Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 5

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 5

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 5
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  1. I’ve decided to name the dogs

Otherwise they’d forever be called “little pup” or “big dog”

Dog’s names …

Chapter 5: Names of the dogs

A farmer in a different world

Their names shall be


Bold and jolly




The strongest one (female)


Sassy and free

There you go

As for the parents, I was thinking of “Kuropapa” and “Kuromama”, however

They gave me such long faces that I must reconsider naming them more seriously








I wrote these names on the ground


It’s hard. I suck at naming

I was trying to write them in Japanese

Kuro à …

But for some reason, they changed into a strange language

Is this what the God told me about, the Newcomer effect?

Kuropapa (the pups’ dad) is insisting on selecting the name Shubarts

But I probably shouldn’t upset the pups’ mom

Master, please choose the Kuro one

Pet pet


  1. As for the pups’ mom






She must have picked the name Yuki

Does she even notice her fur’s color?

Hah, aren’t they the more sophisticated ones here?

It’s just a random thought…

Kuro, you’re trying to tell me that, right?

So, for now

Kuro and Yuki





Case closed

The name Yuki sticks out like a sore thumb

But that aside, the Kuro’s is pretty lively

They often breeze the woods or dash around my fields

But for some reason, they always leave a member by my side

Are they taking turns to guard me?

If that’s so, then I really appreciate it. At least I feel a bit less lonely while at work

  1. I’ve made a disk, like a Frisbee, in my free time

Spin spin

It’d be a waste to miss this game if you have a dog

They can catch the disk at an unbelievable height


Growl growl

Woof woof

Not only are the pups interested in the game …but also their parents

Growl growl

The pups aren’t giving up either

Can’t they just live in peace…

Growl growl

There’s no other choice, I have to make a disk for each of them

And take turns throwing them

Swoosh swoosh

It’s good that they’ve stopped fighting over a disk, but…

My arms are killing me

  1. It’s been 30 days since the pups were born

They’ve grown significantly big and they really resemble their parents

And then, I realized

On the pups’ foreheads

They’re growing horns

There are traces of a broken horn on the parents’ heads

But why do dogs have a horn?

Turn away

It must have been tough for you…. Is it growing back?

But it’s just a horn, I shouldn’t be so surprised

This is a different world after all


Maybe it’d feel like when you’re trying to have fun in order to smile away the pain

Eh hey, don’t lick my face!

  1. The sprouts have grown up so fast

Some of them even started to bear flowers

Carrots, potato, cabbage, tomato, pumpkin, cucumber, eggplant, lettuce, corn, watermelon and strawberry

These are the plants that I was thinking of while ploughing the field

Perhaps if I wish for a certain kind of plant, then I’d get it in the end

This must be another special thing in this world

I wanted to make an experiment whether watering the crops would make them grow better

So, I divided the field

And used the “Almighty Farming Tool” to make fertilizer for the crops

Crops with water and fertilizer

Crops that are left untouched

I’d like to see the difference of these fields’ results

And then I’d learn how to harvest for each kind of plant

  1. I’ll apply a pesticide to all the fields for now

After some experimenting, the insects seem to be vulnerable to this particular one…

I turned the Almighty Farming Tool into a sprinkler

So that I can water the crops

This looks really effective …

Now I won’t have to see the dogs snatch the bugs anymore

Do those bugs really taste that good to them?

The crops are growing up so well

Some plants such as the tomatos and strawberries are turning red, almost ripe enough for harvest

My peaceful life on the farm is going really well

The carrots and cucumbers are also in lush foliage

Probably nearing harvest

To be continued


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