Isekai Onsen ni Tensei shita Ore no Kounou ga Tondemosugiru Chapter 5

Isekai Onsen ni Tensei shita Ore no Kounou ga Tondemosugiru Chapter 5

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Page 1

Let’s go Brother ! Let’s show off the man inside us to these guys !

That goes without saying !

Over there is the last room !

Now, we just need to kill the goblins in this room

Do you still see any ?

It’s already become a lot harder to see though…

Down there I’m feeling the smell of mana… could it be…

Page 2

Chapter 5 : Goblin’s subjugation


What… is that !?

Page 3

Probably a gate leading to Makai

Makai ?

What kind of thing is that ?

Another world which is said to be running on a different channel than this one, where monsters and demons reside

It’s an entrance to that place

If the door to Makai is finished a large quantity of monsters will come to this side

So it’s the completion of the nest

Why is that kind of thing…

No idea…

It’s not something that arises accidentally, so it’s natural to think someone created it

A gate of this extent… I think I can seal it with my magic though

That aside

Page 4

They’re coming !!

Page 5


Kumu ! Take care of the rest please !

I’m going to pursue that guy !

Be careful please, Leticia -chan

That goblin is different from the normal ones  !

I know !

How far is he going to…


Page 6

What is going on here !?

From outside the cave, a lot of goblins kept coming and…

Outside !?

So those goblins were coming back to the cave !?

Page 7


Their numbers are too large…

Even Leticia’s exhaustion should reach its peak really soon…

And it doesn’t look like we can count on the strength of the adventurers who stayed behind

What to do !

Page 8

Reifum !


Out of mana…!?


Page 9

…I was careless

If this goes  on everyone will be done by the goblins

Is there something I can do in this situation…

You gained a level, your power increased

[What is this power… where can I use it ?]

Perhaps… if it’s that power !

Although, will it reach this place, so far from the onsen ?


Page 10

It’s not “Will it reach ?” !

I will make it reach !!

Reach it !

Page 11

Page 12



Page 13

What is this…

Page 14

I don’t get it but

Everyone, it’s our chance !


It reached, it seems…

Page 15

I’m… so…


Page 16



(outside box) usual

(outside box) scenery……

I see…

After creating that cloud of steam, I ended up losing consciousness

Because I exhausted my mana…?

Is it alright for the chief to soak in the onsen ? What about your job ?

Don’t worry about it

Moreover, one insecurity of the village was removed which means that my job is progressing

(Outside box) I did the minimum

Thanks to Kumu, the gate was sealed after all

Page 17

Nonetheless…there are still worrisome elements

Considering the events at hand, the reason the goblins were coming from outside the nest was quite concerning…

There’s a good chance that they arrived due to a perfume made to lure monsters

(Outside box) Wha-!?

Really who would do that and for what purpose…

(Outside box) No clue

Well, it just means that it’s too early to feel relieved

Just because we destroyed the nest

Doesn’t mean the safety of this onsen is guaranteed

Page 18

(Outside box) I know that !!

We will resume business and properly gather the targeted amount of money, ok !

It’s fine as long as you understand

You know…

Today, you being with us was a great help

Thank you


Page 19

N-Not particularly

There’s no way I did it for you people, ok !


The way Chichiku-chan isn’t sincere is so cute.

Really ? I think she’s pretty insolent though

Somehow she resembles you, Leticia-chan

(Outside box) Hehehe

(Outside box)Res-

She does not !

Page 20

Well then, shall we get going too

(Outside box) A long bath will make us dizzy

(Outside box) Ah…

You can step out first, I still have something to do


I understand

I’ll come soon


…you know

I don’t know how much you saw but

that strange fog…Should I say steam instead ? it was your doing right ?

Page 21

Uh ! I ?

Without that we might have been dead by now

No… We would have died

So you know…

Thank you

So she stayed just to thank me ?

Page 22

Anyway !

I just wanted to say it !

I’m the one who wants to say thank you the most, you know

Without Leticia, I would have been demolished by now


I want to properly thank you when you can talk so

In 2 weeks…I will stay here alone so, as per usual, I’d like you to materialize yourself

Page 23

After that period, you should be able to save enough mana to materialize

ahh I see

(outside box)That’s true

Don’t worry

I won’t let this place be destroyed

At any cost

Page 24

(Outside box)Tha-

That’s it so, see you tomorrow !

…I wonder why

When this girl is happy and thanks me

it makes me think that I’m truly happy that I was reincarnated as an onsen

Huh ? Why am I so happy…?

(Outside box) Well

I guess it’s normal, being thanked by someone is pleasant

Page 25

After that, the onsen peacefully regained her prosperity

Bit by bit, my level raised, my facilities upgraded

And even the virtue of the onsen had a power-up

Virtue : – Stamina and magic power restoration, 1 hour enhancement

– Poison / paralysis / petrification state restoration

– For a fixed time, stamina will steadily regenerate

Without waiting for the deadline, which was the end of the month, we managed to gather the targeted amount of money

It was decided that I would keep existing safely

Page 26

(outside box)Haa-

It feels so good

Hey, I came as promised

Show yourself

Page 27

Mana stock : 3050

Alright…  Seems like it will work quite well

Hm? I feel strange

(outside box) ? Is it just my imagination ?

You’re naked as usual

(Outside box) Go-

That’s because I’m a god

(Outside box) Th-

That… That’s right, you’re a god after all.


Page 28

After materializing, It feels awkward

(Outside box) N-

Now that I think about it, you talk to yourself a lot

(Outside box)What’s that all of a sudden ?

Wh… What’s that all of a sudden, earlier, I was talking to you

(Outside box) That’s not what I mean

When you still didn’t know about me, you were muttering  a lot

(Outside box) Reminiscing memories

Hot water is spouting out of this

(Center box)Alright, I’ll be back later

It would be a good idea to use it for the time being

No, that’s different !

(Outside box) Bla Bla Bla

It’s not that I have a bad habit to talk to myself when I enter a bath alone, it’s definitely not that ! Definitely ! It’s not, ok !

(Outside box) Gohum


Page 29

(Outside box) Th-

Thank you

You saved us the other day

(Outside box)Yeah…

You’re welcome

It’s troublesome though…

If you’re getting embarrassed like this while saying it…

Page 30

Actually, adding to this situation we’re both naked, it feels even more awkw…

That’s right !

We’re both naked, you know !

Leticia is, all in all, rather servile but

Without a doubt, she clearly has a lot of charm !

Page 31

If I look right now at this pretty naked body, my precious part will slowly…

Slowly ?

It’s rising !

This of mine is rising!

Which means that my current body has nerves and blood is running through them

(Outside box) Up until now, I could only appear with an ethereal body !

Now that I think about it, I have sensations in my feet, I can feel the stones or the warmth from the water…

I am clearly standing right now !

I’m erect !

Page 32

You suddenly stopped talking, what’s wrong ?

Ah no, it’s just…

Wait a moment, why is it getting bigger !? Heyyyyyyyyy !

I don’t quite know either

There’s no way you wouldn’t know right!? Anyway hide that ! Don’t show it to me ! Baka!

(Outside box) Baka Baka Baka Baka

(Outside box) Wai-

Wait ! If you ramp so mu…

Page 33




I heard a scream

What happened !?

Leticia-chan !? What’s wrong !?

Page 34

Page 35

You two… what are you doing ?

Page 36

That’s not it ! Leticia just pushed me down

Why are you saying it in a way that is such a misunderstanding !?

Before I knew it, they became so close… No ! You have my benediction !

Even if Leticia-chan’s partner is an elf or an onsen !

(Outside box) In the name of Laada !!

You’re so indecent, you’re unpleasant

They’re misunderstanding even more !?

It’s your fault right ! Clear up this misunderstanding !

It’s not my…


Page 37

(Outside box) Out of mana

Wait a second ! Why are you running away by yourself !?

Aren’t you fast ?

I see, once he comes, he disappears

Plus, Atami-sama is fast

You’re too indecent

(Outside box) As I said

You’re misunderstanding !

Hey Atami! Come out, give them an explanation !

I’m begging you !

Kami-samaaaaaa !* (Note* : God in japanese)

Page 38

You know, I’m wondering why did you fail ?

I did as I was told to, I wound up the bait in that cave so that the goblins would come !

But you still failed right ?

That weird steam has… guaah


What I ordered you to do was the obstruction of the adventurers…

There’s no point If you don’t kill them

Page 39

I’m sorry

Seriously, she’s such a lucky girl

Building that goblins’ nest, increasing the number of problems and when she wouldn’t have been able to deal with them, I would have reprimanded her to make her fall from power

If she can deal with this, the number of people in Raigea will end up increasing again, won’t they…


(Outside box) Y-


That little girl playing at the chief of the village, and over here I’m full of discontent.

Lick more unsightly, like a dog, and bark like you always do

It’s the best reward

Page 40

I’ve already thought about my next move though

You see, the merchant who gave me the key to open the  gate to Makai…

lent me some money


Just watch you annoying girl, who’s never had any hardships

In the end, I’ll hold rights over Raigea…


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