Meikyuu Black Company Chapter 2

Meikyuu Black Company Chapter 2

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Meikyuu Black Company 2


One demon stone…

Two demon stones…

Three demon stones…

It’s not gonna be enough this way…


Does that mean you won’t make enough to buy Rim food?

Lemme eat you then!!

Sfx: growwwll



A a a a a a a a a

Sfx: wake up

A dream…


Sfx: nom nom

She’s chewing the bed leg. What’s she thinking of?

I’m so tired…

Gotta work again today…



How can I get rich with the way things are!?

Chapter 2

Riskier for food



Did you work your ass off?

If you want success, then the company’s profits have to beat our competitors’

You have to be ready both physically and mentally

If you say you don’t have enough time to meet the requirements

Then the solution is simple

Sleep less, eat less

[Rizah Mining company]

[Detmold Branch]

[Branch manager – Veruza Shubaba]

How much longer is this woman planning to blabber?



Our fathers used to teach us to work our fingers to the bone

Regardless of the difficult situations, the strength of our will is undefeatable

If you are serious with your work, nothing is impossible

You work hard, the customers are happy, the company has profits and you get paid

That is the process of how your hard work pays off

You are a part of that process. You will earn money.

Trashed companies that exploit their employees…

Always sweet talk their workers this way.



In short, you have to always put your work above you!

365 days a year, when you eat, when you sleep, even when you die…


Our last month’s output is amazing…



All thanks to you, Ninomiya.

Thanks a lot!

Did you guys hear that?

This is exactly what called contribution to the company

Hehe, since you are wearing this…

Are you planning to go on a “business trip” again today?

Oh, you have a new family member?

Is it that girl?

Ah well, It’s a long story…

It’s ok. I won’t ask anymore…



That girl is an idiot. I can’t leave her here, so I will take her with me…

Let’s go Wanibe!


You’re helping me today as well!


You don’t look so well today… you need to borrow some money?

Nope. Thanks.

It’s not gonna be enough anyway…


Can’t let her eat like this anymore…

I have my own life too…

From that day on…

I have to provide food for this gluttonous dragon



This house’s spending went chaos…

Sfx: growl~

Sfx: nom nom

The plan was supposed to go smoothly

The secret tunnel is still in great condition

Last month income: 130,000 gold coins * 7.7

This month income: 1,000,000 gold coins

I thought that was a great chance to change my life when this dragon suddenly appeared

But I underestimated its stomach. (@PR: please delete this after you pr. The raw says stomach, but it was referring to her appetite, I’m not sure which word would be better, so Imma let you decide :D)



Ha ha

I spend 50 thousands gold coins on her daily meals on average

Even my saving each month is not enough to feed her

After just one month living with her, I realize something

If you leave her hungry for just a day

The beast in her will rise up and she will eat everything around her

Yet, she never wants to work. Every time you asked her, she would say she was too hungry to work

To save money, I moved to the company’s dorm…

But I barely make anything each month…

Food: 1,500,000 gold coins

Debt: 80,000 gold coins

Utilities: 85,000 gold coins

Sfx: growl~ growl~



This dragon…

Is a prodigal glutton!!!

Did we dig all of the ores in this area?

Then we gotta move to another area

We haven’t been to the West part yet

Have to break the rock to find the entrance.

We will try going here today




It’s harder to get through than I thought!

The situation is getting worse…

We should get back!

Ni…Ninomiya, this…!




These seem to be very old…

Can be sold for lots of money!

…but they were all too rusted.

Are these used for killing monsters…


That area…

Is Rim’s toilet!

Why didn’t you say earlier?

Catch it!

Sfx: whoosh

Ouch, it hurts!



How can you get these out of your stomach?

I mean in what way?

I use magic to digest food.

Ah…Then these things…

Ok, enough!


Need to get back to work!!

Hey, Kinji!

I’m hungry!

What? How were you hungry this fast?

Hungry! Hungry!

Hang on…

I didn’t bring a lot of food with me!



Sfx: grrrr…


Are you really that hungry?

This is bad!!

This… is edible!!

It’s food!

Treat this as a snack!




What did you do…?


You chopped your own tail off!?

Don’t worry, it will grow back…


Are you gonna be fine?

There’s not enough time…

What should we do next?


I sense some strange magic nearby.

There must be something with magic around here



Could it be…

This thing…



The next day…




Work your ass off!



Hey hey!

Work faster!

Sfx: *dig *dig

Sfx: *dig

You guys over there!

Work faster!!

Sfx: *dig

Sfx: *dig *dig

Yes, yes…


Are you ditching work?

The pickaxe…it was…broken!

Then dig with your hands!

Dig until your fingers come off!

You hear me!?





This is cool…

This rod is magical!

Magical Item [Maboromi Rod]

Features: Brain wash, hypnotizing in a short time

A dangerous item that requires a license to trade

Haha that is an older version,

The newer version has more features

In this world, even magical items need some improvements in order to compete in the market


This has an alarm feature as well!


I gotta change my schedule!

Their eyes look like dead fishes’

Without a magical rod, this really can’t be called a slaving company



W…We shouldn’t do that…

We’re not the team leader, so we shouldn’t

What do you mean shouldn’t? I already said it,

Aren’t we doubling our output!?

Be happy!

Not really, if someone finds out, then it’s not just punishments that we get!

This is a violation of the law!

You brain wash people then make them work!

Sfx: zzzzt zzzttt

Why did you say that?

I’m helping with our team’s output!

We will make more money. Don’t all of us want that?

What… this guy…

He was totally wrong, but he acts like he knows everything…



Even when I have to pay for this dragon’s food…

We still make a bunch of money.

It’s now or never!


From then on, Ninomiya has abused the use of the magical rod

Just focusing on the demon stone output

Are you ditching work again?




I’m alive again…!

It’s been forever since I last had a bath like this!



Hey hey!

You have to rinse first before going in the tub!


Ha ha!

I finally get to move to the A-class dorm!

Private bedroom, private bathroom



4 people a room, shared bathroom

From now on, I will live this life to the fullest…

Too easy, nothing can stop me!

I just have to continue exploiting those workers!!


Hey, don’t pee in the tub!

Feels good!

Dragons don’t pee!!



I’ve been feeling really tired for the past few days…

Same here…

By body was so exhausted, even my scales are coming off…

I have no idea of what I’ve done…

The output this month has increased, but…


A lot to be precise…

Ha… ha…ha



What happened!?

Don’t be so tired like that!!

Get ready for work, people!

How is he the only one looking fine…




Sfx: *dig *dig




I can’t stand this any longer…

H…Help me please…

Hey Rim,

That guy doesn’t wanna work!

Did you maximize the power of the rod?


It’s always at max power…




The output amount is actually going down…

This is annoying!

That guy lying over there can no longer hold his pickaxe

Maybe we should form a new team, divide the workload and have a new plan…


I’ve bought the medicine you asked for…

But… the money you gave me is not enough to cover for everyone…

It’s fine…

Just mix them with water and share it among everyone!

But… it’s too cruel…

We gotta do that since we haven’t reached the target output yet.




Everyone was exhausted because of work…

If this continues, it will be no turning back!

Can we just stop and apologize to everyone?

Are you gonna be on it again…

How can you make money like this?

If you expose our secret…

Our monopoly of this level of the mine will be gone.

They should be happy for being brainwashed.


Increase the power!



They have to work to death…

For the sake of everyone!



I’ve been thinking!

We have to push each other to move forward!

To reach to a higher position…

We need a foundation


That’s why these workers

Will become the foundation for us to step forward!

In general…

You have to be cruel, to pursue your dream!



I am the boss here!





Work hard!

Work till you die!

Give me all your strength!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Erm… what’s happening?

Oh, it breaks!



Ninomiya Kinji – hospitalized for two weeks

[The debt was increased by 2 millions gold coins this month]


[Dug a large amount of demon stone (+8 millions gold)]


[Pay back to everyone (-6 millions gold)]

[living expense (- 3 millions gold)]

[Medical fee (- 1 million gold)]

[Total 22.2 millions gold coins]



They hate me for sure…

It’s been a while since I come to work…

Don’t they know who helped them get this output amount?



…What’s this letter?

What is this…

W…Wait a bit, leader…

What does this mean?

You transferred me to the exploration department?

I can’t do it!

I’ll die!



You guys did really well on the third level…

That’s normal for the supervisors to notice you!!


Workers in that department have to go through many different mines and they might even face the monsters!!

It’s impossible for a person with no experience like me!

Transfer Notice

Employee Ninomiya, starting today, will begin to work at Squad 8 of the Exploration Department

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