Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 8

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka Chapter 8

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  1. Chapter 8: The roaming Kuroichi

The spiders in this world don’t cry, but instead


Does this sound like I’m explaining Zabuton’s ability?

Cause it can use the instruments to create alarms


It’d send out an alarm signal if something is out of the ordinary





I’m heading to the South

This is how it shows me the direction

North: 1 time

East: 2 times

North: 3 times

West: 4 times

It learnt them all only after teaching it once

Amazing, isn’t it?





I’ve never seen it before




  1. Now



Huff …


That was splendid, master

With the Almighty Farming Tool in hand, I find surviving in this world becoming much easier

Seems like my stamina has improved as well

Now I have more food for the winter

Good boy Kuroni

Yay! I’m a good boy!

After bringing the prey back, Zabuton helped me to process it


  1. With the animal encased in the spider web, the process of removing blood and internal organs have become much simpler

After swiftly hiding the prey, it returned to the treetop

The wind is getting much colder

I’d have been in a bad situation if it wasn’t for Zabuton’s clothes

It’s so warm even after nightfall

Additionally, it gave me a huge bag

Which I stuffed with a lot grass and is now my new comfy bed

I’m thinking about stocking more food and harvesting all the crops too


It’s much colder than I expected

The Kuros keep themselves warm by sleeping while snuggling

They’re all very adorable right now


  1. The wintry breeze has blown over

Zabuton hasn’t peeked outside of its place either

The Kuros are almost always inside their little house

Bathing and using the toilet is getting really annoying now

I shut myself indoor for 30 days straight

The snow has stop falling so heavily

Another 10 days

The snow can’t be thicker than 1-2cm, right?

I’m optimistic about this

Another 30 days

The wind has stopped blowing and the weather is getting better

Is winter almost gone?

2 days later

I was shocked at the blizzard

Howling gale

The spring is so close yet so far away

5 days later

The Kuros started to roam the forest as the climate became warmer

Although they found nothing

It should be in Spring by now


  1. 3 days later

The Zabuton that has been gone for so long finally decided to show up

When did it get so close to me???

Hi there, long time no see …


A whole army…


Are they your children?

So, you are a female? Then where is the male?

I don’t really get it but the baby spiders love potatoes, much like their mother

I guess the more the merrier?

Spring has finally come

The Kuros’ horns suddenly fell off

It almost scared me

But it looks like they’d shed the horn once every year…


The Kuros’ parents’ horns are almost growing back

Maybe I can make use of their shed horns for decoration

Until the new horns fully grow…

Heh? The Kuros…

Are lining up

Why all of a sudden?


  1. Wroof



What’s going on?

Where’re you all going?




Ah ah

Ah, I see

I can tell that

They’re going to find their mating partners

Ah hah hah

I know that look

Thank you both of you, Kuro and Yuki



It’s a bit empty


  1. After that day

Kuro and Yuki are more diligent than ever


Za za za


There’s something that just can’t be put into words

And they’re worrying about me…

This hurts me on so many levels

I want to have a wife too…

Without the Kuros, the children of Zabuton helped me protect the fields

They used webs to trap birds

They even eat up all the harmful bugs

But I really had to mind my step otherwise I might stomp on one of the little spiders

Oh oh …


I’ve to admit that it’s a bit creepy

As they move so swiftly on the bridge of web hanging 5m above the ground


If there was anything happening below

They can just jump right off



Oh …

Just great


  1. Two months later





I’m back…

Looks like you have found your mate without a hitch…

You still came back to live with me?

Aw I feel so touched

And the following few days, Kurosan is back

Then another few days, it’s Kuroichi

Later that afternoon, Kuroyon has returned

They’ve found and brought back their mates

You’ve all come back to me




  1. Kurosan and Kuroyon’s mates are covered in wounds

Did they get into a fight with their partners?

No… that can’t be it

They must have fended off the others for their mate

And were successful it seems

Nothing to worry about, master…

I want them to have a happy family

And so, I renovated the current doghouse

Dogs’ water well

Dogs’ territory

New fields

New doghouse

Current doghouse

Upper aqueduct (in progress)

The reservoir

Lower aqueduct

Kuro and Yuki will stay at their current house


It’s much better this way…

But I haven’t forgotten you yet, the Zabutons


  1. The mating season ended

First, Elis gave birth to 4 healthy little puppies

Then Alis

Then Kurosan, Yuki and Illis gave birth. This place is getting livelier than ever

The Kuros prefer cooked meat to raw


That’s strange

I made enough food for all of us

And processed the fur and the flesh too

Since when do I have to sweat so much again?



Sight of a human

To be continued


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