Magi Craft Meister Chapter 4

Magi Craft Meister Chapter 4

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+Page 1

Jin-san, look at this.

How’s this water pump I just made?

Looks good, the parts are firmly processed, this is perfect.

So you’ve finally done it, huh.


Yeah, I’m also really sorry about my dad.

But Jin-san, what’re you doing?

Oh, you mean this?

This is a gas stove, which is used to light up a fire.

…Gas stove…? Huh?

+Page 2

Chapter 4: Magic Favor

The fire from Jin’s newly-made stove hasn’t gone out yet!!

+Page 3

A gas stove…. Such an incredible magic tool….

Everything’s going well, I’m relieved.

It was thanks to the magic stone that I picked up at the river.

It seems to me that Kaina village doesn’t have any kind of resources.

And about that thermal yield and magic control method, there’re still improvements that needs           to be made, I’ll show you later and it’ll be fine.

Those things might be too complex, I couldn’t have wished for anything more than learning to          create that water pump…..

Even though I’m happy with such an achievement, but there’s still more things to learn, like that   trolley from earlier.

Is that so?

By the way, You’re from another country, right Jin-san?


Then you will have to pay taxes.

Taxes, huh….!

+Page 4

I think the tax collector will arrive in autumn.

Taxes…. Do I pay that with cash?

No, I heard this from another person, but….

It seems Kaina village isn’t the only one, in many other rural areas, currency circulation is also very difficult….

I guess that’s true.

Every year, the tax collector will come and stay at Toka village.

Where is that?

It’s the nearby village, it takes about 3 days on horse.

That’s….. not near at all.

+Page 5

I see, then during that time I will have to think of a way to build a car…

By that time, the tax collector will have arrived here.


We have to go!


I have to go, Jin-san. We’ll meet again in the future!

So the tax collector will stay here for a short while…

If that’s the case….

+Page 6

Ah, morning Nii-chan.

Morning, Hana.

I’m here to pick up tea leaves.

Oh, that’s right, I can collect tree sap by letting it pour into a cup.

Thanks a lot, Hana.

I know that there’s some incredible resources near this village.

And tree resin is one of them.

What’s that for?

To produce rubber.

+Page 7



I haven’t even considered about collecting sap from trees before.

I wonder if this can help with the improvement of the trolleys.


Just in time.

Now I can finally mix the tires with rubber….

It should be done soon….

+Page 8

First, I will match them into pairs.

This should be fun.

Adjusting their weight is just a piece of cake.

For the wheels and hubs, I’ll use transforming magic.

This job needs extremely skillful craftsmanship.

The problem here is…. Rubber….

Maybe I should add some sulfur into the rubber to sulfurize it, which makes it more elastic.

Since natural rubber is very hard, adding sulfur is necessary.


Sulfur can be found near the mineral hot springs.

+page 9

Now let’s try out the elastic feature.

This is hard.

This one is soft.

This should do it.

It’s a little unfortunate that I don’t have enough materials for coloring but its appearance is not that bad.

*I’ll use soot instead

If this one works out I’ll continue making the others.

Now what do I do with the extra rubber…?

Ah, yes.

That will do.

+Page 10

Next morning.

Onii-chan, Onii-chan!

What’s the matter, Hana?

Come here, look.


What are you doing?

Watch this….!



+Page 11

You see! It’s so fun!

Look how strong I am….


It’s working perfectly!


+Page 12


Such a waste of my efforts…

It’s all right, that’s just an upgraded version of the trolley.

You made me think that I was really strong, you know!

You’re so mean.

Then take this as an apology gift.

What’s this white round object?

Here, look closely.

+Page 13



This is amazing!

That’s a rubber ball.

Rubber ball?


Ah! This one is made from the resin of those trees earlier!


The wheels of the trolley you pulled are also made of the same material.



+Page 14

Since this ball can float on water, you can bring it to the spring.


Hey, Jin-kun.

Hi, Babara-san.

So you’re looking after the kids? Thank you for spending some time with them.

Did you return the magical stone, Babara-san?


I heard that from now on, entering the hot spring will be charged…..


+Page 15

Jin-kun…. What is that?

That? Oh, it’s a float.

A float?

I have never heard of such a thing.

You made it, didn’t you?





That thing…. It can be used by adults…. right?

While the villagers of Kaina village is enjoying all the new objects…

+Page 16

The weather has begun switching seasons.

Leaves are falling….

That’s the sign of autumn.

Autumn, huh….

So this world also has the same seasons.

Now I start remembering things from Japan again.


Excuse me.



A horse!?

+Page 17

What!? Can horses really speak in this world?

*what kind of reality is this?

No, you’re looking at the wrong place.

Over here…..!


Can you guys help me out…..?



+Page 18


Thanks for helping….

You’re welcome…

I’m on my way to Kaina village.

And I accidentally spaced out and lost my balance while riding the horse…..

Kaina village, huh….

This might be a little rude, but…

What’s your business there?

+Page 19

Oh… about that…. Kaina village is my next work destination to collect tax….


So you’re the tax collector I’ve been told about?

Yes! From now on I will be in charge of Kaina village.

I am Lithia Falheight, a tax collector!

I apologize for my rudeness, I am Jin, who is currently living at Kaina village.

My name is Hana.

So you’re Kaina’s villagers!

Well… could you guys show me the way there….?

Of course.

+Page 20

I’m truly grateful….

You guys have helped me a lot.

This is my first task from the king.

I’ve just recently become a noble, so I guess I don’t look like one at the moment.

You’ve just become a noble?

To put it simply, I’m a commoner that was granted the title of a knight just recently.

My father, due to his achievements in the battlefield, was granted the title of a knight.

And I was also given this task, if I can do it right, I can be a knight too.

So it being a knight is your purpose, right?

Yes…. I keep reminding myself that.

I have to become useful for the society….

+Page 21

If I could somehow manage to achieve that….

It would be nice.

Sorry for bragging about things like this….

It’s fine.

This is the village chief’s house.

I think he’s home right now.



Sorry…. There’s something I want to ask.

So your village also has a water pump, huh?


+Page 22

This thing has just been released at the Palace recently.

The first one who introduced it at Raglan fair is mister Roland.

Oh, I see…..

Hey sis, Onii-chan was the one who made this!

Eh? it can’t be….

Don’t tease me like that.

It’s the truth, Onii-chan is a wizard, you know….!

Okay, okay.

I’ll speak with the village chief about this later.

+Page 23

Why didn’t you say anything?

That water pump is your creation!

Eh? About that.

Erik must have made some of them in other villages as well.

It’s fine by me as long as people can live a more comfortable life.



It’s better for me to not get involved with government officials….

I only care about making items that are useful to our daily lives.

I guess that’s your personality, Onii-chan.

+Page 24

So, is there any problem with this year’s taxes?


It’s all good.

Then, when are you going to move to Toka village?

I guess I’ll set off tomorrow.

Tomorrow? That might be a little hurried….

Aren’t you tired?

The previous tax collectors usually…..


Not them!

Ah… is that so?


By the way, I want to ask you a question.

Purchasing that water pump must be really expensive, isn’t it?


+Page 25

Oh, we didn’t buy that.

Someone made that for us.


Was it that Jin guy from earlier?

That’s all I can say for now.


The items Rolan possesses was provided and instructed by him.


So…. It’s really true….. he looks so common, then that girl Hana was telling the truth….?

I can’t even believe it myself…..

He has made so much new stuff recently like gas stoves, rubber wheels and the like.

Huh, he also made other things!?

+Page 26

Can you show me those objects?

Not a problem.



Eh? Me!?

+Page 27


So this is an Onsen, eh….

These are such amazing inventions, this is so relaxing.

Is it? This is made by Jin-kun, too.

+Page 28

After seeing his work, I’ve finally understood.

What it’s like to really deserve the title of a knight…..

Oh, so Falheight-sama is heading toward the knight title.

That’s incredible!

It’s cool…. Isn’t it?

Despite having such a purpose, I don’t even know what I have or need to do.

Hmm…. So….

If you’re here anyway, then let’s discuss together

About this problem of yours.

*and I’m not mentioning Jin-kun here


+Page 29

Jin-kun, Jin-kun.

Eh? Babara-san, what’s the matter?

Yeah, there’s a big problem.

Eh…. Excuse me…

Ah… Lithia-san.

I’m terribly sorry for my rude behavior from before…..

I thought Hana was teasing me.

It’s nothing.

+Page 30

Water pump, gas stove, trolley, rubber ball and even an onsen.

They’re all useful for our daily lives.

Jin-san, I don’t even know

Whether my dream to become a knight is right or not.

Does it really help for others?



I’m not that great of a man.

It’s true that magic is amazing.

But, I just received it from someone else.

I cannot make those things on my own.

The making of those objects…

Personally, I don’t consider those as magic, but as a favor….

And I want to continue passing this on.

+Page 31

Because that is what I am capable of doing.

Lithia-san can also do it, all you have to do is get started.

Even I can do it…?


I’ve been searching for this answer for a long time.


That’s right.

+Page 32

Thank you so much.

I’ve thought it through.

That’s good.


As a tax collector, I would like to ask for a favor, because I have to move tomorrow

Can you please lend me some trolleys to carry my luggage?

Ah… Of course…



+Page 33


There’s 12 in total.

I could have made a few more adjustments but….

I’m having quite a headache, but there’s still some checking and fixing available.

I need to do that now.

Oh, I almost forgot about that robot doll I repaired at the lab.

I wonder if she works or not.

Maybe I’d need to check her properly once I go back….


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