Isekai Onsen ni Tensei shita Ore no Kounou ga Tondemosugiru Chapter 4

Isekai Onsen ni Tensei shita Ore no Kounou ga Tondemosugiru Chapter 4

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Page 1

There’s only 1 week till the deadline.


What the hell is with this situation!?

Page 2

Chapter 4 : Atsumi Onsen’s first event

Note : Sorry guys I’ve been mistaken on the name, it’s Atsumi(meaning fever) and not Atami.

Page 3

It seems that recently a goblin’s nest has appeared in the nearby cave.

I heard that they have been attacking the clients who wanted to come to the onsen.

Why would a large goblin’s nest suddenly appear?

There were no… indications.

Indeed, generally monsters’ nests would become big by breeding over and over again.

I wonder if it’s the same for the recent troubles happening in the surroundings.

That’s right.

Page 4

Because of this phenomenon that I don’t understand quite well,

Raigea is having a pretty bad time.

It wouldn’t be weird if the number of adventurers increased though…

And it’s worth using the onsen.

(outside box)However…

These last days there are a lot of easy and safe quests that you can do to earn money.

At such time, why did that…

What about you? Can’t you do something about this?

I think I can, but Giliam is strongly opposed to the idea.

She said that it’s because of the onsen that the number of victims has increased…

Page 5


You… said that for us?

(Outside box) Got a problem with that!?

You’re the ones who asked me, you’re so annoying!

(outside box) Gi-

Besides Giliam,

there are a lot of people who are against this place.

Even more if you can’t prepare the money.

That being said, the discovered goblins’ nest is a mid-sized one.

Solving that problem only by ourselves will be difficult.

I know but… It doesn’t seem like the adventurers will gather…

(Outside box) Because that’s a profitable job only in our dreams.

It’s all over…?

Hm? Wait.

Page 6

Then what if we offer them a reason to participate!



We will hold the Atsumi Onsen’s first…


Page 7

Crushing the monsters’ nest…

Atsumi Onsen : Subjugation Event

I don’t think it’s something worth cheerfully gathering and being excited for, but

to think that this many already gathered.

Humans are weak to new things

and festival-like events right?

Even though we were saying that it was dangerous to come to this onsen,

it’s not the time to hold…

You’re wrong, that’s not it.

Page 8

Crushing the goblins’ nest.

It’s an event intended for adventurers

and the reward for the participants is…

For a month…

They will have the right to enter this onsen for free!


I can’t think it’s going to go well though.

My, my.

Page 9

If they have the achievement of crushing a monsters’ nest,

they will gain prestige since they are adventurers.

To begin with, everyone has a sense of justice.

Even though they haven’t done anything for a few days?

Maybe they wanted an opportunity to do it?

I think this subjugation plan stimulated the kindness of people who want to help others.

Stimulate the kindness… huh.

(outside box) I do get the idea but…

Page 10

Even Leticia-chan was planning to go there regardless of the danger right?

(outside box) hehe

(outside box)That’s-

Kumu too, you were going to go there!


We have this guy’s power.

(outside box)Oh

You really trust Atsumi-sama.

What he said so far has been going well for the most part and

it’s mean if we don’t trust him a bit!

(Outside box) And he’s a god as well!!

If you think that, it’d be nice if you could talk with a bit more respect.

As the village chief, I prefer the strong over the weak-minded.

Page 11


Don’t be surprised every single time.

So what?

Did you come here to see how the situation was?

Not really.


I never thought that out of this cutting board chest of yours, you had such integrity.

(Outside of box, middle) Boing

(Outside of box, middle) flat

(outside of box)Che-

It has nothing to do with the size of my chest.

Page 12

I’ll be the same, when I’m older

I’ll be about as big as you!

Are you saying you’ll reach this size?

From that?

Are you seriously saying that?

Page 13

With this, instead of Chiichiku, aren’t you Chinchiku*?

*NOTE : (From Chinchikurin referring to small things) <- (EDITOR THIS IS A NOTE NOT A BOX)

(Outside box) Who-

Who are you calling Chinchiku!?

You’ll be sorry!

You two, what are you doing…

If they become bigger, right!

Shut up.

What the hell is this situation, it’s too perverted.

Leticia-chan, don’t tease her!

Page 14

You two don’t particularly

have that big of a difference, right?

Page 15


Kumu-san, please, stop already…

If you keep doing that kind of thing the onsen will get thicker and boil…


if you’re not worried,

why did Chiichiku-chan come here?

It’s obvious.

I will help too.

Page 16

You’ll help… We are going to eradicate goblins you know?

That’s right Chiichiku-chan.

If we increase our burden it might bother everyone…

(Outside box) It’s hard to say but…

I may look like this, but actually I’m fairly skillful.

(outside box) That’s rude


it’s not the first time Raigea has been troubled by monsters’ nests.

If I can investigate the cause of all this, it’s perfect.



Page 17

It’s fine so take me with you,



… Or so she says, so what do we do God-sama ?

Why ask me!

(outside box) Always at these moments!!

Pin pon Pin pon

Since the chief says that, I can’t refuse after all.

Page 18

This is the cave.

It seems that if I have someone put some hot water in a vessel I can keep my field of vision but…

It’s shaking so much… I’m getting…sick.

(outside of box) You ok?

Can you see properly?


As time passes by, he’ll be able to see less and less, was it?

(Outside box) We want to end it by that time

Page 19

I’ll confirm the plan.

We will split into 2 groups, one that will dive into the cave and the other who will stand guard at the entrance.

We will annihilate each room in front of us one at a time.

We will secure a path to retreat, but blunders won’t be tolerated.

It will be pretty bad if the remaining goblins go down to the human habitations.

If it comes to that, the voices of the bunch who wants to destroy the onsen will become distinct.

Page 20

We must prevent that at all cost.

Are you really coming down there with us?

You can stay behind with the other group you know?

I told you I am fine.

I’m the chief ok?

I just can’t silently watch over you.

You say it’s because you’re the chief but…

(Outside box)If something happens to you what do we do…?

I’m worried…

Page 21

Well then guarding group, we’re counting on you.


While taking it easy as much as I can over here, I will get the achievement and the free pass!

(outside box) hip, hip, hurray!!

This one is completely underestimating life.

Well then everyone…

Let’s go!

Page 22

They’re coming!



Page 23

Page 24

The effects of that hot spring are really amazing.

With my current condition I don’t feel like I could lose to a monster.

Page 25

You are actually that strong.

Do you get it now?

There’s no way I would become a burden.

In the bath I wasn’t able to sense your presence, was it because of the skills from your martial arts?


Master the silence and execute your movements!

It’s the essence of my fists.

If it’s my presence, I can erase it.

Page 26

Oh, but why are you this skillful at your age?

The chief of the village must “Always be an existence able to protect the populace”.

It’s for my father’s sake as well, I’m only embodying my ideals with the fists as I was taught.

For your father…



Page 27

Dad… Mom…

Everyone is dead


If you want a family, I’m here…

I will become your Onee-chan* (*Big sister)!

So follow me.


Your Onee-chan!

Page 28

See you, I’m going today as well.

Hey Onee-chan,

from time to time, I get scared

wondering why is Onee-chan going that far for me…

Having you do all those painful things,

I’m wondering if you’re not actually angry at me…

Page 29

Don’t misunderstand me.

You see, I’m frustrated that everyone from the village isn’t here anymore,

since I wasn’t able to do anything at that time.

That’s why, this time I want to protect Liza.

So the fact that I’m giving it my all for you is for my sake

and that’s why I will definitely show you that I can find it,

a way to treat your disease.

Page 30


Why are you smiling?

I just felt a bit of sympathy towards you.


(Outside box) I-

I don’t really care even if you feel that way, I’m not glad at all.

(Outside box) Mo-

More importantly look, let’s go quickly!

Those two…

Surprisingly, they might be able to get along.


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