Meikyuu Black Company Chapter 3

Meikyuu Black Company Chapter 3

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Exploration Department

Erito Team
Made approximately 70% of the revenue of Razappa Mine.



Work in explorers’ styles
Amlia’s youths’ idols



The newcomer, Ninomiya, is bearing on his shoulders a huge debt.
At this mine,
There’s one here.
And now…



I just got down here.
Gak (*)
Damn it!
Chapter 3: Fight! Salariman



Are you done?
You’ve got this little? Get some oil here, quickly.
Fire it up!
You got that many demon stones at the third floor.
How can you collapse after a short while here?
None of your business…



Hey, team 8’s newcomer…
How dare you talk like that to your senior?
I’m used to it.
Sucker, don’t you dare block our team 3’s way.
Got it?
These newcomers are all useless.
Is that so?
You’re always like that.
That’s how you manage your team huh?



Don’t waste time here anymore.
As long as they have arms and legs, they are useful, got it?
Got it!
We must unite and work hard for the company, okay?
Razappa Mining JSC, Toriston
1.3 billion golds capital, 30000 workers



Main business: demon stones.
Lastly, exploration and underground mining.
Razappa is benefitting from these 3 fields and is expanding its scale.
Your feeling towards the company
Like a lot
Crazy about it



The exploration and mining departments are the company’s main source of profit.
For better efficiency, they are divided into different groups.
Mining (*)
Exploration (*)
For example, in the exploration department, there are teams who are responsible for combatting huge monsters to pave the way for the mining department.
Logistics teams are responsible for food, tools, they can combat smaller monsters….
Teams who are responsible for collecting demon stone containers


PAGE 10:

The rest, those idlers of team 8, they do janitory work.
Collecting monsters’ dead bodies,
Changing light bulbs,
Moving demon stone containers,
Cleaning tools and other stuffs,
Those mentioned above are described by
Humanology Professor
Faru Gaba
Detmold from ezploration team number 8? I know him!
This is not a place for someone as brilliant as him!
However, the truth is


PAGE 11:

Just like what Professor Hippo predicted
Blargh … blargh …!
Huff….. Phewwww
Oh my God …
I did not know this place is that gross.


PAGE 12:

Damn! Why do I have to risk my life like this? My debt is still there and suddenly I am moved here!
Even if it means death, you and I have to try going through….!
Ninomiya, did you know?
We moved here because we worked too hard.
But there are only monsters here, hard work doesn’t mean anything here…
We are workers, we have no power.
Our fate is like this.
They didn’t even train us psychologically or teach us how to react when encountering monsters.
Well, you didn’t change, did you?
Don’t you see we are in a critical situation?
If it’s infectious, we’ll all be dead!


PAGE 13:

You lazy asshole!
You have to live a glorious life!
Keep working! I’ll take you for a drink when we’re free, but nevermind, I have no money …
Can we pay for the drinks later?
Well, water above the ground can do!


PAGE 14:

What … what is that!
It’s Mimiku…
Mining sites’ inhabitants, a mollusk which can attack human. Often dwell in soil holes or demon stone containers. Go well with vinegar.
This container is its’ home?
I don’t want to report things like this …..!
This one is edible!


PAGE 15:

Who can eat that …..
Help… Help me!  Damn … Damn it!
I think there’s something in the toolbox that can handle this..!
Poison, sleeping pills, anesthetics may be effective!
There’s no time left, I’ll use all of them!
I’m gonna die!!
Ah ah ah ah ah ah


PAGE 16:

The next day
I…have to work for two?
Absolutely! Correct!
We’re seriously understaffed.
That job is a piece of cake.
If you’re careful, then no problem.
But you did not use your brain.
I cannot wait for Wanibe to fully recover.
Im… Impossible!
Even 2 people cannot get it done in official working hours!
No one is gonna replace Wanibe?


PAGE 17:

Impossible! Only you think like that.
Nothing is impossible. (*)
Job transference is good for you two.
But thanks to your intelligence, one is now hospitalized.
You need money, right?
You got no wage yesterday, it was used on your protective clothing.
I worked so hard yesterday …
No more talking.
Get to work.


PAGE 18:

Position of demon stone containers, Detmold Site, B2 Floor
B-1, Container no. 1
B-1, Container no. 3
D-4, Container no. 2


PAGE 19:

E-3, Container no. 5
G-3, Container no. 1
I-6, Container no. 4
K-5, Container no.  6


PAGE 20:

Before we close, remember to take out the garbage.
There is someone who takes trash around here, right?
There’s no beggar around.
Maybe abandoned dogs and cats…
What dog or cat can carry this giant pack?
Well, I don’t know.


PAGE 21:

These again?
What’s with that attitude? They are all delicacies!
If you don’t want it then stop eating!
You’re lucky you have something to eat!
But… I’m tired of eating this…
She only ate leftover food before, how dare she refuse this?
What …. What’s the matter?
Stay still…..


PAGE 22:

There’s a delicious smell.
Hey… Hey… That!
It’s meat!
You’re hiding that from me?
N..No! It’s all fatty so I’m planning on throwing it away.
You don’t eat fat meat, right?
I bought these cheap meat so that I can eat alone because they don’t like fat meat here, who knows…!
I like fat meat!
Give it back!


Page 23:

Bad boy!
What are you doing!?
I shouldn’t have given her delicious food in the first place.
Now she only eats delicious food, how can I find money for that…
I’m gonna die!


Page 24:

Post office, Razappa Mining Site
Today’s mission is delivering the goods.
Quite a lot, right?
Work hard!
Be careful, they are luxurious drinks.
One box is equivalent to 3 months’ salary, remember that.
Is the magic key that Wanibe used.
In case any routes drawn on the map are blocked, use this to open them.
Damn… these things…
I don’t know if I can handle them?


Page 25:

I want money…. But I have no motivation.
This is how this slavery company works, but…
If this keeps going on, I will die…
I have to do something….
Help… Save me please!


Page 26:

What are you doing!?
Are you that talkative sucker from team 3?
You’re that idiot newcomer in team 8?
Run behind me…. Block its way so that I can run and hide!
You ask someone for a favor in that manner?
There it is….!


Page 27:

What the….. Why is that ant so huge?
Is it chasing you?
If Erido is here, this ant is nothing!
As long as there is only one.
You mean…?

Page 28:

Page 29:



Page 30:

Where are they from?
Third floor’s ants.
I don’t know why they are here either…
Where are the others?
I don’t know! They’ve run everywhere!
Damn it! This way!


Page 31:

Jump into that lake!
Keep swimming straight, that’s the shortest way to the center
I’m not good at collecting demon stone containers but I’m good at this!
Okay, I trust you!
Mr. Namu!


Page 32:

You’re done already? You’re that good?
There are only you and those outside here?
Call others quickly!
What’s wrong with the two of you? Why are you like this?
The ants from the mine are coming here!
Huh? What ant?
Damn it…! Quickly pick up!
Oh… I lost.
Haha. The drinks are on you today!


Page 33:

It’s true that there are many monsters down there,
But they cannot come here no matter how strong they are.
I said the ants are coming!
We’re all gonna die!
Huh? What does that mean?
If the source of information is not credible then we cannot send anyone.
Have you finished your work today? Are you making that up so that you can stop working?
Damn it…! Now is no time for jokes!
Ah ah ah ah ah ah


Page 34:


Page 35:

Beep…            Beep……………



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