we talk alone, just the two of us!?





Wha-what is it? You can’t go for me ya know, I’m already married.


That’s not it.




Pg 21



Err, I am not a person of this country.

Handwritten: Uhm

Consequently, I did not know that this stance has the meaning of a marriage proposal—–


Ohh, you can’t go for me ya know?


That’s not it.


I think that Lizatia-san is likely just in high spirits after suddenly being proposed to.


If it weren’t for that, then an old man like me…


I see… so you want to gently explain the misunderstanding without hurting my daughter…

Understood, let’s collaborate.


Thank you very much!


Sfx: phew


But well, how should I say this.

Handwritten, below: You’re too serious

Even I have a pretty good impression of you.

I feel a little regretful.


Will you marry me instead?


Sfx: Gahahaha


I won’t.


Sfx: cough (gofu)


… I wonder if it’s really okay?


Pg 22

Even you, Mother, what’re you saying?


After all, he is someone you just met only today, right?

Are you okay with that?


Aren’t you just in high spirits from being proposed to?


I think he’s older than he looks…

An old man?


Sfx: slash slash (doshu doshu)


She’s right though.


If he took off his clothes, his belly would probably bulge.


When someone else says it, hurts in its own way…!


Sfx: squeeze (kyu)


… well,


Pg 23

When  I was pushed down by the animal, I prepared myself for death,

But I was actually scared.


If Akihiro-san didn’t come to save me, I would have surely…


Being able to be here is all thanks to Akihiro-san.

Even if he’s an old man, even if his belly bulges,


Akihiro-san is my hero-sama.


Pg 24

My hero-sama proposed to me.


I wonder if there’s any way I can be happier than this?



There surely isn’t.


Pg 25







Pg 26




Ast-san, shouldn’t you be helping me explain the misunderstanding…!?


The situation’s changed.

Is there any parent who wouldn’t support their daughter’s earnestness?


Sfx: grab (gasshi)




A foreign country…  and in addition to that, your social position as it is and the reason why you were wandering around in this land, I don’t want to hear about any of that right now.


It’s a humble house, but stay here as long as you like.



Pg 27

Right side: Before he knew it, he was given the “son-in-law” treatment…!?




For now, good night.


… what~~~ shall I do~~~~~…


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