Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 3

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 3

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+Page 1

A leisure farmer in a strange world.

Original: Naito Kinosuke.

Artist: Tadayuki Ken.

Character sketch: Yasumo.

Chapter 3: Opportunism and the encounter.

Resting on his newly-made floor



I think I’ve slept for 3 hours.

At this point

I’ve owned a shelter, a water source and fire.

With some snacks and also a toilet.

I guess that’s it for today but I’ll have to prepare for tomorrow.

The main problem is food.

It’s lucky I got that rabbit from earlier, it’s considered as meat after all.

With this, I can last for 5 days.

+Page 2

I may find something to eat in the forest but that’s quite a dangerous thing to do.

The rabbit from earlier seemed like some kind of mutated species, its size and fangs are enormous, his eyes are also hostile as if I was his mortal enemy.

And that was just a rabbit. If it was a bear then I would have been killed.

For now, let’s build an entrance to the house.

Air vent.

Next is the fence.

I’ll use the {A. F. M} to cut down trees into blocks of wood.

And place it around the house.

I got caught in the moment and made it larger than it should be

But it seems like I overdid a little bit?

After I finished building the fence from those big trees, it’s getting dark.

The next morning.

I dug some extra holes outside

+Page 3

The fence itself won’t be secure enough.

So I built myself a bridge right at the main entrance.

It looks decent.

This might do the trick.

I hope so.

Before I went to bed, I decided to make a field.

This part is pretty fun to be honest.

And then it hit me.

I suddenly realized.

Without any seeds, I won’t be able to…..

All my hard work in making this large field is completely meaningless.

But I kept doing it anyway.

I was trying to ignore that undeniable reality.

+Page 4

Thanks to the {A. F. M}, I can work without feeling tired.

Before I realized it, the sun had risen.





At first, I just wanted to use wooden blocks to build a simple fence around my house.

Now it surrounds and separates my house from the fields.

Ha ha ha.

Later that day, I was hoeing and also looking for some vegetables to grow but found nothing.

Instead, I found 3 dead rabbits.

What is this? Is it the rabbit trait around here that makes them jump in front of me?

I’ve met 4 in total… 4 bodies to be precise.

One of them only had a head, the body had decomposed.

So I’ve learnt that everything that my hoe touches will automatically be turned into fertilizer.

Let’s just see this as a useful thing.

Next morning.

What the heck!?

+Page 5

There are small seeds sprouting from the furrow.

And they’re even perfectly in line.

Who had kindly plant these seeds for me?


And the sprouts are growing with an incredible speed.



So I carved out the god statues myself.

Thank you for helping me!

Come to think of it, one looks young but feels so old and the other is completely opposite who looks so old but feels young.

This is odd.

Even though they’re not perfectly made.

But it kind of resembles god.

+Page 6

The other one is the god who granted me the “All-purpose Farming Equipment”.

Since I don’t know his appearance, I carved it based on my imagination.

After thinking for a while, I made it look like the old man from the sakura stories.

My purpose has changed.

I don’t want to just survive, I want to protect these fields.

First I need to build a strong fence surrounding the fields.

To keep people from venturing in.

Wild beasts?

With my tools

I will turn them into





Are those beasts coming back?

But what kind?

Sounds like dogs!?

To be continued.


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