Isekai Ryouridou Chapter 0

Isekai Ryouridou Chapter 0

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Isekai ryuuridou chap 0

+Page 1

An ordinary restaurant – “Tsurumi”

My name is Tsurumi Asuta. I’m 17 years old, and a 10th grade senior high school student.

I’m currently helping my dad in this restaurant.

It all started one month ago.

+Page 2

Those urban construction sites thought of us as an obstacle,

We even got viciously slandered.

This is the only thing I can’t afford to lose.

I guess it’s true.

Then my father encountered an unexpected accident.

+Page 3

Father, they told me you were hit by a truck!

Are you okay?

Nah, I’m fine, it was just an 80kg truck.

It’s a miracle you’re still alive!

Did they do it on purpose? Was it them?

It’s okay, I won’t die even if they use a dump truck.

*Dump car is a large delivery truck. **PR: A dump car is part of a train that can be tilted, and the original should be a dump truck.


+Page 4

Doctor, when can I go home?

Not now, there’s still a lot to examine.

If there’s no problem, you’re free to go.

But I’m not sure how long it’ll take right now.

It’s tough, but I have a restaurant to run. I won’t feel secure leaving it to that fool.

“That fool” is me, isn’t it….?

You’re still going to cook even while sitting on a wheelchair, huh?

Absolutely, people have been waiting for my food.


My phone…? I guess I forgot to turn it off….

+Page 5


Asuta-chan, it’s not good….!

The “Tsurumi” is on fire!!

Father….our restaurant….is on fire….

Asuta! The knife! We can’t lose it!

+Page 6

That knife is what my father values over his life – Santoku knife of Sasaki Restaurant.

“This is the only thing I can’t afford to lose.” That’s what he always tells me about that precious knife that belonged to Sasaki Restaurant’s former owner.

*P/s: Santoku: A specific knife used by Japanese cooks. Sasaki: A famous restaurant in Japan.

We can’t lose that knife!

+Page 7

Are you kidding me…? With a fire this big….Everything’s going to be destroyed….


+Page 8

Asuta- chan…


Stop, Asuta-chan!!

Hey, you there! what are you doing?

Don’t go inside, it’s dangerous!!

+Page 9


Santoku knife

It seems like this is the underworld….

+Page 10



Gururu *PR: Growling?



+Page 11

Is this place… Heaven…. Or Hell….?

Wild animals….? They sound so intimidating….

I need to run…

+Page 12


A wild boar….

+Page 13




It hurts.

This really hurts.

What is this….?

+Page 14

So, I fell down a hole…. It’s deep…

Hey! Somebody Help me!


You’ve got to be kidding me, creating this damn trap!


What a noisy man….

+Page 15

A girl’s voice

I’m lucky… I found a person…

I fell down this hole, made for mischief.

… I made this.


I made this trap to catch the Gibber, do you know how hard it is to make this?

Eh? Well….. sorry? Wait, why am I the one at fault here?

Never mind, I’m sorry for destroying your work here.

+Page 16

Since I apologized, can you help me out of here?

……At this height, you should just climb up by yourself.

Wait, what!?

Wait, no! I sprained my ankle when I fell, so climbing would be impossible! Please help.

…. I don’t care, it’s your fault for falling down there.

Come on, That’s so cold! Hey! Help me!

Please! Help me! At this rate I’m going to starve! Don’t you have any empathy!?


…. Climb up


+Page 17

It seems like she wanted to help me since the beginning.


Why is Hell so real? I can’t even understand whether I’m dead or not….

Phew…. Thanks for saving me….

+Page 18, 19

Cooking in another world

+Page 20

Now, who the hell are you?

*To be continued



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