Nonbiri VRMMOki Chapter 15

Nonbiri VRMMOki Chapter 15

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: Play.15 [Let’s Do Our Best in Real Life Too!]


Sfx: Chirp

Sfx: Pipipipipipipipi!

Sfx: Pii…

Sfx: Click

Sfx: Yawn…

B1: My name is Kokonoe Tsugumi, and my morning starts as early as it does for housewives in my country…

T: 05.00 AM


Sfx: Sleep soundly

Sfx: Walk

Sfx: Silently

B1: Clack

B2: We have bread, omellete…

B3: Veggie soup is good too…

Sfx: Sizzle

T: 5.20 AM


T: 5.40 AM

B1: Good morning, Tsugu-Nii!

B2: Itadakimasu!

B3: It’s really good!
If we have Tsugu-Nii’s breakfast, we can do our best in our morning practice!
BC: Yummm!!

B4: Yeah, I agree.
But no time left, hurry up Hibari-chan!

Sfx: Munch

Sfx: Munch

Sfx: Gulp gulp

Sfx: Giggle

H: The school still provides them lunch now since they are in junior high…
But I guess I’ll have to prepare them boxed lunches when they are high schoolers…
And of course I’ll have to do it every day…

B5: But what if they said that they don’t need boxed lunches because they can buy it from the store…

Sfx: Sigh…

B6: Uhm, Tsugu-Nii..?

B7: W-what’s wrong?


T: 6.00 AM

B1: Good morning!
BC: And thank you for everything yesterday!

B2: We’re off now!

B3: Be careful out there!

B4: After that, taking today’s newspaper in…

B5: Cleaning up tableware, and bringing out the trash when it’s collection day…
Sweeping, doing laundry, weeding the yard…

B6: Ah, today is the day for egg’s special sale. I have to go to the supermarket too…

B7: That’s what I do when I’m not working…


T: 8.00 AM

B1: Isn’t this Tsugumi-chan! Good morning!
BC: Huh?

B2: Good morning, Sanae-san

T: Misa-chan’s Mama
Iida Sanae ( YO)
(Note to pr: Her age is intentionally blurred)

B3: Are you going to work now?

B4: Yeah

B5: And you’re going to the supermarket huh, Tsugumi-chan?
It’s the same way until the station, so won’t you accompany this auntie?

B6: Ah, yes, of course…

B7: Again with those formalities!! I always thought of you and the twins as my own children, you know?
BC: Oh you!

Sfx: Slap

B8: But calling a 25 year old man with [chan] is just overdoing it…

B9: Ah right, yesterday’s pudding!


B1: It was really delicious as usual!
But papa was coming back late, so both of use ate his share too
BC: Chuckle

H: Papa is going to come late today, so let’s eat his share, okay?

H: That’s a good idea, Mama!

Sfx: Kyaa! Kyaaa!

B2: Is that so..?

B3: If I remember correctly, Pudding was Tatsuki-san’s favorite food, wasn’t it…
BC: I’ll make it again for him next time…

Sfx: Mom is the strongest…

B4: So their house’s hierarchy is just like ours…

B5: And thank you…
For accompanying Misa in her game too…

B6: I just can’t imagine anything going wrong if you play with our 13 year old girl, Tsugumi-chan!
Wait, that’s not it…

B7: I wonder if our girl troubled you yesterday…

B8: I wish she correct herself before she said it out loud…


B1: I also enjoy the game myself, so it’s not a problem, Sanae-san.

B2: Really?
Then I’m glad too…

B3: Yes, it really surprised me that games nowadays can seem to do anything…

B4: Oh,  right… Misa said it too…

Sfx: Chuckle

B5: With the newest VR technology, they can replicate Japan in precise detail and something I don’t even understand…

Sfx: Full Enthusiasm

H: Misa-chan…

B6: We already arrived at the station
I’m glad I got to talk to you like this, Tsugumi-chan!
BC: Ah!

H: I’m going to work now!

B7: Be careful on your way, Sanae-san!

B8: Let’s continue our way to the supermarket…
BC: And now…


T: Extremely cheap!
Morning Market ̴ only until 10 AM
1 pack each customer!!

B1: Special sale in morning market? Super cheap eggs, eh…

Sfx: Cluck cluck!

H: If one Cocko egg is 20M, then…

Sfx: Ha!

B2: Let’s just stop. It’s just pathetic if I mix R&M and real life together…

H: Next is…

Sfx: Running sound

T: 6.00 PM

B3: We’re home..!


H: We’re going to do our homework!

B1: Oh, Welcome back…

Sfx: Hasty noise

H: Both of them are still in their gym club’s uniform…

T: 7.00 PM

B2: Tsugu-nii! Let us help with dinner!

B3: Yeah, preparing dinner!

B4: And your homework?

B5: It’s already finished, of course!

B6: With Hitaki’s help in places you didn’t understand, right?

B7: Why do you..!?
BC: What!?
BC: Tsugu-Nii is an Esper!?

B8: Like always…
BC: Yeah

T: Kokonoe house’s dinner today

Sfx: Rub rub

T: 7.45 PM


B1: And now they are helping clean up of their own will…
They really can’t wait to play that game again..

B2: Good grief…

B3: Do you want to play now?

Sfx: Smile brightly

B4: Can we really!?

B5: Yeah!

Sfx: Ready up

B6: So quick!!


B1: Will Misa-chan really log in from her own room?

B2: Misa-chan said that she’ll join on Wednesday!

B3: So it’s the day after tomorrow…

B4: Hey, can I ask about our and Misa-chan’s level difference?

B5: There’s a difference between us and Misa because she started late, but low level players are easier to level up, so she finally caught up…
But won’t we leave her behind if we play at this pace?

Sfx: Giggle giggle

Sfx: Ahahahahaha

B6: Don’t worry about it, Tsugu-Nii! It’s not even a problem!

B7: Because in this game, other than high level, you need to have fighting sense as well…


B1: And Misa-chan is the best on that between us four!

Sfx: Misa-chan combo!

Sfx: powpowpowpowpow!

B2: So even if there’s a difference in level between us…
It’s not possible for Misa-chan to be left behind!

H: Ah, right….

H: It doesn’t seem to be possible…

B3: If we are talking about Wednesday…
There will be a game balancing maintenance going on that day…
BC: Oh yeah…
BC: And it’s going to be 10 hours long!

B4: Game balancing?

B5: They will fine tune jobs with less popularity and flawed skills in that time…
And they are also considering the players’ opinion in the suggestions board too…

H: Look, they wrote it on the homepage too!

B6: I see now…
Let’s see what’s written here…


B1: It seems they are going to raise certain quests’ importance, because based on NPC’s logs, the number of quest takers is getting lower and lower…

B2: Ah, right, Karen also said the same thing when we met her…

B3: I posted that request so long ago…
But you guys are only the 2nd adventurers’ party that has come to help me….
BC: Sniff

B4: For 3 years long…
BC: Uuuhhh…

B5: Oh, and they’re going to readjust [Rare] probability on crafting!

B6: That’s going to make crafting way easier then!

B7: And last, potions that haven’t been adjusted until today will changed into…
Veggie Juice flavor!?
BC: Uhm..
T: HP/MP Potion:
There are a lot of voices that declare that players are bored with tasteless and odorless potions.
Now, All of these basic flavor potions will be changed into vegetable juice flavor without discrimination.
*Players can still craft them into different flavors.

B8: Now I’m curious…
Did the programmers want to make this announcement serious or did they just want to be sarcastic…

B9: Yeah, it’s funny…
But they take the suggestion board’s joke too far in this…
I hate veggie juice!

T: 694: Anonymous pleader
Potions are too tasteless and odorless…
Please do something about this

695: Anonymous pleader
>>694 By the way, what are you suggesting?

696: Anonymous pleader
Veggie juice!!!

697: Anonymous pleader
>>696 Genius! 1 vote for veggie juice!

698: Anonymous pleader

699: Anonymous pleader
Veggie juice!!

700: Anonymous pleader
Give us Veggie juice!!

701: Anonymous pleader
All veggie juice lovers in this world will cry with hope

B10: Hahaha… And those people in that board are going to regret it soon…


B1: After this maintenance…
Maybe Tsugu-Nii’s time to shine has finally come!?

Sfx: Waah…

Sfx: Saviour

Sfx: Waah…

B2: I don’t think it will come that easily…

B3: It’s already around 8AM, eh…?

B4: But you must promise me that we will only play for 1 hour in weekdays, or around 2 days in-game time, okay?

B5: Okay!

Sfx: Excited

B6: Come on, Tsugu-Nii!

B7: Okay, okay…

Sfx: Click


Sfx: Zoom

B1: We’re here  again after 1 whole day!

B2: The first thing I have to do is…

B3: Summon my most important partner ingame..!


B1: My best pal, Spid..!

Sfx: Shoo!

Sfx: Poof

B2: Slump

Sfx: Tap

Sfx: Jump

Sfx: Tap

B3: …

Sfx: Struggle

H: Shoo! Shoo!

Sfx: Struggle

B4: He entered face first!
BC: Ahahaha!

Sfx: Shoo…

Sfx: Giggle

B5: So cute…


T: [Little Angel and Devil] Protector Group part 2

B1: 709: Lolicon Gentlemen
Who was it that made the suggestion about veggie flavored potions!?
He must be doing it to harass  me who can’t drink veggie juice, right!?
I won’t forgive those guys in suggestion board, eveeeeer!!!!
BC: Arrrgghhhh!!

B2: 710: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>709 H-hey, calm down dude…

B3: 711: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>709 I understand your feelings, man…
I understand it very much…

B4: 712: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>709 Cheer up, dude.
Look, the lolis are back now.
Come on, just forget them and go!

Sfx: Flash

B5: 713: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>712 I’m revived

B6: 714: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>713 So quick lol
Thank God I logged in today…
I just feel so empty without those lolis…


B1: 715: Lolicon Gentlemen
Well then, let’s go back to our usual business, all right guys? Lol

Sfx: Stretch

B2: 716: Lolicon Gentlemen
Ah, I just remembered, isn’t the tamer’s taming limit increased by 1 every 20 level?

B3: 717: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>716 That’s right

B4: 718: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>716 What about it?

B5: 719: Lolicon Gentlemen
No, it’s nothing really
I’m just wondering, what monster will Onii-chan tame next time…

B6: 720: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>719 Ah… (Still guessing)

B7: 721: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>719 Ah… (Just understood)

B8: 722: Lolicon Gentlemen
I want to know about it too!!
I hope it’s a fluffy type next!


B1: 723: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>722 Probably bug-type

Sfx: Giggle

B2: 724: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>723 Again? Lol

B3: 725: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>724 Isn’t interesting if he brings a reptile back?
Reptile lol

B4: 726: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>724 As long as it’s cute, I’m okay with everything lol

B5: 727: Lolicon Gentlemen
Let’s wait in our birthday suit!
I’m really looking forward to it!

Sfx: Here!
Here here!

B6: 728: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>727 Count me in

B7: 729: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>727 I’ll go with you


B1: 730: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>727 So you really want to see my naked skin? What a tasteful lad we have here…

B2: 731: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>730 Lol, not like that you idiot
Cover it, you filth rofl

Sfx: Gyaa

B3: While the bulletin board regained its vigor…
Onii-chan’s group which they’re talking about are…

B4: Uhhhhmmmm….

B5: What quest should we do today..?

B6: Mii-chan is not with us today, so we shouldn’t take a subjugation one with too many targets…

B7: Yeah. Maybe fixed number of targets subjugation?
Also gathering type and delivering quest?


B1: If we could, I want to do everything…

B2: It’s always troubling to choose!
BC: Uuhhh…

Sfx: Giggle

B3: Are the ones in this area NPC requested ones?

Sfx: Hmm…

H: Oh?
This one seems like it doesn’t need any fighting, just some investigating and done…
If Hitaki uses her detection skill, it’ll probably go smoothly, right?

B4: Hey…


T: [Investigate Forest in Aqueria area]
[Condition] 3 E Rank quests have been cleared
[Client] Guild’s Staff
These days, there are some rude fellows that are going berserk in the forest near Aqueria which were noted in Honey Bee’s Queen letter.
Please investigate quickly their identities and their numbers.
If possible, please exterminate them too.
[Reward] Commission

B1: What about this one?

B2: Ah, this is new! I never saw this request before!
BC: Hee…

B3: Honey Bee’s Queen is in trouble!
It’s obvious to save someone in trouble!

B4: Then…


B1: It’s decided with this, right?

B2: Yeah!

B3: After Tsugumi and Co. chose a new quest….

B4: Isn’t it faster if we asked the queen about it?

B5: Tsugu-Nii is fluffy now, so she should tell us easily…

B6: Shoo shoo!

B7: ?

B8: A new adventure starts now! It’s the start of a new investigation quest!


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