Magi Craft Meister Chapter 2

Magi Craft Meister Chapter 2

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+Page 1


Where am…


You are…?

+Page 2



*sfx: tata

Eh?? What!?

What just happened?

Let’s see…

This is definitely not my research room.

Chapter 2: Kaina Village

+Page 3

Oh, so you’re awake?

Yes, but…

My name is Masa, and this is my granddaughter Hanna.

You were lying unconscious at the edge of the forest, so I carried you here.

The forest?

She was the one who found you.

Is that so…?

You can call me Jinnido.

Nice to meet you, Hanna.

+Page 4

Thank you for saving me.




Don’t worry about it.

By the way, how did you end up lying in a place like that?

Well, it’s…….

*sfx: guuu-

+Page 5

Waaaaa !! Granny…!

It’s not what you think…!

Hohoho, feeling hungry now, aren’t you?

I knew it.

Well, you know what they say: “it’s no use preaching to a hungry man”!

Wait for a moment. I will go and make you some food!

Thank you so much.

+Page 6

Teleport gate?

I’ve never heard about it before.

Maybe it’s a dark artifact. But there’s no way you’ll find a thing like that in this village. Probably a relic from the ancient times.

Ancient relics, you say?

They are magical artifacts forged before the Great Demon War.

Demon War??

Don’t tell me you don’t know any of this?!

Well……maybe a little.

Please tell me about it.

Well I guess it can’t be helped.

+Page 7

A long time ago, about 300 years from now, there was a battle between humans and a species from another planet.

The battle was so fierce that it decimated two-thirds of the world’s population.

And then the Demons fought back.

That assault killed half of the magic wielders on this planet.

Because of this war, the world’s civilization encountered a major set-back to 1000 years ago, and all of the advanced technology had disappeared ever since.

300 years ago, huh? It was after Baloboz’s death, so it was quite a long time…

…That explains why there’s no memory about it.

+Page 8

So you can’t go back without a teleport gate?

Then we have to find it quick…

But in the meantime, you can stay here.


But I have nothing to repay your kindness…

You saved me, and then give me food…

Hey, I didn’t save you because I want something in return.

To be honest, seeing a shy girl like herself save someone else makes me really happy.

Ever since her parents passed away, she became gloomy like that.

Both of them!?

Well, if you agree, I would like to be her friend.

+Page 9

That’s great, thanks for offering.

I would really appreciate if you can keep her company.

It’s my pleasure.

Hey Hanna, can you show Jin around the village for me?


Oh, and fetch some water on the way too.

O-okay, gramma.

+Page 10

This place…..

+Page 11

The housing condition is really poor.

It’s not even close to the research room… It seems that war has had a bad influence on the technological development here…


It’s the kid Hanna brought back.

So you’re awake, huh? Feel better now?

Uhm… yeah, so you’re one of the villagers, right?

Yep, I’m Oshiku. And you are…?

+Page 12

Jin. Nice to meet you, Oshiku-san.

I’m Babara, and this is my grandpa.

My name is Kibeku, I’m the village chief.

You’re Jin, is that correct?

So do you have any plan, kid?

Well, I’m currently staying at Hanna-chan’s house.

I see. I can accept it as long as you don’t bring any trouble to the village, got it?

This is a good place, isn’t it? So calm and peaceful.

+Page 13


Are you okay?


Guess I have no other choice.

I’ll just have to manage on my own.

So, where do you usually get water from?

At that well over there.

+Page 14

So you guys are using buckets, huh?

Here we go.


Here, lemme help you.

Do you always have to do this heavy work?


No, it’s just a daily chore.

I see…

+Page 15

The power to grant magic favor to anyone….

…The ability to connect with a magic tool…!

Let’s do it!

A blacksmith?

Yes, someone who can identify materials like copper and iron.


Then you can check the former workshop of this house, there are quite a lot of stuff left.

+Page 16


The previous owner of this house used to be a blacksmith before he died.

I don’t know what you want to do, but you can take whatever you like.

Thank you so much.

First is {CLASSIFY}

Let’s see…..bronze? ……or maybe tin?

I guess it’s an alloy of copper and tin.

+Page 17

These are familiar materials so I think it’s gonna be quick.


Waaaaaaa !!!

+Page 18

What was that?

That’s so cool.

Are you a wizard, niisan?

A wizard, eh…..?

Well it’s close enough!

So what is this?

It’s called a “water pump”.

It’s pretty heavy so we might need a trolley.


+Page 19

There we go.

Woaaa !

You can stand in front and push the handle.

You mean like this….?

+Page 20

It works!

*sfx: gara gara

Now bring this to the well, okay?

Got it!

Is it really ok to let Hanna go with that kid?

It’s fine.

He doesn’t look like a bad person.

Maybe you’re right.


Is that Hanna and Jin over there!?

+Page 21

What are you putting on the well?

W-w-wait a minute, Jin!

Wait till I’m finished.

Why are you covering the well up like that?

+Page 22

I’m not covering it.

This is called a water pump.

It will help you get water easier.


Hanna-chan, please pull that lever up and down .

You mean like this?

*sfx: ki-ko ki-ko

*sfx: ja

+Page 23

*sfx: bisha bisha

+Page 24

Whoaa ! The water is pouring out !


How can it do that?

Is this some kind of magic artifacts?

No, it’s just a normal object.

When you pull the lever up and down….

…..the water will be sucked up thanks to the cylinder.

So that’s why you needed the copper, right?



+Page 25

From now on it will be much quicker to get the water!

It’s all thanks to you!

*sfx: niko

You’re welcome!

+Page 26

A few weeks later.

That should do it.

Hey, Jin!

This trolley is very good.

Thanks a lot!

Oh, hi Lock-san.

I’m glad you like it.

The chief is very happy since you fixed his stable.

Hmmm….. I guess that kid can stay in the village for a while.


+Page 27

Adriana Baloborz Tzi, I think I’ve somewhat understood….

…..the mission of a magic meister….

+Page 28

… to make everyone happy,



Is that….?


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