Jaryuu Tensei Chapter 12

Jaryuu Tensei Chapter 12

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Page 1:
Inside duke Strite’s manor

I thank all of you for coming here today.

Let’s all toast for your bravery!
After the welcoming speech of duke Strite

The feast for the subjugation squad begins.

Duke Strite still looks pretty young for someone over the age of 40.

Think about this again Lucyl                                      I can’t let you join the subjugation squad                                  no matter how good you are at magic, you’re still only 17 years old.

Page 2:
But Father, I want to see more of this world!

I want explore more interesting things!

…I know that you met the shining silver dragon in your dream.

Maybe it is as you said, that dragon is not a bad one.

Even so there is no proof that this dragon will be the same.

Hah?                                          Wait they’re talking about me?


It could be because of that time!

These guys are also

the ones trying to subjugate me before.

Page 3:
And now we are trying to exterminate a dragon huh?

Fate can sometime take a strange turn-

The next day, in front of the gate of Gurizado.

Page 4:
Let’s move out!!

The first day, during lunch break

I was taught

Page 5:
magic by Lucyl.

Eh!? You succeeded on your first try!?                                            Unbelievable!

You’re pretty good, wanna try learning my magic?

Mine too, I’m really interested in how far you can go…

Ah thank you.

Awesome, now I can use a lot more types of magic-

Page 6:
The second day, during lunch break


I’m Zac, you’re really strong aren’t you?                                         Lucyl also told me you’re also really good at magic right?

Guessed the rumors are spreading…yeah something like that.

Hah, you’re pretty amazing!
I’m not really all that good.

It’s just that Lucyl was good at teaching.

Haha I see.                                  I wanna ask something else.

The cute elf babe that was always following you…


She’s a slave right? How old is she?

She is 14 years old.

Page 7:

Fighting with a 14 year old elf beauty!                                            I’m so envious of you!

Ah- so in this world, you’re already treated as an adult when you reach 14.

Thank you.

Oh I’m sorryyy.

The water is…!!

Page 8:
Ah? What’s with that look?                                        Aren’t you a part of my suicide squad?

You dare to rebel against your captain!?

Oh hi captain.


Page 9:

Captain why did you suddenly start stumbling?                                Are you playing a game?


Head captain Garbas!                             Captain Geil stumbled on a rock                       while he was playing around with water-!

What? Geil!                                          You do know we’re in the middle of a mission right?

Hey you…!?

Page 10:

No…wait…it’s not true…Ja was…!

You’re trying to blame Ja again? Come, you need more teaching!!

Thanks,                                      but is this ok? You could be in more trouble later.

I also hated guys like that,                                          a rat could make a better captain than him.

Page 11:
After coming this far I have my first male friend.                                       It’s actually not so bad-

Page 12:
The third day                                         Canos village

We were told what damage it caused at the village chief’s house.

Two weeks ago…it suddenly came to this village.

There was a scar on the dragon’s forehead-

At the time, it only destroyed our crops…                                        but one week ago it came back

and started attacking people.

When it was

closing on a child,

Page 13:

an ex-adventurer in the village named Gubara,

tried standing in front of the child to protect him,                                       but-

he was killed…

Even his body was taken away…

…I don’t know when it will return…


It’s already fine, we will kill the dragon so please stay at ease.

Thank you…so much…!!

Page 14:
The next morning

The blue dragon specializes in water type attacks.                                                When the chance comes, we will attack it all at once!

The most important thing is to not be afraid!                                    Your hear me!?

Victory is in our grasp!                                              Are you ready!!?


Then let’s head out!!

Let me go with you!
page 15:
I will save Gubara-san!

Isn’t Gubara already dead?

Don’t just kill him off like that!                                  He could be badly injured after losing, but…                                  …he is still alive…                                I’m sure of it.

You are…

I can fight!                                            I’m just as good as any adventurer                               and I’m gonna prove it!

Hey you!

Pull out your sword!!

Page 16:
…Ja, sorry but I’m leaving this to you.


What’s your name?

Liru! Hurry and pull out your sword already!
The possibility of Gubara being dead is pretty high.

He’s not dead!
…it’s been a week since he was taken away,                                    if he’s still alive then he should have return by now right?

He…                                          is…


Page 17:
He is still alive…!!                                          Gubara-san is really strong!
He taught me…                                     so much about how to use a sword!

How can…such a strong person just

die like that!!?

-Even so, the chance of him being alive is…

Really low.


Just take me with you!!

…Heh, you do have some skill,

Page 18:
but                                             still an amateur through and through.


I can…I can still fight…                                   It’s not over until you give up…

Gubara-san…said so…!!


Page 19:
…that boy

needed someone to stop him.





Page 20:
…Do you get it now?

About Gubara, about your own capabilities…

…If I wasn’t there in the first place                                       Gubara-san would still be fine.

He protected the slow me…                             even with his injured legs…                              he even got taken away in the end.

“I’m still fine”

Was what he said to me while smiling…

Shit…                               shit…!
Hey onii-chan…

Page 21:
if…somehow…Gubara-san is still alive                      please…save him


But…but…if he is not with us anymore then                                    please revenge…his death for me…


Let’s go.

Ok we’re heading out!!

Page 22:

just keep walking without looking back-

At the mountain peak

Sorry to keep you waiting!
Page 23:

How was it?

I’ve found its lair, but it was not there.

Ja                                               there was a dead male body inside…

and this sword was found close by.

I see…

Can I use this sword?
I don’t think there is a problem.

You did well, with this information we can plan an ambush.

The plan stays the same, we’ll attack all at once                               now let us prepare…

Page 24:

-ice cube…!?

Page 25:
The blue dragon…!!

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