Isekai Shihai No Skill Taker: Zero Kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem Chapter 13

Isekai Shihai No Skill Taker: Zero Kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem Chapter 13

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1 Yuuto Konoe,
a normal high school student,
was suddently summoned to another world,
thanks to  his cheat ability <<Skill Taker>>
and <<Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu>> he is now enjoying the new world.
2 Yuuto and Guiche are  in a competition to gain Sylphia
a female knight slave
Huh… I cant be patient anymore..
Such a beautiful face I could only meet a few times in life…!
Because of the higher price Yuuto set, he got hasty
and forcibly
You now belong to me!
took her away-!?
3 Sylphia was …
Yes, I’m so… so sorry!
He had threatened to kill me so…
You have a message
from Andrea-kyo to Yuuto-sama…
Come to my Villa If you wanna get the girl back.
4 Master…
It’s ok, leave it to me…!
Wait for me at Inn, alright Spica?!
6 It’s a big villa…
but there’s nobody here…!?
It seems dangerous…
Luckily, I left Spica home.
7 That vampire… What does he  intend to do?
Calling me here.
Well let’s just turn <Tranparency> off first.
8 Uhm
9 Hi
Konoe Yuuto-kun.
You are right on time.
Right on the best stage.
10 You went to the trouble of inviting me just for your piano recital…?
Ha ha ha… It’s just kind of a ritual.
have you ever heard that music makes animal meat more tasty?
I want a good sacrifice hearing a beautiful composition.
In fact… I always have a new flavor because of it.
Humans are just livestock to him…?!
11 You have the slave contract… so,
why didn’t you give an order instead of binding her like that…?
Right …
but playing with an emotionless doll isn’t fun…!
Look, isn’t she cute struggling?
12 And, it’s a beautiful blonde hair maiden who was bound…!
Isn’t it interesting…?
Eating her immediately would be too wasteful…
13 You have the same hobby like me huh…!
I find it’s hard to kill you now…
that’s a good face Yuuto Konoe-kun…!
14 Come…
15 Run Yuuto-dono…!
He’s a vampire…!
100 knights of the empire are not equal to him,
they have high ranks in the Demon race…!
A single person alone…
Can’t win…!
16 Ha ha ha… I’m surprised you could withstand that hit!
How about this…!?
17 Great! That’s great…!
You must have used a body enhancement skill right?
A vampire is too outstanding for a  human indeed…
Let’s try…
wind magic.
<<Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu>>…
Accelerated movement…!!
18 Windy leap…
Oh… Success!
This is better than running!!
19 Un…
Yuuto- dono..!
can cope with a vampire, amazing…!
Fufufu… Body enhancement with wind magic huh… To think you fight equally as us Demons…
I am a little surprised…
But there are 3 reasons that makes it 100% impossible for you to win against me…
Do you want to hear them?
I’ll hear you out, but is it free?
20 Firstly, there are gaps between races… Vampires are still the most powerful amongst demons!
For 500 years, we don’t rot
while humans die just by being stabbed in the heart…!
I have sympathy.
Mhhmmm… what else?
Secondly, this lovely blade is a famous sharp sword even in the Demon world…!!
If this lightly touches you, you will get critical damage.
21  I see, I see…
This room is in my magic barrier,
so I can nullify your abilities and magic!!
22 Lamp of silence…
The one lighted can’t use ability or magic. Does not work on unknown skills.
<<The Robber King Sword>> has a paralyzing effect…!?
That chandelier is the barrier…?
The robber king sword
makes the one who was slashed paralyzed.
So… you have Demon eyes
Whoever knows… needn’t care.
Try to nullify my ability freely…!
23 But the result…
won’t change, I think..!


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