Isekai Shihai No Skill Taker: Zero Kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem Chapter 19

Isekai Shihai No Skill Taker: Zero Kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem Chapter 19

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drSkill taker chap 19 eng

Page 1

Konoe Yuuto
an ordinary high school student
summary of the last chapter of Skill taker
got summoned to another world

page 2

but with the martial arts he has trained since birth and his cheat skill
he has survived the new world
and is enjoying the life here

while trying to find a way back to his old world

and today begins with

new adventures!

Page 3

today the QR 10 mission was added
the location is orlean forest (intermediate level)

the monster include skeleton woodhead and lizard man
pure emilia-san, an ojou-type beauty…
carries a completely different feeling from spica and sylphia

page 4

what color are…

page 5

…emilia-san’s panties…

Page 6

last night, spica’s were pink…
sylphia’s were black
emilia-san is pure so maybe


Page 7

if that’s the case surely her bra is also…
uh huh… but

there’s no way to legally look at her bra it seems
let’s pass on the wind magic practice…
water…!! It must be water magic!!
last time I was drained since I wasn’t used to it but now…
fufufu… now let’s

page 8

page 9

race: fallen angel
job: seven deadly sins
Special traits: demon eyes

special traits…?

Page 10

moreover… each of them
demon eyes/ rare/ see through the real nature of everything – ineffective against unknown rarity

shadowrun/ rare/ high speed movement while in shadow

diamond/ rare/ high resistance against slashing, blunt and piercing damage

revive/ rare/ can recover self as long as the heart still intact
all rare and powerful
from job and race I can conclude that this guy

is a demon!!
Maybe he has info about how to return to my world?
this is… a chance?

Should I fight right now in town? He also has demon eyes so he knows about my abilities?

Page 11

if we fight here it’s likely that they’ll get involved…
moreover it will be hard to stay here again…
well no

dark artifact necklace/ disable other’s demon eyes
I’m holding this
so that guy can’t see my skills
with a guy who has 4 special traits [alert] would surely go off…
that means he doesn’t have any malice toward me
I want to gain information on how to return to my world without unnecessary fighting

Page 12


page 13

what is it?

why do you suddenly seem so happy?
race: fallen angel
job: seven deadly sins

page 14

on the way here I met a quite interesting human…
despite being human he has an aura of a strong being…
what is it!!?

why do you have to talk about human every time we meet like that??
this isn’t the time to quarrel like a couple…
you’re right we’re here to find him…

the [sloth] Belphegor

page 15

we must quickly give him a warning

that lazy ass… wasting time playing with the devil stone he got from mamon
and ignored his vampire subordinate’s wrongdoing…
that idiot… I must teach him a lesson!!
“the plan” is going smoothly and he dared making some flashy shit!!

Page 16

seven strongests of the demon clan have begun to take actions
yuuto’s encounter with them is only a matter of time…

page 17

I’m so free…

if this keeps up I’ll start wanting a nice picnic
e… even so but

this is an [intermediate level] region in the orlean forest
the monsters here are skeleton lizard men and woodheads mostly
they are all lvl 7 – 10 danger
but there’s no sign of any of them coming?
that… that’s right… it’s strange

page 18


Page 19

so big… 8m?
blair dragon
threat lvl 32
status: taming
threat lvl 32… 32??
master…! Let’s run
this is the reason we don’t see any monster…
among the monsters wild dragons are the strongest!! Even if it’s master it’s…
is that so… strongest… as expected of threat lvl 32
master you’re??

Page 20

it’s really safe
this “taming” means someone has tamed it
not bad
rea-chan is being friendly with someone other than me…

page 21

this is…
a one-of-a-kind experience!!
sanya foresti
race: cait sith
job: magical beast tamer

special trait:     calm

the ability to sympathize with magical beasts, magical beasts successfully calmed will gain “taming” status



The two small bubbles remain untranslated???

(it’s from an earlier chapter so it’s fine if there is no translation)

Text outside the bubble?

can’t read the kanji


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