Meikyuu Black Company Chapter 1

Meikyuu Black Company Chapter 1

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 1
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In ancient time
there were a lot of demons along with many other treasures laying deep down under the dark labyrinth
This is considered a challenge for brave folks that are pursuing fame and honors
I’m starving…
Last month income is 130k G…
Taxes and rent are 40k G in total
Then minus 80k G for debt
and all that’s left is 10k G…
Never thought it would come to a day when I have to eat plain bread to survive…!
*cough *cough
People usually say the poorer you are, the dumber you become…
The closer it get to modernization, the more changes occurred on everything
The demon stones dug out of the Labyrinth began to be used as an energy source
and were managed by companies authorized by the government
*rolling *rolling
Where are you going to rolling so fast…!
Without you…
I will…
I will…
I will have no idea how to survive tomorrow!
Where the hell did it roll to…?
Please lie there quietly for me
My 100 G…
This is…
Hard work!
Time to get off!
Wanibe! I will go for a drink now
You stay here and practice your pronunciation!
I can’t hear you!
I have found a great job
Do you wanna be in, Wanibe?
What? Are you interested in it? Fine, let’s talk over here!
My treat
ermm… this…
You… you are Ninomiya in our team, aren’t you…?
We haven’t seen you since this afternoon…
Team leader was really mad
Screw it
just ignore him
This place seems…
The customers here all dress well
You do the same work I do
but how can you afford these places?
I’m penniless
I said I don’t have money
Just took a loan
Didn’t I tell you I have found a great deal?
Consider this an investment
I went to buy all the things we need this afternoon
I heard the rumors about you
borrowed 10 millions G
so the loansharks sold you to our company to work and pay for your debt…
It’s 20 millions G
At that time I was poorer than now
I have nothing to be precise
So in order to make money, I tried to strike deals with possible businesses
Everyone was friendly and welcomed me
Tablet (before it was out of battery)
If you touch it, it will change
But when they found out they can’t make instant money
they accused me of being a swindler
I’m all lost against those lowlife scumbags
And because of that, I have to work in this goddamned company now
Uhm… I don’t know what you are planning to say
But I’m going home
Hey hey hey
Wait… wait a minute!
The food wasn’t even served yet
Stay here to eat at least!
It’s my treat anyway!
It’s not that easy
to have a chance to eat at places like this.
You must be living really poorly
Glazy face
Boring life, peniless
The typical face of an ordinary person
I know. I used to be like that.
That’s why
this is your chance to turn your life around
You until yesterday and you from today on will be different… understand?
Over there!
Where did you ditch up your work for yesterday?
Tell me now!
Team leader
Can you
let us
go on a business trip today?
Oh…oh oh
Is that so…?
You are volunteering for a business trip…?
Finally, your work attitude has returned
Fine, business trip
It was a bit dangerous…
I mean it was quite difficult!
Can’t believe you guys are volunteering…
So you ditched your work yesterday to prepare for the trip?
I see. I have a quite a few advices for you guys, but well, just try your best
There’s no insurance or compensations even when you die, ok?
Have you heard about the “Business trip”?
“Business trip”…
It’s a slang our company used to refer to that thing
Uhm…Yeah, I heard about it
It was referring to infiltrating the Labyrinth to mine the purer demon stone, wasn’t it?
But it was too dangerous so no one from the Mining Department wants to do that
Our workplace
The Demon Mineral Site Labyrinth
I heard it is really huge and goes deep down
Moreover, if you stray from the work zone then you can encounter the monsters down there
I also heard the deeper you go, the stronger the monsters are
If I’m not mistaken, at least a few guys from the Exploration Department die each year
Are you…
Yep, just as you thought of
Gotta go inside the Labyrinth
We just need to get two levels underground, the price of demon stones will increase 10 times more
In addition to that, we also get to keep all the other materials which are the rare ores
It’s too dangerous…!
You know nothing about the danger of the Labyrinth, don’t you?
I… I won’t join you
But there’s a shortcut
Right here…!
Isn’t this… the warehouse?
How can the shortcut be in a place like this?
Take a look
I will perform a magic trick
It…It disappeared!
The door was hidden… so it is a shortcut after all
I never thought it would be here…
What is this place anyway?
I have no idea as well
And I still don’t know why I can find it
But in times like this, my feelings are always accurate
We can get to the third level from here
A…Are you sure this is safe?
No problem
I scouted it
There’s a whole pile of gems down there
But I didn’t take anything, and just ran back
That’s why I have to make some preparations before returning here
Is it… but these equipments make me more nervous…
Explorer’s Amor (monthly installment)
11,500G monthly x 6
Leather coat
Don’t say anything bad! I didn’t plan to fight anything down here
Finally, we’re here
this is the place
T…this is awesome!
All of these are demon stones
You don’t even have to dig and there’s a lot of them
Where do we start now?
The things that can be traded for cash
first, take off your bag
There’s something else to do
This is… holy water?
You bought a while bunch of them
Well, the lady at the drug store gave me a discount so I bought them all
Good enough!
*spash *spash
Well, at least the monsters will take another route
Honestly… this looks out of place
Still better than the things the Department prepared for us
Let’s start with work
You take care of the left side, ok?
I will dig on the right side
Thank you, Ninomiya
I’m… I’m just a stupid guy
At work, they always say I’m useless
But I feel I’m a bit useful like this
Don’t be mistaken
I chose you ‘coz I find you suitable, that’s all
What do you mean?
Coz you have no friend at all
So I don’t have to worry about my secret being exposed
Weak guys with lots of connections are usually problematic
Can’t achieve anything big, except for complaining all day
They are happy with their low output daily job
The weak guys standing below but looking down on the people above them
Those are the guys who need to be fired to avoid slowing down progress
And I have to plan to let those people become my companions
Because I am a winner
A winner doesn’t need any excuse for work
Is it… But still, it’s better than being sympathized with…
Here, isn’t it?
Phew, I’m tired!
Haven’t stayed focus like this for a long time
The holy water’s effect can last for another hour, but we should stop here just in case
He he… at this rate, I have struck a gold mine for what I have paid
If we keep this place occupied, we will make huge profits
I will carry this big pile
Of course
I do praise you for doing it without being told to
C’mon, let’s go back
Hehe… I can see it now
A rich future…!
Team leader must be really surprised
I bet he wouldn’t even imagine us digging out such amount
I only care about how happy we can be
Found ya
My good meal
Where did… they go?
We’re hung by a single hair…
hey hey hey…
Why is it?
Why did this scary being appear now?
The holy water should have lasted at least 3 hours
It’s only 2 hours now
There’s something under the label
It was outdated… 3 years already…
Goddammit, that woman!
It’s really cheap
the sale lady (86)
What is this…!?
Will I die here…!?
It’s really hard figuring out a way to get to that NEET life…!
But it all ended here
in a place like this…
by that ugly monster!?
This is not the time to mumble those things
We gotta find a way to save our lives quickly
Let’s runaway!
I will…
fu fu
Not a chance!
Screw it!
I have an idea
I have a plan to let us both live and bring the money back
W…what plan?
can act as a bait
No way…!
Not a chane!
What the hell did you just say…?
Don’t’ worry
Just buy some times for me
I will take care of eveything else
Why do you think…
Trust me!
If we get pass this, we will be rich!
Let’s us both, live our rich life, yes?
This sounds wrong!
No way…!
I will never act as a bait
Fine, fine, don’t deny it!
Aren’t we friends?
Friends my ass!
I’m not doing it!
Fine fine fine
Oh shit
That bastard…!
is running away!
I’m so stupid…
trusting that guy!
I’m… really stupid…!
Wait a minute, you big bastard
another meal
You’re still here…does that mean
you actually have a plan?
The reason I’m standing here have nothing to do with a plan
I just hate being looked at from above by someone else!
You big bastard
You have such a big body, so can you use your head to communicate?
That’s your reason?
not a big bastard… Rim
You even have a name?
Fine… Rim
That thing you are planning to eat belongs to me, the most respected person in this world
How can you act in such a disrespecful way? Are you out of your mind?
Explain to me now!
But… human is… prey
Monsters… sick of them already…
Is that so…?
Then… let’s make a deal
I’m the most talented person
If you let that guy go…
and let just freely mine here
Then we will do anything you want!
What do you think?
Don’t you wanna try the taste of the food on the ground!
Although it can’t be compared to human, but it’s still good!
A human like you… this is the first time…!
I accept your offer!
As long as I’m fed…
Rim will not eat you
Let’s help each other…
from now on, ok?
It tastes good, isn’t it?
Eat anything you want!
I booked the whole restaurant for tonight!
Hehe… Everything’s good now!
This is called the talent of the winner!
Amazing… booking the whole restaurant like this…
Can’t believe I can have such a day…
Why are you crying… Have you gone mad from all this hapiness?
But that thing… can it scare others?
Although I don’t know much about monsters…
but if you know how to take advantage of them then we’ll make big profits
I can’t stop laughing…
Oh oh!!
Sorry for making you wait
But hey, you sure eat a lot
Won’t your stomach explode from all of those…?
I can still eat some more
Hmm… if you eat that much then you’ll be full for a long time, aren’t you?
Not really
I’ll be hungry again tomorrow
This only counts as one meal
If I’m not full then…
Kinji, I can eat you, can’t I?
What did you say….!
Ninomiya Kinji… Job in the other world “Company farmer”
It’s a long time until he can get out of the black company
Special report on income this time
200 thousands G
Monthly income
Mined a large amount of high purity Demon stone (+1 million G)
Monthly expenses
Food for Rim (-1.2 millions G)
Remaining debt: 20.2 millions G


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