Magi Craft Meister Chapter 5

Magi Craft Meister Chapter 5

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+Page 1

You’re in the way.

Chapter 5: The wandering android.

+Page 2

[Thunder strike]

+Page 3

*static noise*

It seems…

This sector is clear.

Teleportation gate installation completed.

Commencing transporting back to the lab.

+Page 5

I got transported to the wrong place again.

I wish the transporting radius could be a little bit wider, it would be better if it could keep up with the magic vibrations.

+Page 6

The teleportation gate is out of control… this is troublesome.


I can’t give up now.

I wish I had found the solution sooner…

I thought that it would be fine as long as I didn’t lose track of “father”…

And then when I finished rebooting, “father” was nowhere to be seen.


But…How did I…

I’m certain that after my mission is accomplished, the corruption process will start…

+Page 7

Mother has already gone…

Then what about father… Is this his work…?

I have to thank him for this.



Where is father?

Father… are you there…?

+Page 8


Is gone!!

To be precise, since I no longer have a long-distance magic vibration radar anymore, I can’t sense his aura…

Maybe he went outside of the lab…


+Page 9

Could it be…

The teleportation gate…!

It was activated…!

Did father leave through this thing?

I wonder where this lead to…


I can’t locate the exact destination anymore…

Is it an error…!?

+Page 10

I need to get ready.

The gate’s installation guide…

Has to be in here somewhere.

Found it.

I don’t have much food for the trip… But I guess I can exchange some on the way.

I only have mother’s clothes, but it fits me so that’s fine…

I’ll be in trouble if I get injured, so let’s bring bandages and some medicines… Then I can just use magic stones to make some when these things run out…

+Page 11

This should be enough.

I’m ready.

Let’s go and find father…!

+Page 14

I’ve teleported a dozen times.

Still no sight of father.

Even so,

The little android kept on searching in the darkness of the void for 1014 years, 8 moons and 27 suns.

Through 1601 worlds.


Cannot stop.

+Page 15

My objective is still not completed.

Next is.

+Page 16

A snowy mountain.

Gate installation here seems quite impossible.

I have to find another area.

I can’t move.

+Page 18

Hekatonkheires – the Hunred-arms Giant.


Was it attracted by the transporting’s magic aura or it just considered me as its prey…?

Anyway, that was way too close.

+Page 20

This is tough.

Maybe I should toss my belongings out and fight properly.

What should I…

+Page 21


I guess there’s no other choice.

+Page 22

[Ether Converter] increasing operating speed.

[Mana Drive] increasing overall capacity.

Initiate the elemental materials collecting sequence to form a magic weapon.

Initiate movement enhancing mechanism.

Activate the outer radiation of magic fibers.

Commencing the ultimate offensive technique.

+Page 23



+Page 24

Assault completed.

Father’s enhancements are so incredible…


This magic aura…

+Page 25

Although it’s frail, I can still sense that it belongs to father.

I have to quickly find him.

Father, please wait for me.

I will find you soon.

Please be okay…

+Page 26



Do you need some rest, Jin?


Don’t worry about me, I can still continue.

+Page 27

Just hold on for a while longer… pass those cliffs and we’ll arrive at Toka village.

With this pace, we can make it before the sun sets.

Thanks to your trolleys, we are able to do it incredibly fast in just one trip.

Without you, we would have to repeat this kind of job countless of times…

It’s still going to be tough, I think it can take about 2-3 days to finish everything.

So if there’s anything I can do to help…

Stop with that indebted face of yours! You can leave the laboring to me.

There’s other important work for you to take care of.

If these things break, you are the only who can fix them, you know.

+Page 28

So you can just save your energy for now.

I guess you’re right…

Only he can do it…

This is…


+Page 29


What happened…


+Page 30


What are those guys…!?


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