Isekai Shihai No Skill Taker: Zero Kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem Chapter 20

Isekai Shihai No Skill Taker: Zero Kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem Chapter 20

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 20
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Skill Taker chap 20


Page 1

cat ears

twin tails

A loli!!

what a luxurious combination!!

Page 2

a big dragon tamed by a loli

blair dragon/ threat lvl 32/ status: taming

sanya foresty/ race: cait sith/ job: magical beast tamer

special trait: calm

Ability to sympathize with magical beast, magical beast successfully tamed will gain “taming” status

must be because of this <<calm>> skill…

sanya’s taking rea-chan for a walk

a… walk!!

sanya’s village is right over there!!

A village? In the middle of this swarm of monsters!?

Page 3

it could be real

the cait sith race…

lives in the forest without any connection to the outside world

Ah! What I said just now is a secret so don’t tell anyone, please!

if word spreads then scary people will come to the village and “chomp” sanya!

eat loli…


Page 4

but isn’t that dragon gonna “chomp” the bad guys…

Well, that’s it, adventurers-san

sanya’s going back to the village

is… that so

it’ll be really dangerous at night so be careful!

but I don’t think it’s as dangerous as that dragon

then, bye bye

Page 5

what an easygoing kid


the dragon’s just left and they’ve already appeared

please take caution even if they are not on the dragon’s level, they’re still quite strong

Page 6

skeletons still have their their human intelligence

they fight with a sword and shield…!

lizard men don’t use weapons but…

with sharp claws and a body covered in hard scales

huh? What?

Page 7

it’s easier to fight with humanoid monsters than the slimes

use “hard fist” on the bare-bone skeletons

and with the tough-scaled lizard men, use “gentle fist” to crush their organs

you’re so amazing, I’m speechless

excuse me, but master’s martial arts seem to have reached god level


it’s not bad to be complimented like this!

Page 8

but we can’t find any woodhead in the Q

if there was even one, my nose can track it out…

It can’t be helped Spica, those woodheads usually camouflage themselves as trees so it’s difficult to find

you’re looking really happy…

is it something good, master?

huh? Ah no…

maybe it’s because we exterminated a lot of skeletons and lizard men…

the skill stolen from those lizard men

I so want to try it!!

Page 9

sylphia’s breasts are so big



isn’t spica-dono’s chest also quite…

uhh… are they doing yuri stuff

time to shine


Page 10


hex lvl 2


make the target highly aroused

according to evil eye, this is an aphrodisiac spell

huh? Nothing happened

there’s a lot of smoke but…


hm hm…

that was close, I almost moaned…

what a scary spell!!


if right now I use it on those 2 naked girls in there…

use it on…

Page 11

huh… master!!?


wh… what is that? That black smoke…

let your body feel what kind of magic this is

what… body?


something weird is happening!!

Page 12

ahh… my body’s so hot!!

ah… did you use some naughty spell on us!?

uhm… ah… I’m… going to…

I can’t take it anymore!!

please give me!!

master’s th… thing!!

give me your sexcalibur…!!

Page 13

as a man, I can see it’d escalate beyond one’s imagination

maybe I should check it carefully before I use it…

oh yeah, the water magic has leveled up after beating the lizard men

let’s try it

more water, huh?

no use other than making drinkable water…

it’s obviously to make them wet so I can get a good look at those bras…

hold on…

Page 14

let’s combine fire

with water

as expected, I can change the temperature

once more!

by combining with holy magic

I can change its nature…

I thought it was like lotion, but it turns out, this one looks like cream…



an unbelievable idea…!?

Page 15

combining magic itself is something a dual magician can only attempt

but what yuuta thought of is a combination never before seen in the history of twilight

it is to instill a hex

into the gel created by water and fire magic

page 16

eureka! Eureka

tentacle magic

combined with the aphrodisiac, this sextoy-looking, squiggling thing is… although it’s only a few cm right now, but someday, it’d be meters

and there will be more of it!!

Page 17

a dream

Page 18

of tentacle play…

Page 19

kukuku… I’m so looking forward to its completion

just wait spica… sylphia…

an idea stemmed from the behaviors of a part of the Japanese community

but he doesn’t realize yet that those tentacles will only make his virginity problem harder


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