Jui-san no Oshigoto in Isekai Chapter 7

Jui-san no Oshigoto in Isekai Chapter 7

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Jyuui-san no Oshigoto in Isekai – Karte 07

Pg 1

Title: Duty of the attached… ¶


Pg 2

P2B1: …

P3B1: I know that it may be rude at this point, but would you?
P3T1: She’s wearing some really skimpy clothing…

P4T1: S… Somehow this gives me a dangerous vibe…
P4T2: N No, calm down
P4B1: … If it doesn’t displease you, then please do as you like
P4T3: Kuroe is… fifteen, if I remember well…
P4T4: There’s no. way. we’re. doing. that.
P4T5: If I don’t show the graces of an adult here…


Pg 3

P1B1: This is not unusual

P2B1: Kya…

P3B1: I-I’m so sorry!
P3B2: Oh, sorry, I’m too close
P3B3: N…Not at all!
P3B4: B-Being close-! Is good…!
P3B5: …?


Pg 4

P1B1: Umm
P1B2: So., about me

P2B1: Hmm… What should I talk about

P3B1: … Kazami-sama, you were a vet in the other world, weren’t you?
P3B2: Yeah
P3B3a: I don’t know much about vets,
P3B3b: So if you would, please tell me more about that

P4B1: I see, there aren’t any vets in this world
P4B2: Then, let me explain them simply and practically from the beginning.
P4B3: Yes!


Pg 5

P1B1: Vets are doctors who specialise in caring for animals.
P1B2a: They began during a time of great war
P1B2b: War horses and war hounds were used and they needed to be cared for and bred
P1B2c: A specialised institution was opened to teach this about 300 years ago
P1B2d: and that’s how vets came to be

P2B1: Farming, meat (cultivation), breeding of war horses, fighting against diseases which attacked cows and horses
P2B2: Prevention of the spread of diseases between beast and human
P2B3: Now vets even give medical treatment

P3B1: … and that’s how it’s like now
P3B2: Do you not treat humans?
P3B3: We don’t.
P3B4: Eh, and why is that?


Pg 6

P1B1: There is too much to remember for each, and so it’ll be difficult if we don’t specialise.

P2B1: Though it seems that in the past, healers and doctors used to treat animals too
P2B2a: Saying it, that probably was their way of living then,
P2B2b: but there wasn’t any fundamental research done.

P3B1a: Because they’re both “living things”, the basic treatment methods are the same
P3B1b: but the application is different
P3B2: Animals can’t tell you of their symptoms or work with you to get them better

P4B1: If we study them well, we can find out if the problem lies with their food, internal organs or whatnot.
P4B2a: that’s why it’s important for us to acquire specialised knowledge
P4B2b: With it, we can do a tested check-up and it increases efficiency as well
P4B3: So that’s the practical reason…


Pg 7

P1B1: … I may be asking something weird, but
P1B2: is it significant to have a vet in this world?

P2B1a: … it’s not easy for people to make a living in this world
P2B1b: If there is an epidemic or famine, many people die as a result
P2B1c: and under those circumstances, I think it would be the obvious choice to save humans before beasts, but…

P3B1a: That’s right
P3B1b: Humanly speaking, that’s not wrong
P3B1c: but to solve the problem at the roots, someone with knowledge different from that of a human doctor is required

P4B1a: Vets are not just people who treat animals
P4B1b: They prevent against diseases that can be spread from them
P4B1c: They increase success in breeding and eliminate hunger
P4B1d: They take care of hygiene and thus the environment
P4B1e: They take on so many roles


Pg 8

P1B1: Hygiene… was it?
P1B2: To put it simply, to keep your surroundings clean
P1B2b: So as to prevent the spread of sickness.

P2B1a: Sicknesses are usually caused by the small things you can’t see with your naked eye making changes in your body
P2B2a: The practice of killing all those “small things” is called hygiene.

P3B1a: I thought the places you go to or stay at have a higher influence than hygiene
P3B1b: And there are those with strong hearts who get well quickly after getting sick though they are attacked by sicknesses.
P3B1c: That sicknesses were a result of blessings or punishments due to your lifestyle-
P3B1d: That’s what was taught to us at the Hadoria church.

P4B1a: It is said that sickness is born from one’s thoughts,
P4B1b: And it does seem like someone with a strong heart like Kuroe wouldn’t be much affected by mental plague.


Pg 9

P1B1: It’ll be fine!
P1B2: Some diseases wouldn’t be an issue to Kazami-sama’s strong heart!

P2T1: It seems like she has deified me in her imaginations…
P2B1: S-Say, Kuroe, what do you think of me as?

P3B1: EH!?
P3T1: The venus flytrap has gotten into contact with His Eminence’s emotions…
P3B2: T-T-T- That is- Umm…

P4B1: You are a most wonderful person just as the Eminences in history
P4T1: How to move to satisfy a man’s desires…
P4B2: I respect the fact that you cannot abandon people and that you know so much about things we don’t!


Pg 10

P1B1: If there was a disaster coming your way, I would throw myself into it to protect you!
P1T1: If I put my whole heart and body into being his attached-

P2T1: Very Direct Aura
P2B1: …

P3B1a: …
P3B1b: I’m just doing what I should as a person

P4B1: Kazami-sama, do you hate being an “Eminence”…?


Pg 11

P1B1: Ah- that is
P1T1: Her… boobs are
P1B2a: Big
P1B2b: …-ger, I’m not used to being of a higher status than others
P1T2: They’re so close..

P2T1: There’s something off about Kuroe today… !?

P3B1: Calm down
P3B2: Calm down
P3B3a: That’s why I’m going to do what I can for the things within my reach
P3B3b: I want to save those troubled lives
P3B4: Even if it’s just one


Pg 12

P1B1: There were lives that I didn’t manage to save in the other world
P1B2: I’m glad and thankful to be able to guide your way

P2B1: To be called into another world
P2B2a: There may be danger to your life
P2B2b: What might you say to that…?

P3B1a: Hm…
P3B1b: I understand that well, and have a particular bad feeling about this time’s task

P4B1: Anyway, I’ll do what I can here then I’m thinking of going back.


Pg 13

P1B1: That is… You can’t… do that…

P2B1: …
P2T1: For His Eminence to consider not staying in this world…
P2B2: … Kuroe?
P2T2: But that’s the reason I’m here…

P3T1: I have to make Kazami-sama attached to this world and stay here…

P4B1: That’s the reason why I as an attached want to forge deep bonds with him-!


Pg 14-15

P3B1a: Ah…
P3B1b: Uhhhhhmm-
P3B2: Kuroe-san??

P4B1: Kazami-sama…
P4B2a: Please… I beg you
P4B2b: don’t think of anything and…


Pg 15

P1B1: Hold on a sec- wait, wait wait!

P2T1: It’s true that Kuroe is

P3T1: a very attractive girl

P4B1: K-Kuroe, how about drinking some water or something to calm down?
P4T1: But she’s still a minor…!

P5T1: Even if I’m wrong- I’m not wrong

P6B1: No
P6B2: I will only drink wine


Pg 16

P1B1: N… No
P1B2: I had a lot to drink just now, I can’t drink more…

P2B1a: Please, have that “little bit more”
P2B1b: and have a drink with me

P4B1: Here you go
P4B2: …

P5B1: … my liver is gonna be destroyed
P5B2: K…Kuroe, will you be fine with water…?
P5T1: Itadakimasu
P5B3: No, I will have the same thing, please.


Pg 17

P1T1: W… Why did it come to this-!?

P2B1: Uh, Um…
P2B2: Kazami-sama…

P3B1a: Please,
P3B1b: I beg you…
P3B2: Don’t think of anything, and be just like this…


Pg 18

P1B1: Do what you wish with me-

P3B1: I get it


Pg 19

P2B1: Ah, finally
P2B2: Finally-!

P3B1: …


Pg 20

P1B1: …
P1B2: …

P2B1: Ah… Um… Kazami-sama?
P2B2: Shh, stay still!

P3B1: Are you meditating…?
P3B2: If you move, your pulse will be disrupted.

P4B1: Yeah, I think your heart rate has gone up due to the effects of alcohol
P4B2: Uh… Um, Kazami-sama?

P5B1: Seems like the number of joints, radius, length, protractor and flexor muscles are all the same as those in our world… I think
P5B2a: Ka-Kazami-sama, please wait!
P5B2b: This, What in the world are you doing?
P5B3a: You said to do as I wished
P5B3b: This is for medical studies, so don’t feel guilty!


Pg 21

P1B1a: Hm
P1B1b: The collarbone’s shape and position are also similar
P1B2a: Kyan!
P1B2b: It tickles!

P2B1: I have to do this much as punishment to this precocious girl
P2B2a: Ka
P2B2b: Kazami-sama!!!
P2T1: Though I think I won’t be let off with just this

P3B1: It’s not good to tease an adult too much, you know.
P3B2: What’s more, Kuroe is such a cute girl

P4B1: It’s already late. It’s better for you to rest so that you don’t spoil your body.
P4B2: So, good night.


Pg 22

P1B1: W-Wait a minute, Kazami-sama!
P1B2a: Were you just pretending this whole time…!?
P1B2b: I apologize…
P1B2c: Kazami-sama! Kaza…mi…sama…

P3T1: I was sent as an attached person to Kazami-sama…
P3T2: Who is kind, clever and so dazzling-

P4T1: I was disturbed by the fact that he is an Eminence was worth so much more than myself
P4T2: But I stopped that feeling, thinking that it was okay… and so I gathered all my courage

P5T1: But…


Pg 23

P1B1: I was… Thrown out…

P2B1a: I had to make a bond with Kazami-sama to make him stay…
P2B1b: Yet I was…
P2B1c: Yet…

P3B1: I was…
P3B2: rejected…


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