Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 7

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 7

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  1. Building the aqueduct has made little progress only

Facing a new challenge along the way

Chapter 7: Preparations for winter and a new face

I’ve been stacking up soil along the way towards the wellspring
Then hardening it by hammering

Although using the Almighty Farming Tool costs no stamina, I’m the only one providing manpower.

And I have all the fields to take care of as well

It’s been 10 days yet I managed to finish only 500m

Should I burn myself out to finish the work faster?


Bad idea, master

Kuro, you’re worrying about me huh

Well I guess there’s no rush, just slow and steady wins the race huh

And that’s how I settled my mind


  1. Oohh, what a cold day, heh, Kuro?
    Are you feeling cold as well…?

Climate changed…?

Ohhhh no

I didn’t notice the possibility of winter in this world

How long have I been here? This must be the 3rd harvest season
Each of them took about 40 days, which means 120 days have passed already

Holy shit!
Now isn’t the time for building an aqueduct

Change of plan, I’ve decided on storing food

Normally I would need to dry the firewood as well
but all the wood cut by the Almighty Farming Tool is usable as firewood

So, I tried my best to stack a large quantity of wood
Right behind my storage


  1. It’s all my fault for being careless

I also have to secure a food supply for the Kuros

Since I don’t exactly have a fridge here to preserve meat, they’d be stored in a basement instead

Undergrounds can reach a certain cold temperature

And about the processing of the hares that the Kuros hunted

It’s all yours

I’d probably only take the flesh and internal organs, and remove the blood

The stench is somewhat reduced as the result
By the way, the hares tasted as good as wild boars

The internal organs, however, look really disgusting. I was about the throw them away, but

The Kuros are being like,

Woaa… are you really going to throw them away?

I think that was what they meant with that expression


Does this look nutritious to them?
So, in the end, I gave them what they wanted


  1. Looking up-close, a hare’s heart is rock solid, what should I do with it now?

It just looks like a pebble to me anyways. Not only the hares, the wild boars share this feature too.
Perhaps this is a common trait of the animals from this world. It doesn’t really look edible to me at all

I put it in front of the Kuros and …

Pong pong

They happily crunched it
Tastes like chicken?

I’ve already shaved the hares and the wild boars for fur

But what would I do with them?
I may regret taking this lightly

After shaving 4 hares, I gave up

Impotence intensifies


  1. As an amateur, I’m probably no good at making fur coat
    Oh, I know, I can just hibernate in my house


Highly durable for winter climate

I’ve prepared windows to cover the shutters
The walls are made of a double layer of wood with a layer of grass in-between. I managed to make door latches as well

I can see the dogs’ house from inside my house, thanks to the remade doors system
Uhm, this is civilization alright

So, this is how winter preparation should go, isn’t it?

Woof woof


Huh? What is it, Kuroyon?

Is it about the aqueduct?


Here, here

Heh? Kurosan?


That black thing…

A couch?


  1. And I seriously thought it was a couch…

It’s huge

Turns out it was a giant spider


What do you want me to do with it?

Mission accomplished



Ahoge wiggling


Oh! A handkerchief

In only 5 minutes…

It feels even better than my cloth in terms of quality


  1. Can it be… you mean, the spider can make clothes for us?

So that’s how it is


That’s right, master

Spiders are useful creatures, I have no reasons to hate them

As long as they aren’t poisonous

Speaking of which, are you poisonous?

There’s something called “give and take”
Now the spider will live with us

It’ll stay in the treetop storage

Basically, it can munch on anything, but

Apparently, it loves potato

Munch munch

Would you look at that

But do spiders really eat potato?
Hey this is another world, so maybe they do

It helps me thread fabric

High quality ones, actually

But that’s not all, it even made us some clothes


  1. It keeps staring at me for some reasons

hop hop

It’s really smart

I just told it what I needed and it already made me a whole set of curtains

The winter preparations are going really well

Hang it here at the frameless windows

but that’s not all

Hang it behind the door as well

It also has made use of the fur that I left untouched ever since
It’s even smarter and more skillful than I am

Oh oh oh …

These sleeves are perfect…

It did combine the animal fur with its own fabric for the creation
How sophisticated!

And so, I gave it a name
Based on my first impression

Wiggle wiggle

A new member

A trustworthy companion has appeared

To be continued


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