Kenshi o Mezashite Nyugaku Shitanoni Maho Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo!? Chapter 1

Kenshi o Mezashite Nyugaku Shitanoni Maho Tekisei 9999 Nandesukedo!? Chapter 1

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  1. The last one is Rola-san.

Please do your best!

The Explorer Academy established by the King

At the Training grounds

Ye.. yes, I’m Rola Edmons, here I go!

I used up all of my power but I can still only cast this little spell.

I hope they will go easy on me and if I’m lucky, I may get admitted into the soldier class



Wait a second Rola-san.


Wait wait!

It’s far too powerful just for a beginner’s spell!

She applied for the Gladiator class… however

Magic compatibility


What’s the meaning of this?


My goal is to be a top-class Gladiator

  1. I want to be
  2. a gladiator…
  3. Eep

The vanguards are the best.

Rola: 3 years old

Heave Ho!

Oh oh oh!

This is the Edmonds’ way.

  1. Both of my parents were in the vanguard when they were explorers.

My dad, Bruno, was a gladiator.

My mom, Dora, was a spear user.

Magic is for the weaklings and the cowards

With such a unilateral thought, they would probably had enraged many other veteran explorers.



Despite the fact that they got a lot of awards in the Vanguard’s celebration party,

I’ve decided to become a warrior much like them.

A rank.

That being said,

when I was 3,

  1. While reading a picture book, I got a little curious and tried to chant a spell, just for my amusement……



Come forth, flame… and …

Uh wahhhh!!!

…… What do I do? If mom and dad find out I used magic …

Until I was 8, in order to cure a wounded cat, I had to use magic again.

I was glad that the cat recovered quickly, however,

I was wondering why could I use magic so easily…

But whatever,

I won’t be using magic again anyway!

  1. Bonkkkk

I will fight with the sword!

Oh! You do live up to the name of the Edmons!

He he, isn’t it obvious?

The admission test is nothing for her!

You have defeated the examiner, that was surprising.

Good work Rola.

I’m so proud of you, my little child.

Yay! Dad is praising me!

I think it’s a little too soon…

Normally you have to be at least 15 to have a chance to pass the test.

Rola: 9 years old

One day, I’m gonna be stronger than you both!

Oh oh, that’s the spirit!

Hihi, I’ll wait for that day to come.

They haven’t forgot about the writing exam that comes next, have they?

And then the snow began to melt.

Crack crack

  1. The Explorer Academy established by the King,

Where I’ll be attending henceforth,

And is also the place where my parents graduated from.

The Academy’s founder was a S-rank explorer, who is famously called “The beautiful great Sage”

Carlot Gildrea.

130 years ago, she defeated the demon kind and become a living legend until today.

Carlot-san was greatly in grief before the sacrifice of the volunteer army.

If only they had been properly instructed, many may have had the chance to further develop their abilities.

And with the burden turned into thought, she had built this academy.

  1. There are two divisions of units in this place, Warrior and Mage.

Warriors are specialized in weaponry, such as swords, spears, axes, bows and even hand-to-hand combat.

Mages, obviously, learn everything about magic.

After 3 years of study and training, I would become a C-rank explorer upon graduation.

Of course, I want to be in the Warrior division.

Starting now,

I’ll be the best gladiator in this academy!

  1. So heavy…

Next, I’ll befriend with a lot of new students……

The new comers of the Warrior division, gather over here!



  1. Rola Edmons, from the Warrior Division, sir!

Oh ho, aren’t you the little princess of the Edmons?

Yes, I am.

You are still 9, aren’t you?

You have passed the entrance exam at such a young age,

Which means, your talent is not to be underestimated.

But just so you know, we are very strict when it comes to training.

You’d better be prepared!

Yes, sir!

I said that too loud!

23 new comers of the Warrior Division.

Looks like everyone is here.


And none of them are around my age…

  1. So first off, let’s start with evaluating your stats by using this crystal.

But of course,

You have to be strong enough in order to get admitted, this is just another step to know your actual level for teaching references.

Mumble mumble

Relax, all you have to do is touch the crystal

This crystal is imbued with


That’s good.


Ana Arnet.

  1. Yes, sir.

Ana Arnet

Is she around my age?

Her manner is no less than a real warrior…


I’m sure she’s gonna be extraordinary.

  1. Sword compatibility: 98

Spear compatibility: 81

Axe compatibility: 66

Bow compatibility: 70

Hand-to-hand combat compatibility: 83



Normally, even those who managed to pass the entrance exam got roughly 50 to 60.

But Ana’s lowest stats is axe compatibility at 66 already, and a whooping 98 for sword.

What a genius!

That said, don’t let it get to your head, they’ll soon be meaningless anyway.

I have no intention to let that happen.

I’ll do my best to learn more.

Ana-san is so great!

She’ll no doubt be my rival in the future…!

  1. There are traces of Ana’s magic stats.

Isn’t it better for a warrior who can use magic at the same time?


Always learn more if you can.

Huh? Magic?

Even the Warrior Division evaluate magic stats as well!?

Offensive magic compatibility: 04

Defensive magic compatibility: 29

Restorative magic compatibility: 08

Augmentative magic compatibility: 31

Summoning magic compatibility: 06

Specialization magic compatibility:  10

Ana has the value of a close combatant.

She can use defensive magic for protection, and also enhance her strength with augmentative magic.

It’s a good combination.

… So I did get what I was hoping for.

What a relief!

Maybe that’s the principle…

But I want to be good with only a sword!

Next one, Rola Edmons.

Yes, sir!!!

  1. Edmons? Is she really of the Edmons?

It’s the vanguard family who really hates magic!

They are all brawn and apparently, they are hellishly strong!

Rumor has that they only have a daughter…

I can’t believe she’s our classmate…

She’s so cute!


I can’t wait to see your stats, my child!

Rola Edmons

Sword compatibility: 107

Axe compatibility: 99

Bow compatibility: 74

Hand-to-hand combat compatibility: 75


  1. I did it!

Sword compatibility stats is even over 100…

Marvelous! This might the best record of the academy!

The stats however,

are just for reference.

Even if a genius is all over herself then that’s all she could ever be.

But it seems like she has even greater goals set!

Ana-san is looking at my direction.

Only 9 points of deviation. She Is indeed worthy of a rival!

I must try even harder from now on.

So next one is the magic compatibility measurement.

Although I don’t practice magic, but I can still use it, thus my stats shouldn’t be low…

But my aim is to be a gladiator so I guess I’ll just ignore my magic stats.

Rola Edmons

  1. Offensive magic compatibility: 9999

Defensive magic compatibility: 9999

Restorative magic compatibility: 9999

Augmentative magic compatibility: 9999

Summoning magic compatibility: 9999

Specialization magic compatibility:  9999

  1. Is it broken?

It’s even impossible to reach 999!?

Now it shows even greater values! At 9999!

  1. Rola-kun Rola-kun.

Please come with us!

We have made up our minds.

That was an unimaginable outcome. We’re delight to have a genius as yourself in our division!

Just your talent has already surpassed the Sages’.

That’s reason why you would be admitted in the Mage Division. Yes, we’re together from this day forth!!

  1. You might be the one who could change the history of magic!!

The Mage Division…

Wahh eck eck eck!



  1. Hihi it’s my turn now!


Rola! Don’t rush to the front!

Quick! Fall back and ready your magic!

Hah? But I’m in the vanguard troop!!

I am a gladiator!

Eh… my sword…!?

Are these numbers supposed to be …!?

Ugh… Wahhh…


  1. Uh wah ah ah

Sniff sniff

It was just a dream…

I have been transferred to the Mage division.

I barely remember anything…

This is sucks…

Even the uniform changed.

What happened at the student admission ceremony?

I didn’t even have the chance to say anything to my classmates…



  1. Who is she?

Woa, so beautiful…


Her white hair is so long and silky…

Good morning, Rola-chan.

Did you just get up as well?

Ah … yes

She knew my name?

  1. Oh, it’s noon already. That was fast.

So I’ve successfully skipped that admission ceremony.

Even the light tower is dimmed, no one must have known we shared the room.

Thanks to you I have managed to slip though those troublesome guys and also took a nap, so, thank you.

White hair… she must be the academy’s headmaster, but if she were to be, she must be 300 years old already…

That aside, only teachers could have known my name?

Ah … not that…

Excuse me, are … you a student?

Or a teacher?


Perhaps… a teacher?

Ah, but you must keep my presence here a secret. I’d get an earful if anyone figured this out.

You look so young, are you a new teacher?

Telling this person may not change anything, but…

I’m currently confused on how to make it work,

Since I wanna be in the Warrior Division!

  1. Uhm…

But everything has already been decided. Besides, magic is more interesting than you think.

Just try it, then if you still dislike magic, then look for me.

… Right

…There’s no use telling the new teacher…

If I want to forcefully object their decision, I must go and find the Great Sage. That’s it. I’ll go look for her.

Hey, you should wait right here, there’ll be a teacher from the Magic Division coming to pick you up.

Just relax and be yourself. As for me, I gotta bail before getting spotted.

Ah, please wait a second!

Huh? What is it?

… You’re very powerful, aren’t you? Please answer me.

  1. I hate to admit it, but

She is far stronger than both mom and dad.

Blush… Rola-chan is such a sharp girl

You’re wiser than your age. No wonder all of your magic compatibilities reach 9999.

Very praiseworthy.

People can’t see the whole picture if it is too big for them.

To some, it’s even impossible for them to recognize what is there and what isn’t.

Rola-chan at least is able to see some of my true power.


I don’t get it much but it sounds like she’s giving me compliments.

What is this “seeing” really?

Even though you are an adult, I think you are somewhat childish.

Hahah, is that so?

Eck, Emily is coming. I’d better hide before getting caught!!

  1. For now, you are still very young, but someday, I believe you are the one to inherit my legacy.


Ah, hold on!

… She disappeared.

Knock knock knock

I’m Emily Akland, a teacher of the Magic Division.

Rola Edmons, have you awakened?

Aaah, uh yes…!

I’m coming in.

Emily Akland

  1. According to the schedule, we’ll come to the training ground to see what you can do in real combat,

But before that, we should come to the class to introduce you to everyone.

The feeling is completely different from that teacher just now.


I even haven’t had lunch yet.

But… am I staying at the Mage Division forever?

Yes, that’s right. Don’t you like it?

Not at all…!! I really want to say that!

It took me lots of effort to get in the Warrior Division!

But really, I can’t speak my mind right now…

“Magic is more interesting than you think”.

The new teacher just said so…

Actually, I don’t know whether my parents agree on this, and also about the school’s fee as well.

If it was the Warrior Division, my parents would have no objection paying the bill. But now I’m in the Mage Division, they may have…

  1. That’s alright. This is a government funded school.

Your parents wouldn’t have to pay anything at all.


What’s more, the motto of our academy is to develop the talents of the young generation,

Which means that if we don’t teach you about magic, we would go against our own motto.

It was written in the contract.

The contract!?

How should I know about that… Dad didn’t even bother to read it…

… What if at any cost I object to be in the Mage Division?

That would be harsh…

Only if you were an ordinary student, you may do what you wish. But the fact that your magic compatibilities are all at 9999, the highest record ever recorded in the test,

Now the whole academy is turning their attentions to you.

How to blossom your talent is the question that not me, but every other teacher is asking themselves.

  1. I can only hope that you can trust us and please try to study in the Mage Division

Magic is very interesting, you know?

Just try it, then if you still don’t feel like it,

We will talk this through again. So …. Please?

Her words are similar to the teacher at the nurse’s room.

Magic may be intriguing, however …

To me, swords are my life.

  1. … I understand. So be it… just temporarily …

Since you already said so,

I’ll temporary join the Mage Division.

Thank you, Rola-san.

I’m looking forward to your cooperation.

… Yes, same goes for me.

By any chance, would I change my mind if I tried to use magic?

  1. No! No, I can’t! What am I thinking!


I’m not that easily swayed.

I was born to swing the sword!!

Rola, your time at the Mage Division of the Academy has officially started!!


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