Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 6

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 6

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  1. Chapter 6: Reconfirmation

It’s true that the results are varied, depending on different methods of cultivation

It’d be too arrogant to call it a feat, but….!

The more efforts I poured into the crops, the faster they grow

Which means

Let me put it this way

Growth rate ranking


3: nothing at all

1: water + fertilizer

2: fertilizer

Without giving anything, still they’ve grown this much

Right. This is not the world that I once had known

I wonder if the Almighty Farming Tool has any effect on them

I’ll just harvest them, then

Now is another question

How can I harvest all of them?

It’d be unlikely that the Kuros can help at all

Looks like there’s no other way… I’ll just have to grin and bear it

Uhm hum, I see your determination… but as usual, you would probably snack up on something during work again

Trying to slip away, aren’t you?


  1. Result

One-twelfth of the field took me half a day

dogs’ house





my house

It took a total of 6 days straight to harvest all 12 fields

I’m thinking of storing all the fruits and vegetables

Since they’re too much for my house

Problem number 1:

The tomatoes have ripened and should be eaten right away

Kuro and the others also happily ate it so I’m glad

Problem number 2:

The strawberries are almost as ripe and they won’t last for too long

The Kuros appear to like the fruits

Especially Kurosan and Yuki, they look very happy devouring them

But not so much for the pups’ dad

Problem number 3:

The harvested crops must be consumed quickly

Problem number 4:

There are no seasonings

Problem number 5:

There are no cooking utensils as well

  1. If it’s all about farming then this new life isn’t really better anyway

Uh huhm (*)

I gotta think of a way to make salt

Without it, even boiled corns are tasteless

Next, I must grow some paddy fields

And then I could have some rice …

Cooking utensils

Damn it, there’re still too much things to worry about

Let’s see, I’ll create some cooking utensils first

Instead of roasting corn directly on fire

It will be on a stone slab

Thinned rock (*)

The knife is also made from stone

It sliced through the rabbit’s flesh with ease

I’ve already made 3 of them

Next is a pot

Since it’s too heavy as a rock-made pot so I decided to use clay instead (*)

Is it another throwing disk?

The pot lid should be made of wood(*)

  1. As for salt

I need it for flavor and food preservation

But there’s no sight of an ocean around here…

There’re lots of mountains in return, so there must be some rock salt available

And there’s only one way to find out

Let’s try something new

Maybe the forests have something waiting for me to explore

10 days have passed

The scene is the same wherever I go

And the ploughed lands are unlikely to recover any soon

Keeping this up and I might as well destroy the whole forest and end up with no wood left

Hey wait a second…

What would happen if I stop ploughing along the way?

  1. A wheelbarrow

Has been made

Now, wait another second…

I might lose track of the way if I stop ploughing

The dogs aren’t unfamiliar with the woods, are they? (*)

Huh! Hey! This isn’t your new toy, you know?

Thanks to it, I can venture significantly deeper into the forest

It’s not much different from a bicycle

5 days have passed

  1. A wellspring!

With quite a gentle waterfall

Upstream water is pouring out

Oh – so cold!

Kuro is gulping it down, it probably is drinkable

Kuro shows me the way back as I plough along

I have to be home before it gets dark, I’ll come back tomorrow

After 15 days, I’ve successfully linked a path between my house and the spring

  1. This is to ensure the water source wouldn’t run low

Although I made a well, but it’s too deep that it made the water transport difficult


My place

Distance: about 5km


The waterfall has its certain height

If I could use it to my advantage of making a waterway straight home, I could secure a large quantity of water

So, to avoid unnecessary attention, I dug a huge reservoir just outside the moat

In the shape of a reversed pyramid

The job took me 10 days

Arrow: Drainage channel (*)

Next, I need to make a drain

Since it leads downstream, anyway, it only took a few days to finish

What’s left is how to import water in the reservoir

How should I do this…

Option number 1:

Using logs


I can find plenty of them (*)


Not very durable (*)

Nah that won’t do

The Almighty Farming Tool can cut them into shapes but I’ll have to do the linking part by hand

Plus, I have no nails to hold the logs together (*)

  1. Option number 2:

Using rocks


Durable (*)


Hard to make (*)

To assemble a bunch of 5kg rocks isn’t a laughing matter…

And where would I find rocks that are large enough?

Option number 3:

Using earth?

I can make the pipes from soil and harden them by drying it in the sunlight afterward

The earth dug up with the Almighty Farming Tool is as hard as concrete anyway

Yeah, that should do the trick (*)

And earth is surely available everywhere

I got it, Kuro! (*)

What? (*)

I’m pretty smart, heh

Right, let’s get down to business

Building the waterway system

And so, again, I took on another time-consuming job (*)

To be continued (*)


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