Nonbiri VRMMOki Chapter 19

Nonbiri VRMMOki Chapter 19

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


H: Play.19 [Let’s Meet Various Things Inside The Forest!]


B1: While Tsugumi and his sisters entered the forest to check on Honey Bees condition…

B2: I’m thinking on how to escape this…

B3: They encountered a 6-man party that suddenly jumped out from a bush…

B4: To meet another party in a place like this…
Is this our lucky day or something?

B5: And it’s just weak players and their guardian to boot…

B6: Weak..? Does he mean players under 15 years old?

B7: I don’t think these players are here just to greet us…
BC: They are players too, right?


Sfx: Rustle Rustle

B1: You guys aren’t participating in the urgent quest, right?
We are in the middle of that important event, you see…

Sfx: Flap flap flap

B2: That’s why…
Can you take those guys out for us?

Sfx: Rustle Rustle

B3: Gya h!

B4: Gugi!

Sfx: Step

Sfx: Rustle


H: Goblin..?

B1: Okay then…
See you guys later!

B2: Eeh, wait a…

B3: Let’s subjugate more White Ants and Aardwolves…
Before other parties hunt them dry!
BC: Well then!

B4: Is this really okay, Sin?

B5: Those goblins were just too many, even for our party…
So kids like that would be…


B1: It’s a good opportunity to teach children in this game how hard the world really is anyway…
BC: Don’t mind it…

B2: Even if it comes to the worst, this is just a game, after all!
BC: That’s right!

B3: You guys are so cruel!
BC: Kyahahahaha

B4: …

B5: Don’t tell me…
Are those players just…

Sfx: Rustle Rustle

(Double page with p7)

Sfx: Menacing atmosphere

B1: Gighi

B2: Shoved this monsters flock in our way..!?

Sfx: Creeping near

B3: Goblins and Cockos…
Around 50 in total

Sfx: Cluck Cluck

B4: Even that Cocko became menacing like that…

Sfx: Cluckk!!

B5: With Mii-chan absent, do you girls think we can pull this off?


Sfx: Approaching

B1: Grrr…

B2: Gighi…

B3: It’s okay!
We’ll work hard!!

B4: Yeah! Spid* is here too after all!
*TLN: Poll result in discord channel shows that Spid>Rigu, so I’m going to use Spid from now on too

B5: Shoo!


B1: Don’t forget to activate your [Non Combatant] while instructing Spid, Tsugu-Nii!

B2: I know

Sfx: Schwiing

B3: Let’s go, Hibari-chan!

Sfx: Clack

B4: Yeah, Hii-chan!

Sfx: Rumble rumble rumble

B5: Gii!!

B6: Gii!!

Sfx: Dash!


B1: Hyaaa..!!

Sfx: Swirl swirl

B2: Ghii!!

B3: Guha!!

Sfx: Slash

Sfx: Disappear

B4: Guhii!

B5: Gufu…

B6: Thud


Sfx: So mad

Sfx: So angry

B1: I can’t believe what those players did!!
BC: Hmph!

Sfx: Thump Thump

B2: Yeah, so absurd! Even absurdity should have a limit!
If we were low level adventurers, that goblin crowd would have MPKed us by now!!

B3: Shoo!! Shooshoo!!

H: It’s okay now…

B4: MPK…

H: Another abbreviation that I don’t know…

B5: It means to use Monsters to do Player Killing…
MPK is the popular slang for it, Tsugu-Nii!

H: Ehehehe

H: *Visualization

H: Gyaaa

B6: It’s a bad manner and the worst act to do in a game. Moreover, even if you are a victim, you can’t even complaint…


B1: What they did is something like that…

B2: Even I know…
That shoving monsters to kids is something inexcusable…

B3: No, doing that to adults doesn’t make that excusable either…

H: It’s fine because we could defeat them this time…

H: But what if we had ran to the city back there? Surely it will be disastrous to NPCs…

Sfx: Click click click click

B4: Hii-chan..?

B5: What are you doing?

B6: Hmm?
Nothing much…

B7: Hehehehe…


H: Click click click

H: Tremble tremble

H: Hibari is the type to let out her steam right away when she’s angry…

Sfx: Arrrgh!!

H: But Hitaki on the other hand is the type that holds a grudge, if I remember correctly…

B1: Did she report them to the Administrators?
It’s a player’s right to report this kind of thing, right?

B2: Ah!
Almost forgot about it…

B3: Thanks to little Spid here…
My Tamer level has risen to 20 after that last battle…

B4: That’s so amazing, Tsugu-Nii!
Your tamed monster limit will increase to 2 now!

B5: Yeah, so we need to find another monster to tame sometime soon

B6: Because I can’t fight at all…


B1: Well then!
Let’s switch our mood and go to the Honey Bee’s place!

B2: Hii-chan! [Presence Search], if you please!

B3: Okay, leave it to me!

B4: Let’s go, Spid!

H: pop out

B5: Shoo!

B6: Let’s just think that MPK back there was just bad luck, and forget about it…


T: [Oh Perverted Gentlemen, Our Time to Take Stand is Here!]Protector Group exclusive (Locked) part 1

B1: 30: CosmicZ
Well, I sorted it out.
For now, this is our honorary hero

H: ∙Guild Master:
∙Vice-Guild Master: Banbanji, Kanamin, NINJA

H: Nice to meet you!

H: ∙Funds Donator: Fragile

Sfx: Bam!

H: Guild Objective:
Watching over those beautiful siblings without any ulterior motive, while exterminating possible threats. So they can play this game comfortably.

Sfx: Babam!

H: ∙Joining Method:
After deciding a time, gather up in Aqueria → Guild Established.
Other people can join up later from Guild Board.

Sfx: Wham!

H: ∙Alliancing Method
From Guild Board.


B1: 31: Fragile
>>30 Good work

B2: 32: Yomogimochi
>>30 Ooh, looking nice now!

B3: 33: kanan
>>30 Thanks for your hard work
So, only deciding on Guild Master left now…

B4: 34: Purunpurun Zenzen Man
So hard to pick lol

B5: 35: Tulip
Our guild will probably have a lot of people, so we need someone that’s responsible…

B6: 36: Salonpas*
>>34 Which reminds me..?
*TLN: Yes, his name means that pain reliever salonpas

B7: 37: Tsudachi
>>34 The ones that..?

B8: 38: iyokan
>>34 Ate..?

B9: 39: Shiro Momo*
>>34 Onii-chan’s food are..?
*TLN: Name means white peach

Sfx: Turn

B10: 40: Kanamin
Me and..? lol


B1: 41: Imonikai Iinchou*
>>34 You right!
Moreover it was twice, Apple Pie and Milk Pudding to boot!
TLN: Name means Potato Party Chairman

Sfx: Point out!♡

B2: 42: Nazuna
>>34 Which reminds me your identity was exposed with that post, right? Lol
>>40 So you are the other one… (Envy)

Sfx: Nod

T: 285: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>284 So excited lol!
286: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>284 It’s okay, come on, shoot away!
287: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>284 >>285 Thank you guys! Then here I go…
Onii-chan’s Milk Pudding is so daaaaaamn goooooooooood!!!
The apple pie was excellent too, but how could he bring milk pudding’s simple taste to this perfection!? But for now, just let me say, it was so f-ing good, Onii-chan!!
Thank god I posted that quest in the guild! I love it!
288: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>287 Wait, whaat!?

B3: 43: Kanamin
>>42 Are you jelly? Lol
Because I am! That Milk Pudding!! Lol

B4: 44: Yakisoba
>>43 (Gritting teeth)

B5: 45: Purunpurun Zenzen Man
I feel a bad premonition is coming (Shaking)

Sfx: Clap

Sfx: Light


B1: 46: Sora kara Anko*
>>45 We got our Guild Master here!!
*TLN: Name means bean jam from the sky

Sfx: Clap clap clap clap

B2: 47: Mokeke Piropiro
What an astonishing unity!
I just can’t believe it!!

B3: 48: Yomi no Moushigo
>>47 Personally, I can’t believe your player name more, lol

B4: 49: Mahou Shoujo♂
>>45 I know that you are a solo player. So, give up, and be our Guild Master for those lolis’ sake!

B5: 50: Kuro Usa
Too much personal feeling here, guys! Lol
So, what do you say, Purunpurun Zenzen Man?

B6: 51: Purunpurun Zenzen Man
>>47 >>50


B1: Just as I want it!! No more solitary playing!!
*TLN: Splendid in Russian, хорошо if you want it authentic

B2: 52: Banbanji
Nice, everything is decided!

B3: 53: Kanamin
>>51 Nice to work with you again!

B4: 54: NINJA
All that left is deciding when we’re going to gather

B5: 55: Calpis
Remember, we need at least 5 people to gather!
It’s already 4 people with Guild Master and Vices, so don’t be shy!

B6: 56: Compass
So, if faster is better, how about today?
Or maybe tonight, as we need to login to R&M first?

B7: 57: Nakai
>>56 Agree!

B8: 58: Yumeno Nakade*
>>56 Second that
*TLN: name mean In the dreams


B1: 59: Sora kara Anko
Around what time?

B2: 60: Purunpurun Zenzen Man
>>59 8PM in real time
I finish dinner around that time lol

B3: 61: Amatou
Nice, Let’s gather up!!

B4: 62: Mitsurin Sanmai
>>61 Yeaaaah!

B5: 63: Yome wa Meshimazu*
>>61 Oooh!!
*TLN: Name means my wife cooking inedible
(Note to Editor: Keep the emoticon please)

B6: While the Guild Master has finally been decided in the Protector Group…

B7: Tsugumi’s party has arrived to the Honey Bee’s nest with Hitaki’s lead…

B8: There they meet…


B1: A NPC party that got there first…

B2: The one that didn’t name himself first must be NPC!

B3: Good Afternoon! My name is Hibari!
I’m a Fighter!

B4: Good Afternoon, I’m Hitaki…

B5: It’s been 10 long years after teaching the twins to greet people they meet earnestly…
Now I see that mine and mom’s teachings are not wasted…

Sfx: Yeah yeah

B6: I’m their brother, Tsugumi…
A tamer…

B7: And this is my tamed monster, Spid

H: Shoo!

B8: It’s so rare to see siblings adventuring together!



B2: Hee, is that so..?

B3: I’m Golda, and as you can see, I’m a Swordsman!
This is Wind Mage Chiffon,
And Mirei the Hunter!

B4: Children these days are so reliable!

Sfx: Pat pat

H: So cute!

B5: Thank God…
They are not hostile to us…

H: Phew…

B6: After listening to them…
A lot of NPC Adventurers are hiding around this place while protecting the Honey Bee’s Nest…

T: Player   Honey Bee’s Nest    Player
NPC                                 NPC     Attack Area
NPC             Defend Area
Player                                                 Player

B7: Well, everything is over when the queen is defeated after all…





B3: Thank you very much for your concern…
But we got curious…

B4: Yeah, really curious…
And we are going back before dark, of course…

B5: That’s right! Because you don’t seem to have enough battle power to help us…
Just leave it to us, okay?

B6: Thank you, My Queen and Golda…
But in exchange, as I’m going to cook here…

B7: Beep

B8: I bet they are on alert for monsters all this time…

B9: I want to give them nutrition to hold out, so…

B10: Will you join…

Sfx: Thud




B2: W-what’s going on?
Is the queen going mad?

B3: So it’s food!!

B4: Ehehe

Sfx: Haaaaaa….

B5: So much delicious looking food…
Won’t we be hated if we eat these alone..?

B6: Go! Notify those adventurers nearby too!

Sfx: Dash

B7: Eh?


B1: It’s not like I don’t want this…

B2: But…

B3: Will it be enough..?

B4: Even in the battle field, Tsugumi still ended up distributing rations…


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