Murabito desu ga Nani ka? Chapter 9

Murabito desu ga Nani ka? Chapter 9

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 9
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Murabito desu ga, nani ka? 09

Pg 1

P1T1: Thank you for the great support! Our rushed reprinting is still in progress!!!
Title: Chapter 9: Rite of Trials 03


Pg 2

P1B1: The final trial is a decisive battle with a dragon zombie

P2B1a: A dragon zombie is…
P2B1b: not much different from a dragon in its moments before death, isn’t it?
P2B2a: …Their spirits are preserved in their bodies by the dragon race’s secret arts after death.
P2B2b: All the skills they possess are sealed
P2B2c: and their statuses from just before death becomes “undead”

P3B1: before death?
P3B2: It can’t become a guardian in a weakened state even if it is an undead.
P3B3: Ah, I see…
P3B4a: The true objective of this trial is…
P3B4b: to pay respects through the changing of generations.


Pg 3

P1B1: Old dragons that have become zombies entrust their skills to the victorious younger dragons of this ritual
P1B2a: Through this ritual, zombies with high divinity can become dragon gods and ascend.
P1B2b: Younger dragons can get stronger through the ritual by learning skills and becoming mature dragons.

P2B1a: Those who pass the trials are awarded the skill “Blessing of the Divine Dragon”
P2B1b: This skill increases the end result of all other status enhancements by 1.5 times [Note here: It’s other status buffs used before multiplication, instead of “Blessing of the Divine Dragon” before other status buffs]
P2B2a: It can’t be compared to a Hero’s Level 100 mastery skill [almost 2 times], but
P2B2b: in order to get a head start on the heroes, I want this skill by any means possible

P7B1: This is the altar…


Pg 4

P1B1: Father…!


Pg 5

P2B1: Well… It became like this

P4B1a: The earth dragon died about a month ago
P4B1b: There hasn’t been any sign of anyone going through the ritual of trials during that time…
P4B2: This ritual has inevitably become a funeral service for Lilith’s father, the earth dragon who is the current guardian!

T1: Once the “ritual of trials” is undertaken, it takes at least a month to restore the labyrinth to its original state.


Pg 6

P1SFX: Crash

P2SFX: launch barrage

P3SFX: zoom
P3SFX2: step step


Pg 7

P1SFX: Loom

P2SFX: clash
P2SFX2: Step step
P2SFX3: gusha

P3SFX: rumble rumble

P4SFX: Roar

P5SFX: clench
P5B1: !?


Pg 8

P1SFX: grit grit

P2B1: Skill activated: Farming cultivation
P2SFX: rumble

P3SFX: stretch stretch

P4SFX: metallic crash


Pg 9

P1SFX: Struggle

P2SFX: break/rip

P3B1: !!
P3B2: It won’t even slow him down…

P4B1: … But…

P8SFX: burn

P9B1a: He saw through it!?
P9B1b: The seeds I planted on it burst open because of the excessive mana supply!


Pg 10

P1SFX: Fling
P1SFX2: release
P1SFX3: Bang

P2SFX: crack
P2T1: -Strong!

P3SFX: crash

P4SFX: Spin
P4SFX2: Land
P4SFX3: run

P5SFX: jump

P6SFX: Throw

P7SFX: Latch


Pg 11

P1SFX: Swing

P2SFX: grit

P3SFX: crash

P4B1: But, it doesn’t mean that I can’t fight him!!

P5SFX: Bang bang


Pg 12

P1SFX: Creak
P1B1: !?
P1B2: I kind of understand… why dragons view battle as sacred now
P1SFX2: Slide
P1SFX3: roll
P1SFX4: Crack Crash

P2B1: They want to test their own strength
P2SFX: Roar

P3B1: To surpass limits


Pg 13

P1T1: Too strong…


Pg 14

P1T1: … But it’s fun!!

P2B1: Skill activate: Steel Body, Demon’s Gateway

P4B1: I’ve always been getting through by only using “Physical ability strengthening”
P4B2a: Even if I used all my skills, I’d still be no match for a dragon
P4B2b: But by using 2 strengthening skills at once, I can exceed a dragon’s expectations for a moment.


Pg 15

P1B1: Skill activate
P1T1: I want to strike with all my strength
P1B2: “Rage of the villager”!!!!


Pg 16



Pg 17



Pg 18

P1SFX: Weapon sharp slicing sound

P3B1: … Why are you stopping?
P3SFX: pant

P4B1: … I can’t do it
P4SFX: pant


Pg 19

P1B1: When I see you make such a face

P2B1a: Why – am I – crying…?
P2B1b: Father is already… Then – He’ll become – a divine dragon, it’s a happy thing

P4B1a: It’s because Lilith is human, isn’t it?
P4B1b: As you come to terms with it as a dragon, the human part of you still rejects it… you can’t help it
P4T1: I honestly don’t understand a dragon’s point of view…
P4B2: No way… What should I…


Pg 20

P1B1: Even so… You should send him off with your own hands!

P1B2a: You are the child of this earth dragon
P1B2b: As both dragon and human, and in the way which your parent would wish for the most,

P2B1: Accept the parting of your family!!

P3B1: But… then the “Blessing of the divine dragon” would go to me and not you…

P4B1: Don’t mind it!


Pg 21

P1B1: Show your father what you can do!

P2SFX: Brace


Pg 22

P2B1: Thank you very much
P2B2: For picking me up… and taking care of me, Father!


Pg 23



Pg 24

P2SFX: Sob sob
P2B1a: Let me…
P2B1b: stay like this…
P2B1c: …for a while please…

P3B1a: Yeah, cry
P3B1b: for as long as you’d like!


Pg 25

P3B1: … have you calmed down?
P3B2: Yeah… Thank you
P3SFX: sob

P4B1: …
P4SFX: rub rub

P5B1: … Even if I can’t get the skill
P5SFX: lift…
P5B2a: Just levelling up with the shared EXP is…
P5B2b: …!?


Pg 26

P1Box1:               Awarded Skill (NEW!)
Skill name: “Blessing of the Divine Dragon”
Effect:   This skill increases the end result of all other status enhancement by 1.5 times [Calculates other status buffs used before multiplication, instead of “Blessing of the Divine Dragon” before other status buffs]
P1B1: What’s the meaning of this? Why is this skill…

P2B1: Ha!

P3B1: I… don’t understand either
P3Box1:               Awarded skill (NEW!)
Skill name:          “Divine Dragon’s Guardian Spirit”
Effect:   Increases resistance to status ailments immensely
Greatly increases Growth rate
ATK, DEF, MAG and EVA +500

P4B1: …

P5B1: Pfft


Pg 27

P1T1: Ahahahahahahahaa!!

P2T1: I see, I see, it’s something like that-!
P2SFX: worry…

P3B1: What is it? Tell me, Ryuuto!
P3SFX: Heehahahaha (x2)

P4T1: Sorry, sorry
P4B1: Your dad was probably quite a doting idiot parent…
P4T2: Giving me this skill was probably something like “Please take care of my daughter”?


Pg 28

P1B1: !
P1B2: Your dad is right here.

P2B1: … Together with you

P4B1: and- you’re quite a softie, aren’t ya?
P4B2: … Shut up!


Pg 29

P1B1: …What are we going to do once we return to the surface?
P1B2a: I’ll hole myself up in the Dragon King’s library
P1B2b: After that… Probably wander around the world collecting skills or equipment while levelling up I guess.

P3B1: I’ll become Lilith’s guardian and vouch for your identity
P3B2: So you should do what you like. You could continue to be a librarian…


Pg 30

P1B1: … or would you rather come with me?

P2B1: Yeah!

Box1: Lilith on a new journey-!!!


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