Meikyuu Black Company Chapter 6

Meikyuu Black Company Chapter 6

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2 Two months ago
Faria Heritage
The last floor
Shira! That is impossible!
Nothing is impossible! It still survives
In this world, Gladiator is not a kind of job, it’s just a name.
They are the mutants who have extremely good fighting abilities and bring the company many profits… In other words, they are Level S workers.
The battle field is destroyed!
No time to recover!
All the healers have been killed!
Splash it with the magic liquid!
Even that would only scratch its skin! It will recover immediately!
Stupid Kinou Shia, if you are called a hero, you must sacrifice for your teammates… for the world!
And for the company.
Work till death,
That’s how it is!
3 Even her working spirit is respectable…
What… What the heck is this…?
4 Work is my lover
The company is my love
Chapter 6: Shadow Hero
5 Stretching
Be nice and quickly release me!
You are violating the company’s rules on forbidden things to do!
Such an unjustifiable violation!
Aren’t you exaggerating it?
But you’re so annoying.
If anyone knows I’m trading demon stones illegally after coming back from the training course…
And now this talkative one…
Sorry I made you wait, Ninomiya…
6 Well,
I don’t want to be involved in these businesses of yours…
Let me go!!
Oh, there you are, Wanibe.
Did you bring what I told you?
Uhm… Yes, I just don’t know how you are gonna handle this?
You’re Ninomiya’s associate!
What is this!?
Ms. Shira, what happened..!
Ninomiya, what is it this time?
Are you intending on something crazy again…
Well, actually,
7 3 hours ago
This is team 3’s office, from now on you will be working here.
Use those chairs, quickly get down to work!
Yes sir…
Haizz… I forgot that that guy is also in team 3.
He looks annoyed.
Hey Ninomiya.
8 Hello.
I’m Kinou Shia.
I’m your team leader from now on, let’s support each other.
This is a direct order.
Chosen from those of high status, the ones from Faria Heritage were all given honor medals.
Therefore don’t try anything stupid!
Yes! Ms. Shia from Faria.
Isn’t she the one called “God’s Champion Gladiator”!?
Hey, what’s a gladiator?
It’s not a kind of job, it’s a name.
They are the ones who contributed enormously for the company.
Don’t say that…!
What gladiator, it’s embarrassing!
I was just seriously trying my best for the company.
For the company… so it’s like that.
9 A kind of hard-working cattle…
Logistics Agency, General Investigation Department
I’m always hyperactive like that!
I feel sorry for Wanibe, but I have to quickly introduce Ninomiya to the newly freed headquarters.
Oh, it’s my pleasure.
Our investigation department, from team 1 to 6, are based in the Logistics Agency, General Investigation Department.
Team 7 are the guards of the headquarters, team 8 is a different team who is responsible for janitorial and supporting work.
We can get inside because I have notified them before and they have prepared the necessary equipment for us.
10 As the job itself is different, the working method and salary are also different.
For example,
For the investigation teams, base salary plus bonus based on the results of their work on a fixed schedule.
For team 7 and 8, their salary is fixed, all their salary comes from their fixed working schedule.
Our working hours are flexible and our salary is based on what we achieved.
You may be wondering that it doesn’t sound like a stable job.
It’s not like that.
As you’ve already known, the deeper you go into the maze, the more valuable the things you can get.
Investigation team’s circle
Exchange money
Underground investigation
If you are capable, it’s wise to choose the investigation team.
You are happy as long as you work! In return, it’s the best working environment where everyone can laugh happily. It’s the investigation team’s charm.
Hey… it looks like something is going on over there.
That’s where you exchange money. Those who lack the ability are in difficulty because they did not meet the required quantity.
11 What you are looking at is the specialized mart of Investigation Department, Company Mart.
Here we have all the high-class equipment that you can’t find on the street.
If we have the right equipment, investigation at the maze will be more convenient and easy.
Oh God, we have all those modern equipment at the company …
This is the proof that the company always cares about and thinks for its workers
I love company!
To be working at a place like this…
Don’t you feel lucky!?
No, I don’t think so.
This seems like a trap.
12 Huh?
Look at that.
They all use the demon stones we found.
Then why are they that expensive?
That’s not the mart, it’s monopoly.
Just look at that man from before, how hard it is for him to meet the required quantity.
That means….
With his ability he can’t meet the required quantity,
But he needs that super-duper expensive equipment the company sells here to meet it.
They can’t live properly, they can’t die either, such greed.
I do want to be promoted, but nowhere in this company isn’t corrupt …
How can you say that?
They gave us the chance to work!
How can you curse at the company like that?!
13 Work is the most glorious thing in life.
Overcoming all the difficulties, we surge forwards and we make everyone happy.
Don’t you want to be the winner!?
That’s what you think.
I’m pathetic, I’m not like you.
I don’t wanna die in this company.
Hey don’t be like that.
Bet on your life to fight then you’ll get used to it.
Let’s go practicing now.
You will understand right away.
14 What…Hey!
Let me go!
First we have to see what you can do.
Gah! What kind of strength is this!
Hey are you brainwashed!?
That kind of magic doesn’t work on me, I’m resistant to magic.
It runs in the blood!? Damn it I got in trouble again.
Let me go!
You are noisy.
16 What the heck is this place?
What more…
Isn’t this the Maze’s 3rd floor?
This is so different from what I knew.
This 3rd floor has a quite different structure.
Have you been here before?
Oh…well this is the shortcut.
This bitch is the kind who forces.
Damn, she isn’t like a Gladiator at all.
17 Oh
Look at this.
That way, right on time the monster appears.
It’s Hekatoncheir.
The floor number is equivalent to the monster’s ranking. This is the 3rd floor, monsters here are medium-ranked.
There are some garnishments in the middle of its horn …
Recently it killed someone right?
Come on Ninomiya.
Let me see you fight once.
If you don’t fight how can I see your ability?
18 Come on?
It is coming towards us, if you let it in here then we will be in trouble.
U fu fu
You are strong.
You wanna be my victim?
It’s Maze B Ant
Right on time.
19 That reminds me, people like her lived on the 3rd floor of the maze
I didn’t know she was this good.
I’ve underestimated this place…
Fight the demons…
Even if it’s like that, this girl…
20 Humph
Harder than I thought.
Nevertheless, still a piece of cake, shouldn’t have made me fight.
Hey Ninomiya,
Why are you hiding here?
If you don’t fight even just a little, you are here for nothing …
21 What’s the matter?
It’s a Maze Ant, aren’t you gonna catch it?
How can I let her kill my workers?
No, this one is familiar to me and it seemed to have lost its fighting ability.
It’s useless killing it.
No, I meant using it.
Having lost its fighting ability, doesn’t that mean it’s easier to catch?
It looks more like it is hiding behind you.
That reminds me, you even cursed at the company.
Then you’re a monster.
Acknowledge that.
What! I was not careful enough…
Rim! Meal time!
22 Thud
23 Growl
What the heck, this kid.
It has a great demon power .
Rim, long time no see, you look fatter.
When Ninomiya was in the training course,
Rim was homesick so she went underground for a while
And got spoiled.
I’m bored… Give me rice?
24 Clatter
Monsters in human disguise.
I cannot ignore these gross creatures.
It hurts…
You will see part of my ability…!
25 Zuzuzu
26 Grab
27 Shuuuu
Beating others for no reason…
I saw nothing…
Turns out, it’s the ant’s fault.
I felt so stupid thinking about it again.
But that girl,
What to do with her.
28 So it’s like that.
I have to say, you’re always causing problems Ninomiya…
I want you to learn to live a peaceful life.
I have never wanted to live a peaceful life.
Got a Hero to rebel with me …
This is the chance for my revenge!
Hey, don’t put me alongside those monsters…
I will report this to the company!
I myself cannot forgive you!
If you say that…
Did you record it with a camera?
If that’s so, I will have to do one thing.
Huh… Wait… What exactly do you want…?
29 Put arm around shoulders
A cozy working space
Welcome to Black Cuptea Maze
Looking good!
If you don’t want this to spread, be sure to keep your mouth shut!
Unless you want to lose the Gladiator tittle hahaha!
What… are you saying!
30 Bastard …No! Cruel monster!
I will beat you for sure!
Whatever, you’re one of us now.
From now on, let’s work hard as Black Company Maze’s members.
Black… what…?
I don’t approve of that…!
Let’s just call it a kind of mutual assistance!
You tricked me!
Gah gah gah gah
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32 Episode 1
Black Company Maze
Try to survive, the company’s cattle warriors
Different World x Black Company
Now is not the time for a thank you.
The one which is widely released .
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