Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 15

Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 15

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Page 1


P1A: “Wasp Spider” is the is the name of a legendary party around 200 years ago.

P1B: Their achievements and tales are told even today.

P2A: The number of medals they got is just unreal.

P2B: Same can be said about their completed quests.

P2C: To sum it up…


Page 2


P1A: At that time,

P1B: hundreds of years had passed since the founding of the Guild.

P1C: But in this world of swords and magic

P1D: there were lots of locations which humans didn’t know about or visit.

P2A: In their active times

P2B:  Wasp Spider had visited more than half of those mysterious places.

P2C: With the rewards and loots

P2D: they could have easily bought several countries for themselves.

P3A: At a certain nation, demons started appearing in large numbers.

P3B: Even with a full mobilization, defeat seemed imminent.


Page 3


P1A: Luckily, Wasp Spider promptly stepped in.

P1B: And the demons were pushed back.

P2A: There used to be a lot of tales like that.

P2B: Their feats were spread to many countries.

P2C: The Wasp Spider.

P2D: Six girls that are said to be the six saviors of this world.

P2E: Each of them got powers that can rival thousands of soldiers at once.

P2F: Those are the stories of the old days.

P3A: Now I just sit here, acting as the president of this guild.

P3B: So others know of me.

P3C: Home come no one make another tale out of me? Hah hah


Page 4


P1A: So after all,…

P1B: Beside Irene–san, the other members,

P1C: all of them have passed away.

P1D: That is the last information about you guys.

P1E: Actually, about that…

P1F: It’s a lie.

P1G: What…?

P2A: First of all, there wasn’t even a single genuine human in the Wasp Spider.

P2B: Their appearances look quite a bit like normal human though.

P2C: Oh my…


Page 5


P1A: Same can be said about me.

P1B: Another type of blood flows through my veins.

P1C: Another blood?

P2A: My ancestors are High Elves.

P2B: Compare to today’s Elves, I’m much stronger

P2C: thanks to that magic abundant blood.

P3A: I have superior combat ability and lifespan compared to ordinary humans.

P3B: Among the Wasp Spiders, I’m the member that is the most human–like.

P3C: …………..

P3D: One more thing, we had very little sense of justice.

P3E: And the birth of the Wasp Spider can be said to be purely coincidental.


Page 6


P1A: Regarding the saving of that certain country in the tales.

P1B:  The reason why we intervened was

P1C:  simply because we won several lottery tickets from that country.

P1C: If the demons had leveled the place, how could we get our shares?

P1D: Lottery…tickets?

P2A: In the end,

P2B: we disbanded 150 years ago.

P2C: But none of us has kicked the bucket yet.

P3A: What…

P3B: Really!!?


Page 7


P1A: Everyone

P1B: is living their own life/

P1C: But what I can be sure of is that

P1C: they will be around for quite some time.

P2A: All of them…

P2B: I had no idea…

P3A: Now

P3B: I would like you to tell me

P3C: About my mom…


Page 8


P1A: Your mom, Lilyn, is a Succubus.

P1B: Lilyn Kardrille

P1C: She used to be my acquaintance before everything.

P1D: And she also was the leader of the Wasp Spider.

P2A: Really?

P2B: I did know my mom was not a normal person,

P2C: but to be this powerful.

P3A: Lilyn, she came to my place 2 weeks ago.


Page 9


P1A: My youngest son is an adventurer.

P1B: Please, look after him.

P1C: That’s what she said.

P2A: My mom came here before…

P2B: Jumped into my bedroom at 3 o’clock in the morning,

P2C: kept talking by herself for a while,

P2D: then cleaned out my food,

P2E: And left without a trace.

P3: I’m sorry!


Page 10


P1A: No, it’s ok.

P1B: I was kind of happy to see her still the same after so many years.

P2A: Back then, she was just like that. Dragged us around like a whirlwind

P2B: up until the day she decided to disband the party.

P2C: After we kept on asking her why, she said she was pregnant.

P2D: Pregnant?

P2E: Well, we also had other intentions.

P2F: So we just left on our ways.

P3A: How about you, Minato–kun?

P3B: What was your childhood like with Lilyn?


Page 11


P1A: I spent my childhood deep in a forest.

P1B: Ahahahahahaha, that is so like Lilyn!

P2A: Casting wind magic on a whim.

P2B: Then trying to

P2C: get away from there.

P3A: By the way, about the place you grew up in,

P3B: I only heard that it’s a forest

P3C: but it’s actually the forest of Gradwell, right?

P3D: That forest

P3E: has a name?


Page 12


P1A: Based on the types of monster you told me about,

P1B: it can only be that forest.

P1C: Lilyn

P1D: picked quite a place.

P2A: What…?

P2B: Why…?

P2C: President,

P2D: may I ask a question?

P3A: Sure,

P3B: go ahead, Elk.

P3C: The forest of Gradwell.

P3D: I only know about that place through some books.

P3E: That it is a forest of monsters located on the farthest ends of the continent,

P3F: and that humans can’t live there.


Page 13


P1A: Correct.

P1B: That forest is considered to be a place that if one goes in, they are never seen again.

P1C: A super dangerous place is classified to be a Rank AA location.

P1D: The monsters of that place must be at rank A at least.

P1E: An army

P1F: can be easily wiped out in there.

P2A: Gosh, I can’t believe that where I grew up

P2B: is that dangerous…

P3A: And the magic circle that teleported you out of there instantly

P3B: is not a magic spell, it’s an item.

P3C: There was a person like that in our party who specialized in making items like that.

P3D: Lilyn must have asker her to make some.


Page 14


P1A: Oh, time sure flies.

P1B: Tch.

P1C: Lunch already.

P2A: How about this?!

P2B: You guys stay here and have lunch with me, ok?

P2C: Ah, no.

P2D: We shouldn’t trouble you too much.


Page 15


P1A: Moreover,

P1B: we are about to accept some quests.

P1C: Well, it can’t be helped.

P1D: I won’t force you.

P2A: Barrack, go and prepare.

P2B: Understood.

P2C: Then, please excuse us.

P2D: I had fun so come over when you have the time.

P3A: Come to me if you need anything,

P3B: but that may look like I slightly favor you eh….

P3C: You don’t like that, right?


Page 16


P1A: Yes, please don’t treat me like that.

P1B: I’m just another adventurer.

P1C: You are a weird

P1D: adventurer.

P2A: Ah, very high in spirit eh.

P2B: It’s nice to be young, I’m getting old already…

P2C: I won’t give you any privileges

P2D: but I can give you advice.

P3: Thanks a lot, president.


Page 17


P1A: Ah one more thing

P1B: May I ask you 3 questions?

P1C: First,

P1D: what is your objective, Minato–kun?

P2A: My goal?

P2B: All adventurers need to have a specific goal

P2C: to push yourself forward.

P2D: I never think too much about it.

P2E: I just feel curious about the world.

P2F: Not that I have any goal though.

P3A: Just to be expected of Minato–kun.

P3B: I got something for you.


Page 18


P1A: I thought that you hadn’t decide on any goal so I prepared this for you.

P1B: How about “To get stronger”.

P1C: What do you think?

P2A: This is…

P2B: A list.

P3A: If you are strong enough to defeat the monsters on the list,

P3B: then Lilyn would surely see you as an adult.

P3C: Hmm…


Page 19


P1A: Let me see…

P1B: The hell is this!!?

P2A: Man, these guys make the Naga look like a worm…

P2B: Even Yamata no Oroichi (Eight-tailed Serpent) exists in this world too!?


Page 20


P1A: Well… guess I will need to fight these sooner or later.

P1B: Better take it for now.

P1C: Th…

P1D: Thanks a lot.

P1E: Secondly,

P1F: you said you never set foot outside of the forest before you become an adventurer.

P1G: Is it true?

P1H: Yes, that is true.

P1L: Is that an problem?

P2A: Since the moment I saw your face

P2B: I got a feeling that I had met you before.

P2C: Can’t remember where and when though.

P3A: How…

P3B: could that happen?

P3C: Beside several training sessions, I never set foot outside of the forest.

P3D: I also have no memories of Irene–san.


Page 21


P1A: Well… that’s ok.

P1B: One last thing.

P1C: I want to give you a message from Lilyn.

P2A: A message?

P2B: Take it as encouragement,

P2C: in order to become stronger.

P3A: When you are as strong as me

P3B: I will bear you a child.

P3C: That is the message.


Page 22


P1A: I…

P1B: I will be on my way now!!

P2A: Are you kidding me?

P2B: That message was sent by Mom!?

P2C: Irene–san could have been more considerate. Elk was standing next to me.

P3A: Elk will start giving me weird looks from now on…

P3B: It’s ok.

P3C: I already stopped treating everything related to you in a logical sense.

P3D: You don’t have to worry about it.

P3E: Is that so?

P3F: What a relief…!


Page 23


P1A: But anyways…

P1B: If I ever commit suicide then it’s entirely your fault, mom…

P2A: Eh.

P2B: The Wild Wolf mission has been completed?

P2C: That was fast.

P2D: We were aiming for it in the first place…shame.

P3A: Hi there.

P3B: You two are Minato and Elk eh?


Page 24


P1A: You two are the party

P1B: that put an end to the Naga?

P1C: Yes, but,

P1D: we only got lucky.

P2A:  Luck is also a part of your skill.

P2B: You youngsters are very good!

P3A: And here it comes…

P3B: How about this?

P3C: Team up with me for this one?

P3D: Again.

P3E: I knew it.

P3F: These people pop out a lot lately.

P3G: The information that we have taken down an unknown monster

P3H: and brought it back without a scratch has traveled far and wide.


Page 25


P1A: Moreover, the guild has put Naga into Rank A. Something a rookie adventurer can never beat.

P1B: This is very troublesome for us.

P1C: The party of the black adventurer and his green female assistant.

P1D: It’s a hot topic around.

P2A: Many types of people

P2B: wanted us to be in their team.

P2C: A strong party needs to have capable members.

P2D: That will decide the party’s achievements.

P3A: We are just rookies,

P3B: we will just get in your way.

P3C: It’s ok!

P3D: Actually, we don’t want to enter a party just yet.

P3E: So, sorry.


Page 26


P1A: Is that so?

P1B: Why didn’t you just say it in the first place?

P1C: Minato! Over here.

P1D: Let’s pick another quest.


Collection of herbs

Place: Plains of East Volca

Reward: 3 Silver Coins (Depend on the quantity and quality of the goods)


Guarding an school trip

Ensure safety of students

Reward: 5 Silver Coins (Depend on the danger)



Hunt the Kobolds

Hunt and kill the Kobold within the interiors of Ritorasu Mountains.

Reward: 10 Silver Coins


Escort the Research Expedition Team

Escort the expedition team to the Naga Labyrinth.

Reward: 15 Silver Coins (Will be paid extra if there is danger)


P1A: I already said my opinion about the two above.

P1B: I’m not good with kids so let’s skip the school trip.

P1C: The expedition quest looks good, but since I’m the one that killed the Naga

P1D: there may be a lot of problem. Guess we can’t do that.


Page 27


P1A: So let’s go with this.

P1B: Hunt the Kobolds

P1C: Isn’t this too boring for you?

P1D: I may learn something new.

P1E: Maybe.

P2A: Hmph.

P2B: This doesn’t said how many we need to kill.

P2C: We don’t know the exact number of them either.

P2D: There must be a number,

P2E: but this doesn’t list it.

P2F: We need more information.

P3A: Let’s go and ask the reception.

P3B: We may have to deal with hundreds of them.

P3C: That may even be difficult for you.


Page 28


P1A: Hello.

P1B: I just heard your conversation.

P1C: You guys,

P2A: I haven’t seen you two around before.

P2B: Rookies?

P2C: Who the hell are you?

P3A: Ah sorry,

P3B: I should have introduced myself first.


Page 29


P1A: The name is Zali.

P1B: I’m an adventurer.

P1C: Nice to meet you guys.

P2A: Elk…really hates this guy

P2B: ….That unusual attitude.

P2C: Scheming something eh?

P3A: You guys looked confused while picking the quests so I…

P3B: Hey Zali, what are you doing?

P3C: Hitting on girl…


Page 30


P1A: They are in a tough spot so…

P1B: I see.

P1C: It can’t be helped then.

P2A: If you a rookie then

P2B: it’s only natural to be confused at this.

P2C: These guys…

P3A: We are about to go on a quest now.

P3B: Want to come along?

P3C: We will teach you a lot of things

P3D: and keep you safe.

P3E: No thanks.

P2F: I’m already in a party.


Page 31


P1A: This guy?

P1B: He looks so weak.

P1C: He’s just a kid.

P1D: Instead of this kid, how about tagging along with us?

P1E: We are both at Rank D.

P1F: Not like anyone got time to train rookies like us though.

P2A: Rank D.

P2B: Even lower than me.

P2C: Actually, based on Elk words, they are pretty ok…in a sense or two.

P3A: Come on, people.

P3B: The more the merrier.

P3C: I’m surprised.

P3D: I thought he only wanted Elk.

P3E: We can finish mission faster if there are more of us.

P3F: Besides, this guy may not be that weak at all.


Page 32


P1A: Guess so.

P1B: But to look after 2 rookies at the same time is a bit…

P1C: A man has to independent, right?

P1D: Let’s go Minato.

P1E: Goodbye.

P1F: Don’t know what your quest is, but have fun.

P1G: Hey!

P1H: Wait…

P2A: I really hate people like that.

P2B: They always look at female adventurers with such sinister eyes.

P2C: Come on, don’t be like that.

P2D: There is a lot of male adventurers with respect to their female counterparts.

P2E: Ok.

P2F: Let’s take this on.

P2G: Hunt the Kobolds!


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