Isekai Shihai No Skill Taker: Zero Kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem Chapter 21

Isekai Shihai No Skill Taker: Zero Kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem Chapter 21

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Page 1

Konoe Yuuto,

an ordinary high school student,

suddenly got summoned to another world,

but with his martial arts and skills, he’s really enjoying it!!

Page 2

With his cheat skill “skill taker” he has acquired

[hex] Lewd,

made his delusion run wild…

and has given birth to a fusion spell never before seen in history.

Yuuto has created tentacles

for his dream of tentacle play.

He’s diligently training his tentacles ability.

page 3

Shit… I used too much of this tentacle magic…

Using new magic is terribly tiresome…

Morning already… as expected, without any sleep…

it would be hard to go…

page 6




Wh…where are you!?



Take this you burglar!!

Bas… bastard!!

Bastard!! Die under my blade!!

Page 7

Wh… where’s my sword?




Ah kyaa!!

You bastard!

Attacking me in the dark! How shameless!

Huh, why is this burglar so soft!? Is it slime!? Slime!?

Who the hell is a slime!?

Page 8

So… sorry Sylphia-san.

Me too.

Ah master…!

Well this room is a little too small now…

Now what……

page 9

Guild-guaranteed shop


Dear customer is really lucky…!

This sandatsuou (usurper king) sword was on offer for an auction

And has been sold for 240 man ria!!


240 man???

*Note: 1 man = 10k

Page 10

As expected of a demonic sword…!

If it’s japanese yen then it’s 24 million…!!

This is the most expensive item I’ve seen this year!!

With this much profit you can totally buy off 2-3 houses!!



3 people in that room would be too tight…

Let’s give it some thought!

If it’s ok with you may I introduce you to a real estate agent that I’ve acquainted?

He’s a trust worthy fellow…!

Well yes please…

but… please move away a bit… please.

Uhm uhm… Oh boy you’re really…

page 11

Recalt Real Estate


You were introduced by adolf-aniki?

Muscle man again?

So that’s it… cute boy

Where the hell did that come from?

So what’s the price you’re looking for?

About 240 man.

Hoh? So young yet so amazing!!

As expected of the one who caught adolf-aniki’s eyes!

Alright just leave it to me!

Haa… thanks

Page 12

How’s this? This is a high class apartment that is

highly sought after by gold class adventures you know!!

It’s really large and close to the guild too…!

See? The market price is 70 man but I’ll only charge you 60 man!!

Thank you…

Is this something popular? (discount for cute boy)

Just because of a vague reason like being a “cute boy” I can get a discount of 10 man…?

This is pretty good too! New style, two stories tall and only 10 minutes to the guild.

It’s even larger…!

The market price is 90 man but only 80 man for you!!

Cute boy discount again…

Any of these are good…

but both of them lack something…

page 13

That’s right…!

My purpose is a 100 girls harem!!

A house that can host a hundred girls is the most ideal!!

A house this large is 90 man so maybe 240 man is not enough for a 100 people house…

It may seem strange to ask this but…

Is there a place large enough for 100 people?

Page 14


There’s one but…

but that house isn’t under my management so I can’t give you a discount, and also some other problems are associated with it!!

Why don’t we go take a look?

Since it was only offered recently there’s no formal document about it!

Moreover you should check it out before making a decision!



Page 15

Keep out

It’s the mansion of the vampire…

that I defeated!!

Page 16

That’s right… not just 100, 200-300 people can easily fit into this place.

Now that I take a look at it, the garden is too big for 240 man, maybe it’s possible with 2000 man.

Because of a lot of reasons… including all other fees…

it is only 200 man ria……

Heh… 200..?



That’s cheap!?

You know an aristocrat called Andrea?

Huh? Yeah…

Page 17

It’ll be simple then…

This mansion is where those creepy murder cases a few days ago took place…!

Heh… is that so?

Moreover the culprit who killed Andrea-sama was a vampire!!


And that vampire was killed by someone else.

The cause of death is still unclear! There was no external wound but his organs were crushed…


The truth is I did it…!!

There’s a rumor that it was internal struggle in the demon race…!

Very scary right!?

That’s why it’s only 200 man ria…

I’ll take it!

If we talk about size it’s the largest in the country.

Hm? Really?

The internal decoration still remains so if you want you can move in immediately…

Page 18

You just…!?

200 man right? I’ll take it! And I’ll move in right away!

Huh?? Seriously??

Lucky! A house this big and only 200 man!

Those demons fought each other in there! You’re not scared?

I am but it’s okay.

You’re really a hero! As expected of the man who got Adolf-aniki’s attention…

I am getting more and more fond of you…

How about a drink to celebrate your new home?

Well no, please spare me that.

Page 19

We’re going to live here from now on!? Isn’t this the vampire’s…!?

Yeah… I got it cheap!


It’s bigger than all the mansions in my hometown!! Is this for real!?

Yeah it’s real!!


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