Isekai ni Tobasareta Ossan wa Doko e Iku? Chapter 1

Isekai ni Tobasareta Ossan wa Doko e Iku? Chapter 1

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Isekai ni Tobasareta Ossan wa Doko e Iku?

Where will the Old Man who was Thrown into Another World Go?


Pg 1

Sfx: ssssssss (zaaaaaaaa)


Sfx: grab (ga)


Sfx: rising (gaba)


Pg 2

Selfish heart-warming parallel world fantasy season start


Original work: Shi Garetto

Manga: Masahiro Hirabuki


Pg 3

Sfx: poke out (nu)


Sfx: drag drag (zu zuri)


Sfx: sssss (zaaaaa)


Sfx: Haa haa




Where is this!? What happened!?


I took a shift as a pinch-hitter* after 10 years.

TN: a substitute batter in baseball, so he took a shift for someone


And then…


Pg 4

When I came to, a puppy was drowning in front of my eyes……


Sfx: click (igniting a lighter) (shupo)


What is this? Is this is the Sanzu River*?

TN: the Buddhist version of the River Styx


Pg 5

Sfx: shiver shiver (buru buru)


You’ve got good luck, huh.

I’ll warm you up, so wait a sec.


What’s something I can burn…


Oh! As expected of water-proofing, it’s almost all dry.



Did I bring documents like these…?


“Takuma Satou-sama”



“Takuma Satou-sama,

This is not your original world.”


“You fell into a dimensional rift, and were thrown into a world called Verdeumir.


Accordingly, I have bestowed ‘Lesser Divine Protection’ upon you.


If you walk towards the sun, there will be a town. Offer a prayer at the church, and I will speak in more detail.




Dimensional rift


Lesser Divine Protection


… Let’s have a smoke.


Pg 6

Sfx: pour (joro)


So… it’s come to this.


I wonder if there’s a convenience store around here.


If there is, I’ll also buy you some food…


Sfx: cough cough cough (kafu kafu ka)


Sfx: dashing (za za za za za)


Pg 7


Not a single car, let alone a convenience store.


There’s plants I’ve never seen before…

Verdeumir… What is that?


Sfx: gallop gallop (dokaka dokaka)


If I had a bike…




Sfx: gallop gallop (dokaka dokaka)


Sfx: slide (zusha)


You’re in the way!


Pg 8

Oblivious people should walk to the side!


I’ll trample you together with that shitty dog!!


Sfx: clatter clatter clatter (gara gara gara)

Sfx: gallop gallop (dokaka dokaka)


A horse and carriage?


What era is this?


Either way, that bastard had a bad attitude.

I guess there are unpleasant people in every world.


Pg 9

Sfx: run… (za…)


I see it!

Just a little more to go.


How many times do I have to repeat myself!? Hurry up and let us through!!


There’s no way we can let you through.


Pg 10

It’s that knight bastard from before.

What are they arguing about?


I’m saying I’ll give you the gold! All that’s left is for you damn gatekeepers to shut up and let us in!!


There’s no need for gold to enter.


Your criminal record is the problem.

Moreover, it’s felony!


A lowly watchdog like you…


Sfx: quickly… (sura)




Mark! Call for the garrison leader!


What about you, Kyle-san!?


I’m fine, just go!!


Pg 11

Sfx: charge (byu)


Sfx: clang (gagi)


Sfx: panic panic (oro oro)


Sfx: creak creak creak (gi gi gi)


You over there!


Hurry and get out of here!!


Sfx: slide (girin)




Sfx: punch (mesha)


Pg 12

Sfx: slide (zusha)


Sfx: turn (kuru)


You got a problem?


Sfx: sudden stop (gakun)




While you still can!


Pg 13

Sfx: bam (doka)


Sfx: craaash (gaan)


You motherfuckeeer…!


Sfx: unsheathe unsheathe (or shing shing?) (shu shu) [Recommend not repeating for this SFX]




Sfx: whoosh (bua)


Pg 14

Sfx: whack (gaki)


Pg 15

Sfx: tumble (dodaga)


Sfx: roll (goro)




…You have no brain do you.

That guard is fired.





Shall we go a different way, then?

There are a few ways to enter the town.


Sfx: rattle rattle rattle (gara gara gara)


Shin-sama! Please wait!!


Was that divine protection…?


Thanks, you saved me there!

You’re awesome! That’s the first time I’ve ever seen a kick like that!


Ah… I just copied what I’d seen on TV.




Never mind, don’t worry about it!

Is there a veterinary clinic nearby? This puppy is dying!


That little one?


Handwritten: Clinic?


I may look like this, but I’m good at restoration magic.

Leave it to me.


Did he just say magic?


Hold it like that.


Pg 16

Bestow healing on this one.



Sfx: huff huff huff huff (fu fu fu fu)


Sfx: zzzzz (su- ku-)






It’s pretty exhausted so it’ll probably sleep for a while though.


Also, this guy isn’t a dog, it’s a wolf.


A wolf huh.

It had a horn, so I thought it was a bit unusual.


Handwritten: the horn is unrelated


By the way, if you’re also

Trying to entering the town, there’s a procedure to follow.


Oh right!


I want to go to the church!


Pg 17

Well, I want to, but…

How do you do this procedure?


Erm… I came from somewhere very far away, so there’s a lot of things I don’t know.


Don’t worry!


This Kyle-sama will take care of everything, from letting you in to guiding you to the church!


Sfx: vun…


Name                                    Takuma Satou

Age                                        35

Race                                      Human

Criminal Record                None


VR* right before my eyes!?

TN: virtual reality




They’re all things I’ve never seen before.

You’ve come from really far away, haven’t you.

Entry procedure completed! I’ll guide you to the church!


Pg 18

This is Melut, the town I was born and raised in.


It’s rural, but the food and alcohol are great!


Identification with a magical crystal ball, huh?

Despite the buildings looking as if they’re from medieval times.

This is clearly another world.




Ah, Kyle.




Sfx: hug (daki)



I’m glad you’re so lively.


Did you bring the children with you again today?






I’m a gatekeeper, and

sometimes I come across slave traders hiding very young children.


And so I take back the rescued children and the church looks after them for me.


Pg 19

Child slaves?


It’s Takuma… right? You wanted to come to the church didn’t you?



I want to pray.


But I guess I’m a bit too dirty.

I wonder if there’s somewhere I can wash up.


You’re completely covered in mud.


Kyle’s face is also quite dirty.


Eh, me too!?


Clear away that one’s dirt.



Ohh, magic again.


Sfx: light (paaaa)


As per the instructions, I’ve come here.


Would you be able to tell me

What happened to me?


Pg 20

Welcome to Verdeumir.


I am Verdeu,

The one who oversees this world.


You fell into a dimensional rift, and were throw into this world.


There is no way for you to return to your original world.

Do you understand what has been said so far?


Pg 21



I can’t go back…


Instead, I will grant you knowledge and skills, a bit of money, and divine protection.

There are no problems with living out here, are there?


It’s a shame there’s no internet.

I’d also like some cigarettes…


Then shall I bestow a skill to allow you to use the internet?

And with that, you’ll also be able to buy cigarettes.




Is there internet in this world!?


There is none, but I have procured information from your memory.

You can buy anything except living beings and poison.


Shall I make it so you may also use a PC and smartphone?


Sfx: hm?


I wonder if cigarettes have poison in them…?


Handwritten: Nicotine, tar, arsenic


I won’t smoke in front of others and will only smoke sometimes, so please, somehow.


It might be inconvenient, but even if you buy tools that this world does not have, Takuma-san will not be able to use them.

Things which need power all move with magic, and become magic tools.




That’s actually convenient!


Well then, live happily in this world…


Sfx: float (fuwa)


Errr… May I ask one thing?


What is it?


Pg 22

In the short time since I’ve come here,

I’ve seen a man who drew his sword to violate the law, and children kidnapped by slave traders.


In this world, I may be an outsider, but


I might interfere again.


I do not mean borrowing the power of my divine protection; This was my nature even in my original world.


I am like that, so… is this alright?


Sfx: smile (niko)


Pg 23

I was worried, ya know? You suddenly started writhing around.



Time out… my head still feels like it’s splitting apart.


You collapsed in the chapel.


I met Goddess-sama… it seems I received… knowledge and “skills” of this world.


Divine protection from Goddess-sama!? Could it be…


Are you


A “person who has crossed over worlds”!?


Sorry but… could you speak a little quieter?


Oh, I’m sorry.


You should rest for today.


I’ll take you to a good inn.


It’ll be good for you to take it slow.


Pg 24

Do you have any money for accomodation?


Goddess-sama should’ve also somehow granted me some money.


Then, try thinking [Gal, appear].






Sfx: Pop




Sfx: plop (suton)


Just as I thought, that’s [Item Box].

You got a convenient skill, huh.


So the currency here is Gal, huh?


That coin is 10,000 Gal.


At the inn we’re going to now that will get you two nights.


Looks like 1 Gal = 1 Yen.


Now you have a grasp of the basics, you should know about how much you have.


We’re here

This is Perch Inn


You’ve been a great help today.

Thanks Kyle.


You also helped me when I was in danger, right?

See ya.


Pg 25



Would you like a meal–? Or a room–?


I have a wolf cub, can I still stay here?


That’s fine–

What’s the little wolf’s name–?


Come to think of it, where’d this guy come from? I wonder if it was separated from its parents.








In my worl… home town, it means white.


What a fitting name–


Nice to meet you Weiss,

I’m Anri–




Sfx: squeeze (gyu)


Pg 26

Anriii~ Ignore that trash~


Please stop it!


Seems like a thief is aiming for you on this land hm?


Sfx: bang (paan)


Sfx: crash (gasha)


Sfx: clap clap clap (pachi pachi pachi)

Sfx: cheeers (kanpaaai)


Pg 27

Sfx: Shoop… (zukun…)



What was that weird feeling?


Th-thank you.

Your name is…?


It’s Takuma.

Two nights please.


Certainly. I will guide you to your room.

That will be 10,000 Gal in advance.


Err… and also the cost of repairing the wall I just broke.


Don’t worry about that.

I am Anri’s mother, Canan.


That man always makes moves on Anri and the customers.


Handwritten: yep yep


He’s absolute trash, but because he’s a B rank adventurer he’s scary and no one could do anything.


That was B rank?


It’s frustrating, but my husband wasn’t a match for him either.


That’s why it’s amazing. You’re also an adventurer, right?


Pg 28

Sfx: miri


Somehow they’re dry, but


There’s only 3 left.


Sfx: aun


Sfx: an an


Pg 29

Oh! You’ve gotten lively haven’t you, Weiss!


I jumped into the stream and saved you.


I’m Takuma.

Nice to mee- buh


Sfx: poof (bofu)



I’m glad you’re so healthy.


Sfx: lick lick lick lick (pero pero pero pero)


You’re my first friend after coming here.


Now, she said that I can use the internet, but

How do I do that?


I will explain, Master.


You, did you just talk?


Sfx: pant pant pant pant (he he he he)


… that is incorrect.


Pg 30

I am Master’s navigator, Navi.


Sfx: appear (pon)


Not only can I use the internet, I am able to examine anything.



Well then, examine me please.


I received charity and divine protection from Goddess-sama, and I want to know what has changed in detail.


Name, Takuma Satou. Age, 35. Current occupation-




Next, Takuma’s skills.

Firstly, you are able to use magic.


Is that what Kyle and Sister used earlier?

They used some kind of command.


Aah, restoration and purification magic.

If you learn them, you can learn to use various other kinds of magic.


Pg 31

There is also an appraisal ability, like mine.


Just by looking at things, like other people and materials, you can get detailed information about them.


I could become a great detective, huh?


You likely already know this, but in addition, your physical abilities are improved.


I thought so.


Not only your strength and agility, but also your resistance has increased.




Tolerance to things such as physical shocks, and mental abnormalities, like neurotoxins and curses.


By the way, if your magical power is high, both your magic and skills also become stronger.


Magical power? How much do I have?


Master’s magical power is from Goddess-sama, therefore

It is infinite.






I can become as strong as I want!?


That’s right




How is it?



I want to use the internet.


Pg 32

Sfx: voom (voon)


When the PC came to this world, it transformed into a magical tool.

Because it moves with magic, Master can use it as much as desired.


I’m gradually becoming less and less surprised.


Same with a smartphone.


On the desktop, there is the other worldly shop icon, so double click it.


Sfx: tap tap (ton ton)


Please bring out some money from your item box.


Sfx: shine (pa)


Please drop the money on the PC.


It is sucked in and your balance will increase.


Sfx: whoooosh (shuuuu)


After searching for what you want, please click on it.


Screen: cigarettes (50 per pack)                 Electronic cigarette

1500 G                                                                  9000 G

Add to cart                                                          Add to cart


At the destination selection, you can select between having it appear before you, or deposited in your item box.


Screen: Destination selection


Item box                                                              Confirm order


Pg 33

Sfx: fuoon


Incidentally, the item box has no capacity limit, so you can fill it as much as you like.


Inside the box time does not pass, you can preserve food.


Ah, you cannot store living creatures.


That is the end of Master’s status explanation.


If there is anything you do not understand, please call for me at any time!


Sfx: pun


A parallel world with magic.



Bestowed excessive power.

Divine protection, was it?


Pg 34

Oh well, all’s well that ends well


Are you a “person from another world”!?


Nn… what…




Sfx: trot trot trot (totetetetete)





Pg 35

Next time, an unexpected person appears in front of Takuma!


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