Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Chapter 1.2

Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Chapter 1.2

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 1.2
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Page 1

it… it can’t be… you’re…



Page 2



Page 3



Page 4



Die… you trash


do you have a death wish!?

…!? You… you’ve regained your senses!?

you have no fighting capabilities! Be a good boy and heal…



Page 5

too slow!!


these moves are what I received from “healing” those warriors

every time I “heal” them after each battle, some of their skills and experience are retained within me



Page 6



from the start “recover”(heal) is used to change the target back to their original state.

with that state-changing ability, of course it’s possible to change the target into a desired state




thump thump thump



Page 7

Did they just fused to increase power?


as expected of the demon king’s familiar. How persistent


Page 8


to destroy the target, just turn them into the [corrupted] states

in front of [corruption] all resistance is futile


Page 9

in short “1-hit KO, total defense — ignored”

what the hell are you…?

I am the [healer] hero Keyaru

just a normal healer

[Recover](heal) for healing. [Simulation](heal) for copying abilities. [Upgrade](heal) for physical enhancement. And [Corruption](heal) for destroying the enemy from inside.

just a normal healer


Page 10

just a touch…


Page 12

is this it…

I’m going to end like this

how regrettable… I wasn’t able to protect…

don’t worry

there will be a new beginning


Page 13

you’ve done well, [healing] hero Keyaru


Page 14:



she sneaked an elixir with her

you’re indeed rotten-to-the-core “technique” hero

So you’ve regained your senses! Good, I’ve been worried about you



don’t tell me you have no memories of what you did to me?

it’s true that Brett and Blade have gone too far

but I was thinking for your sake…



Page 15


that crystal is extremely dangerous. It’s been enchanted with a powerful curse.

Let me, the “technique” hero, take care of it

the philosopher stone


you’ve been killing the demons for this right?

The ultimate magical instrument that can increase magic power tremendously

With this you can cast a forbidden spell

hoh, you seem to know a lot

right, I know a lot

I also know of your idiotic and delusional ambition

is to use this philosopher stone to conquer the world


Page 16

hm, I don’t really understand what you’re saying

I will use the power of this stone to cast “recover”(heal)

there’s something I must get back at all cost

don’t tell me…

I will “recover”(heal) this world

and restart everything from before when I meet you 4 years ago


Page 17

ti… time reversal? It won’t work! Definitely won’t!!

even if you succeed all memories will be wiped. History will repeat

it’s true that I may forget everything and things will be the same…

but I will not let that happen

my hatred will absolutely not disappear even if time reverses, even if my memories reset

you’re… really gonna do it?

see ya, princess

after I restart everything, this time I’ll take everything from you



Page 18

I said stop! You mutt——–


Page 20

[time reversal](heal)


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