Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 2

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 2

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+Page 1




It’s like cutting through a piece of foam.

And it’s different from using the hoe, the wood material remains the same.


It seems like the first thing I need is not to find a water source

But to get used to this multi-purpose tool.

+Page 2

Now first…..

*drilling time*

So I’ll need……. a 10m space in diameter.

It only took less than 5 minutes.


Inside sketch.

+Page 3

The interior

Only needs some flattening work!

Now I don’t have to worry about a shelter.

Next is water.

I turned the {A.F.M} into a shovel and started digging.

At first I almost ended up killing myself for digging straight down.

In order to maintain the oxygen level, I had to dig an extra 10m in a diagonal direction.

And I found water.

I wonder if it was because of the hardened soil in the previous area that stopped the water flow there but this here is surely a strong water source.

The problem is, is it drinkable?

But I guess I don’t have any rights to be picky now.

+Page 4

Shelter problem is solved.

Water problem is also solved.

After that it’s food but…

It’s impossible! I’ve never done hunting before…

And it’s getting dark……


I forgot about fire!

The {A.F.M} can’t turn into any electric equipment.

I guess it can’t turn into machinery in general.

So the least complicated tool to make fire must be-

A magnifying glass!

+Page 5

Now I can create a fire!

As long as there’s sunlight.

*rustle rustle*


I gave up and sat down to create some small items.

As I expected, while using the {A.F.M} I don’t feel hungry or thirsty.

That’s what I thought while making glasses and plates under the beautiful moonlight.

What a strange world.

+Page 6


Testing the small knife form of the {A.F.M} all night sure is tiring, yet……

It might be useful for creating small objects

But it barely offered any help in creating my next ideal tool.

In other words,

As I thought, pulling an all-nighter makes me hungry and sleepy…

First I need to have some water.

*gulp gulp*

Gah, that feels good.

The next thing to worry about is food.

I will continue ploughing and moving

And looking for food on the way.

+Page 7



That was such a clean hit.

I….. I really did it…..

Upward from the neck, I think I’ll use it as fertilizer.

+Page 8

I actually killed a living being.

A huge rabbit with overly-developed fangs


*stomach growling*

It’s no use preaching to a hungry man.

Let’s eat, itadakimasu.


This doesn’t taste good at all…

Maybe it’s because of my simple cooking method.

I grilled it with no spices so it had a fishy kind of smell.

For now, it looks like my stomach will be OK. I assume the tap water is OK too and my belly is swelling.

Use a wooden plank to cover the entrance.

Next I need to build a toilet.

After digging a hole, I used a hammer to harden the surface.

+Page 9

Next, I dug a hole that connects to the ground

Then I put a seat that fits the holes.

I’m really into those Western-design toilets.

Maybe I’ll build walls.


I’ve already built walls on all sides.

Air and light vents.

I also need to build a door.

Let’s test it out.


So comfortable…….

Using leaves to wipe.

No problems, I can relax a bit now.

+Page 10

Now all I need to do is to build a ceiling and tanks for feces and urine containing.

Since they’re made out of woods and can absorb water so I shaved out some extra layers of woods and make a spare just in case…..

All done.

Using the Multi-purpose tool sure makes things easier for me.

But holding and transporting such an amount of water made me exhausted.

Let’s get some sleep……..

I’ve been busy all day, I need to take a rest.

Taking a nap on his newly-made floor.

To be continued.


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