Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Chapter 1.1

Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Chapter 1.1

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 1.1
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Page 1:

A healer is only capable of healing and nothing else


My life was ruined by the bastards who think that way,

So I need to re-do all of it

Once again

Page 2:
A new series!!

A young man who was continuously abused, uses his transcendental “healing” magic to get everything he wants in his second life-

Page 3:
Now, let the revenge party begin! (large text on the top right corner – chữ to trên góc phải)

Page 6:
at the farthest land of the jet-black world

Page 7:
Brett!! Use your magical bullet to create a distraction!

Aye! Time to show the strength of the cannon hero!!

I’m going full throttle rapid-fire with this “godly cannon Taslam”

Blade! Use your “godly sword Ragnarok” to deal the finishing blow

Just leave it to me, as the sword hero, there is nothing I can’t cut through!

I will use seventh-tier magic to create a gap!

As expected of the “technique” hero Flare-sama, she can even use ancient magic to assist us

Page 8:
the strongest hero party in mankind’s history

Shows an overwhelming power even against the demon king. at this rate we won’t be needing that “healing” hero(trash)…

Such a disgusting creature…

You herooooooes!!

Page 9:
you’re even planning…

To take over this land of the dead!?

Page 10:
Take this tier 7th magic “Mjölnir

Page 11:

Page 12:
Disappear in the light of the                                        “godly sword Ragnarok” demon king!!

Who do you think you are?

Don’t take the king of the demon race…

So lightly!!

Page 13:

Page 14:

The light is…!?


Page 15:
are you okay!?



Has he been sucking our mana away…?

Watch, heroes!

This is the power of the demon king!

Page 16:


Page 17:

To think we would get our mana stolen…


Shit…the damage was too much…

Hey trash, use “heal” now!!

I’ll give you your drug if you use “heal”

You want it right? Hey are you listening!?

Page 18:
we don’t have any elixir left!

Do it quickly you trash!!


“Healing” hero Kail

Why do you think I kept you alive!?                                     You are only useful because of your healing!!

Page 19:
“healing” hero Kail, only capable of using “heal”, a backup plan for when elixirs run out



Being drugged to the point of no return, that is me

There is a fatal defect to the spell “heal”


I don’t wanna!!

“Heal” is a spell that can return a target to their normal condition, in other words you can’t use it without a fully understanding of that target

Recreate every experience the body has gone through and do a complete treatment that is “heal”

No…someone save me

Page 20:

Everything the target that I’m healing has gone through will get experience immediately by me

Unimaginable pain, fear

Something normal nerve cords can’t withstand

And if I refuse to use “heal”, I receive torture

When I’m close to death, I’ll use an addictive healing drug

Page 21:
Come dog, it’s food mixed with                                            your favorite drug

I was trained to be happy to use “heal” in exchange for the drug

I lost myself and became their toys, continuously being used

But one year ago

A skill suddenly manifested inside of me

Page 22:

Skill “Resistance to drug”

I gained my sanity back

Hey! You hear me!?

Hurry up and use “heal” already…


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