Jaryuu Tensei Chapter 13

Jaryuu Tensei Chapter 13

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Page 1:

Leave it to me!

Page 2:

Giant fireball!


I haven’t even needed to go all out yet!

Page 3:

All units! Get into position!

Shields up front!

Archers! Fire!!

Tch…the arrows are ineffective!?

At this rate, it will be a one-sided massacre


Page 4:


Page 5:

Amazing! Irenu!

Excuse me!

Page 6:


Page 7:


Tch…it’s scales are so hard                                                ​​​​​that I only managed to scratch the surface

Rastella!​​​​​                                                        Take this chance and fall back!

Page 8:

Thank you! Ja!

This tail is proving to be quite troublesome!!

Special unit! Now’s your chance!

Page 10:

don’t be afraid! We can still win this!

Page 11:

things are not looking good

But…no matter what happens

With this sword​​​​,                                           I will be able to ​​​                                            cut through that hard skin


Ah, Jack!

Actually I have quite the useful move

I can deal a substantial hit with this hammer…but I need a little time to prepare

Page 12:

It’ll take one minute                                                             ​​​​can I count on you?


Hey you! Look over here!

Page 13:

I can’t let this chance slip away, so

Page 14:

I will be

Taking this first

Page 15:

Since I’ve already

Promised that kid I’d get his revenge

C’mon, we’re here to fight aren’t we!!

Huh? What’s this?

Page 16:

my arms is getting hot?

Was it because that was a dragon’s blood…

Just like the time my arms were able to transform back into their dragon form

More of my dragon power has returned to my arms?

Page 18:

it’s not even aiming for me

It just keeps attacking everyone else…

Page 19:

It’s going berserk

To think it’s even more troublesome whilst injured


Let me borrow your shoulders!

Ok! You kept me waiting!

Page 20:



Page 21:


Page 22:

Are you okay?

Sorry! I failed!

What’s wrong? You suddenly stopped for a moment…

Yeah, this is bad…

The dragon…

Page 23:

There’s no scar on its forehead!!


The blue dragon that attacked the village, it had a scar on its forehead…

So this one’s…

I see…

Page 24+25:

there’s…                                                                    ​​​​​more than one!


Page 26:

This is just impossible!​​​​                                                       Having two appear at the same time…                            Let’s retreat for now!!

I never heard about blue dragons living in groups…

We’re in way over our head…


The scarred dragon,                                                             I’ll deal with it alone

…If it’s just the wounded one…

Then we somehow should be able to defeat it…                                     ​​​​it’ll be tough…

But Ja ​​​​​will                                                                 will you…really be okay?

Page 27:

I’ll also help!

The two of us will deal with it

…I see…if it’s you two…                                                               ​​​​sorry to rely on you, Ja

It’s fine

Ja! Irenu! Don’t die, ok!

I know you will return safe


Page 28:

with this sword

The guy whom you have eaten

While he tried to save a kid, I’ll help him rest in peace

Page 29:

I’ve decided

That you’re going to hell-


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