Murabito desu ga Nani ka? Chapter 9.5

Murabito desu ga Nani ka? Chapter 9.5

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 9.5
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Murabito desu ga, nani ka? Intermission 1 (9.5)

Pg 1

P1B1: 10-odd years ago-
P1T1: This time, we have a side story. Memories that Ryuuto is not aware about-.
P1B2: I was beaten and on the verge of death.
Title: Intermission 1: – Memories of the Earth Dragon –


Pg 2

P1B1a: My opponent was an evil dragon
P1B1b: Dragons fight even though they know they can’t win

P2B1: It is a dragon’s pride to be struck down by someone strong…

P6B1: … No, I…


Pg 3

Nothing here


Pg 4

P2B1: I see you are here today

P4B1: I’ve prepared some tea. How about enjoying it together?

P5B1: … Thank you very much


Pg 5

P1B1: Why did you save me?

P3B1a: Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful
P3B1b: for ten years
P3Box1: I hated it
P3B2a: I have been recuperating in human form under your care
P3B2b: You even provided me with clothes and lodging…
P3Box2a: I thought I would die back there
P3Box2b: It is a dishonour for dragons to continue living after defeat

P4B1: I said it was not needed!
P4Box1: but… I have lost even that sentiment…
P4B2a: The corpse of a dragon is worth a mountain of fortune
P4B2b: A person who would overlook this… I cannot understand it

T1: The meat of a dragon is a luxurious ingredient, their teeth and hide are precious materials for weapon and armour crafting, bones used for medicine, innards and other parts can be sold. Once the whole corpse is sold, one can earn enough to live five times frivolously without working.

P5Box1: …What is the reason for my change?


Pg 6

P2B1: Why… I wonder?

P4B1: At least, I…
P4B2: … No, my family lost their happiness in pursuit of wealth…

P5B1: … and how is your family now?
P5Box1: Why am I listening to a human?


Pg 7

P1Box1: Although it won’t make me any stronger, this wasted time…
P1B1: … I apologise to have touched on such that topic
P1B2: No it’s fine… Please listen if you will
P1B3: –

P2T1: … She told me her story
P2T2: That this was a sanatorium (nursing home) and that she was sick
P2T3: Her husband passed away 2 years ago
P2T4: She was formerly from a noble family but with her husband’s sudden passing, she had no more standing and fell into ruin by the government’s plot
P2T5: What’s more, she failed at jobs, accumulating various debts and her family was scattered
P2T6: Now she has settled her debts but has been living alone without being able to contact any of her relatives
P2T7: She had a baby girl but was separated from her during a  riot
P2T8: She searched everywhere but to no avail, and in that time, her body and mind both…
P2Box1: Humans are weak beings which seem to feel better after exposing their weaknesses to someone else. But… her heart was…

P3B1a: Even so…
P3B1b: I’m going to get better soon and go on a journey to find my daughter again!
P3T1: That’s why I’ve got to work hard at recovering


Pg 8

P1B1: Your disease can’t be cured

P4B1: … It seems the rumours of a dragon’s mind-reading abilities are true.

P5B1: I apologise
P5B2: Even within the dragons’ secret arts, there is no skill that can cure that plague


Pg 9

P1Box1a: …Dragons are beings that leave this world quickly
P1Box1b: Did she lie because of a needless consideration for me…
P1Box2: This is the human emotion, “sympathy”.

P2Box1a: A large portion of this woman’s heart is filled with the love for her daughter
P2Box1b: Though she is faced with death due to this incurable plague, she is worried about her child
P2Box2a: Why is she still caring about others?
P2Box2b: What is the difference between humans and dragons? Why is a mother’s heart so strong and sublime?

P3B1: … You lied to me

P4B1: Dragons hate lies

P5B1: But the one who made you lie… was me…


Pg 10

P1B1: I cannot forgive myself!
P1B2: And so I will fulfil your greatest wish!! [I will find your daughter for you]!!


Pg 11

P1B1: That’s how dragons repay their debts
P1B2: !

P3B1: My daughter’s name is…
P3B2: Lilith!

P4B1: I know that already. I will surely find her and take care of her…

P5B1: So you too… Have a good journey!

P6B1: … I’ll leave her to you…


Pg 12

P1Box1: Several years later
P1B1: Father… This grave is?

P2B1: My… benefactor’s
P2B2: And so, I want Lilith to pray for her happiness in the next life together with me

P5T1: Thank you… For saving me

T1: This is a story of Lilith’s distant past


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