Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 17

Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 17

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Page 1

I went to check the path we came from and…

As expected, a landslide happened due to yesterday’s rain

A rather troublesome report

came from Elk who went to check our surroundings

Page 2

The trees were struck down and the ground also cracked

In that case, it doesn’t seem like we’ll be able to go through there

Isn’t there another route we could take to reach the city ?

I can’t say there aren’t but…

From this mountain, there are 3 routes to reach the bottom

Within those routes, one collapsed due to a landslide

For the remaining 2 routes, one goes through the forest but…

The slope is steep, also the land is muddy so

I think it’s a high risk route

I’m probably fine but, I guess that would be tough for Elk

In the forest there are a lot of obstacles so even if I carry you on my back it would be hard

Page 3

The last route is a bit of a detour but the slope is gentle

Even if the land is muddy

Chances we would trip up are low

It’s just that… on the way

We will need to go through a dangerous area called the [Crimson Forest]

[Crimson Forest]……!

I heard that name comes from the trees having red leaves all year round

Compared to the Mountain Ritorasu, the frequency and the average level of the monsters are higher so

It seems that, depending on the area, the danger increases

Page 4

Although, as long as we don’t go too deep

The danger level isn’t different from the [Naga’s Labyrinth] or so I heard

Still, those leaves have such a splendid color…

So we decided to take this route to gain experience as well

For every hour on the mountain Ritorasu, we’d encounter 2 or 3 monsters

Minato !

A red lizard is coming !!


In this [Crimson Forest], in ten minutes we encountered a few of them


Page 5


Did I aim a bit wide…?

Even you can blunder, huh

I was so enchanted by the landscape that my reaction got delayed

Even so, looks like I’ll have to focus

Elk, could that be……?

Yes, red lizards are monsters which hold magic power

Wait a second

I’m going to cut it, to make it easier to eat

Eat it properly, ok…

Page 6

How is it ?

Good ?

…Hah,  you ate everything already !?

Even though you had so much !?

I wonder where, in that body, is all that going…?

Monsters are mysterious…

There are still a lot of things I don’t know in this world

A rank D danger zone [Crimson Forest]

Somehow, this forest has a lot of monsters we end up hesitating to kill

Ah, it’s so cute

It’s a horned rabbit

and that, and that ?

A tree furtel

Page 7

We usually don’t kill these monsters

We threaten them to drive them away

The truth is I want to catch and cuddle it though

What are you saying…?

I may not look like it but I love cute stuff

Yes, yes, Alpa is cute too

On the other hand, there are monsters that hold surprisingly good materials to sell

We also actively hunted monsters

Ones that have a demand for their meat

This [Ignite boar] is especially…

Page 8

Ah, so tasty  !

We can sell this meat for a lot you know

This time we ate it for breakfast but

sell it or eat it, both choices are fine

Otherwise, we also hunt monsters that could be used for Alpa’s food


Again, another cute thing, to my taste, has…


[Magic Bunny]

They are small but they hold a lot of magic power

Well then, it can’t be helped

Page 9

Eat it slowly, ok…

What an amazing appetite

A few minutes later


huh !?

You ate, already !?

It was clearly bigger than his body though…

and yet, he ate everything besides the bones……

I wonder if he’s digesting it with magic

Welcome back

Page 10

Did eating a lot make him sleepy ?

Be it beasts or monsters when they’re a baby, after eating they go to sleep and by repeating those actions

They get bigger, huh

If that’s the case…

Hey, Elk

Maybe something could come out again ?

Something, you say? What ?

Well, something that would threaten the habitat of the monsters of this forest

Like a powerful monster ?

Something like the Naga of the labyrinth

Page 11

I feel like the entire bodies of monsters of this forest are on edge

Even smaller monsters, frantically attack humans to secure food and…

Hey, give me a break…!

I don’t want to come across those kind of monsters time and time again

No, I mean the monsters here

It’s not like they are thin or anything

So it should be fine I think

But if there’s another reason

I would understand even less…


Alpa you noticed it too !?


What’s wrong you two… ?

Page 12


It’s an arrow

Minato, something’s there !?

……If I have to say, I’d say there is but……

Page 13

Don’t worry

We aren’t targeted



What do you mean ?

I think Elk can’t hear them so

Do you want to go in the direction where the arrow flew from ?

Wait a second

If we’re not concerned, I guess we don’t need to go out of our way to get involved but…

Unfortunately, it’s the direction of our route

A detour would be annoying, so we have to go

Got it !

Uwah, gotcha

Another one came flying !

Ok, over there…

Page 14

Keep them off the carriage !!

Now, fire… !!

Be careful of the ones hiding !!

Page 15

Don’t let them attack the horses… !!

Page 16


Hey, the lad over there !

Page 17


Page 18

It’s dangerous over here ! Run, fast !!

Captain ! 10 o’clock, new enemies are coming!!

The smell of blood stimulated them, I guess…

I’m sorry to have scared you !

As you can see we are quite busy !

Page 19

Hey, you fool

Behind you !!

Page 20

Huh… Did I interfere ?

No, you saved him, thank you

From what I can see, you are adventurers

Can I ask you to interfere a bit more ?

I did tell you to run but

To be honest, we have no strength to spare right now

Ah… Sure, in that case

Elk, it’s fine right ?

Page 21

Yes, it’s fine

But get rid of them as soon as possible ok ?

Alright !

Alpa it’s dangerous so go with Elk

Sorry but, while we are attracting the monsters

I want you to help the carriage withdraw from here


Well !

10 o’clock, new enemies…right

Oh, there really are a lot

It will be a nice exercise

Well then, Let’s go !

Page 22

Hah !

I’ll do something about the incoming monsters, move the carriage !


Page 23

Ok, we’re withdrawing

Get on the carriage !

Minato !

Get on it, I’ll come after cleaning up this guy !

Everyone, get out !

Get out !!

Page 24

Is everyone ok !?

Yes !

Let me thank you

It’s thanks to you two, you saved us

Page 25

No, We just accidentally happened to pass by, so don’t worry about it

Page 26

I still haven’t introduced myself

I am Suula Cowen

I’m a platoon leader from the nearby town garrisons guard corps.

The town guard corps…

Aah when Elk had her issue with the moneylender, those guys that looked like policemen

By the way, what did adventurers like you come into this forest for?

Ah… No,  it’s not that we have anything to do in this forest but

Due to a landslide, our way back to town became unusable so we had no choice

Unfortunately, this carriage isn’t going to Wolka

The place we are heading to, our destination, is deeper in the forest


Is that so ?

Page 27

Yes… Well it’s not exactly our destination

but [We have to go the depths of the forest]

Hmm… I thought that after helping them, I’d have them take us outside the forest but

It was too good to be true

If that’s the case then, we’ll take our leave around here

I see, I understand

I’d like to thank you but we are in the midst of work

It pains me but we have nothing to give you

ah no, it’s fine

We appreciate the thought

I see, then…

Oh, before that

Page 28

Are you going to pass through this route from here ?

That’s right, is there a problem ?

Yes, actually…

The landslides, that occurred due to yesterday’s heavy rain, changed the entire topography around that area

Because of that, the road to the west from here is mostly unusable

…We can’t pass through it then

We left Wolka early this morning and arrived here after quite a detour but

Due to the heavy rain, the territory changed and triggered a state of mayhem among the monsters from the west side of the forest

On the way, we were forced into great difficulties

I see

So the reason I sensed the monsters of this forest were on edge, was because of that

Page 29

What do we do, Elk ?

There’s nothing we can do right, we have to go

Since that path is the only option we have


I have one proposition

If it’s ok with you

Would it be possible for you two to keep accompanying us ?

What do you mean by that ?

We are currently heading in the depth of the forest for our mission

Although, from now on, the monsters will be even stronger, so I’m anxious about our progress

Page 30

It’s rather pathetic but

That’s what I want you to realize from the fight earlier

Ah… I see

Moreover, the [Crimson Forest]

if you progress fairly deep, the strength of the monsters peculiarity of suddenly rising up

In our current situation, it’s probably impossible that all of us can go back safely

In that case, why not go back

and then coming back when you’ll have increased your military power ?

Usually that’s what we would do but

The reason this time is a rescue mission so

We can’t take any more time

Page 31

We heard that a merchant ‘s caravan left yesterday

With important merchandise, it seems he left for Wolka

He was supposed to arrive in the middle of the night at the neighboring town but I heard he hasn’t yet

There’s a high probability that he had an accident

Because of the heavy rain in the [Crimson Forest]

Due to my position, I’m confident in my ability to judge character

Of course, there’s your battle prowess but

You also helped people and were about to promptly depart with a disinterest for the reward

You two are quite trustworthy, even without me that is something that anyone would understand

If you want a reward, we can offer a good amount

Can I ask you to come with us ?

Page 32

Ah… What should we do ?

I don’t quite understand the balance between danger and reward

We were about to finish a quest

Is it possible to preserve the proofs of the subjugation ?

In that case, we have an antiseptic

Food and accommodation ?

We will prepare it

The job’s content ? Only helping during battles ?

Basically that’s it but, depending on the situation I’d like to consult you

For the reward, I will add 50 silver coins every time you help us, is it ok?


Understood, we will accept this job Minato

With those conditions, the cost-efficiency is in balance and we will be able to acquire experience…!


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