Nonbiri VRMMOki Chapter 3

Nonbiri VRMMOki Chapter 3

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 3
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Indented text is dialogue either outside of a bubble or on the edge of one


Page 1:

Even fun games might be lonely to play alone!


Play.03 – First Time Tamer


Page 2:

A spider that was hiding in my brother’s hood was coaxed out by the smell of kara-age.


Will my brother really be able to tame a Spider on his first try?


It’s not running away.

If anything it’s getting friendlier.


If it’s Tsugu-nii then he must be able to…!


Try putting all your energy into your ‘Alchemy’ and shout out SKILL ‘Tame’.




Page 3:

SKILL ‘Tame’!


Page 4:

Taming Successful!


Level 1 ‘Spider’ has been added to Tsugumi’s Tame Slot 1/1.

1 PT is required to fight with a Tamed monster.

It is necessary to feed your Tamed monster once a day when logging in.

Your Tamed monster is you partner.

Take care of their affection levels.

*This is an alert for a first time Tame.


You did it Tsugu-nii!


Huh? Wait a minute.
Something’s appeared.

What is it?


…A name?


You enter you Tamed monster’s name here.


Hey hey!

What name are you gonna give it!?


Good question…


Page 5:


I want to bounce some ideas around

but first…


Can we do it somewhere else?



Looks like we’ve gained some attention here.


Well we’ve made enough kara-age to last a while here.

Let’s clean up and head back to the inn!




Add a little bit of water and it’s like new…!!





Page 6:


Those stares back at the workshop…


I get why it’s rare for middle school kids like my sisters to play this game.


It’s a bit too scandalous…


*Hasn’t occurred to him that his tame is what gathered all of the attention.


As their guardian I have to protect those two from such lewd stares.



How about Spidey?


Aren’t they both a little bit obvious…?




The Spider’s name!


Page 7:

You have to think of one too Tsugu-nii!


It looks a bit like it’s wearing a baby bib…



Like Babe?


…Hmm, well you tamed it Tsugu-nii.


It should be you who names it…


Alright, something else then.


How about, Spid?



It’s kinda cute!


Then it’s decided.


Page 8:

Let’s register its name when we get back to the inn!


3 Person Room

450M (150M each)

*Full board is double




Spid it is.


It’s nothing special but I think it suits him.


Nice to meet you Spid!


Page 9:

You’re going to sleep already?




It’s so soft! Shotgun the middle bed!


In this game, the only ways to recover you health

is by sleeping for 6 hours in-game or by using items.


There’s no passive healing or recovering after levelling up here.


It really is more economical to stay at an inn!


6 hours in the game feels like just a few seconds in real life.


Is that so…?


There’s so many fine details, I don’t think I’ll ever remember them all…


That’s okay!


Page 10:

That’s what we’re here for.


Leave it to us!



In that case, we’ve been playing since the afternoon.


But in the real world it can’t have been more than 15 minutes…

It’s hard to believe.


Even though we did our research beforehand,

there’re still a lot of surprises.


It really felt like I was fighting those monsters!


And how about the food?

It tasted like it was real.


Page 11:

I wonder if it’s okay to pass time like this in-game.

I guess as long as we’ve finished our real life responsibilities.


I did mine!


Me too.


I’m gonna sleep now.


Say Tsugu-nii. Could we have omelette for breakfast?


Or a vegetable stir-fry…?


Okay, let’s try that!


I wonder if Spid can eat human food?

I’m sure it’s fine. Otherwise there’s some cheap petfood…


So now I’m a house-husband making food for to two 13 year olds.


Alright, time for a break.


Good niiiight!



Page 12:

I slept until morning…

And it doesn’t feel like I slept at all.

But I’m full of energy!!


…You’ll get used to it.


It’s just like you said…

Are you guys ready for day 2?




There are so many weapons skills I want…

Which to choose…


Page 13:

Shall we go back to the workshop to make some food?




Let’s use the 2nd floor this time.

It’s 100M per hour, but any floor above the 1st will be quieter.


Omelette and vegetable stir-fry…

But I only have the skill level to make kara-age.

This is all down to my house-husband skills then.


Just say if I can help with anything!


Alright, can you knead the water with the slime starch?




And I’ll add the herbs to the starch just like yesterday…


Page 14:



I-I’ve barely started and I’ve made sprinkled flour!?


Tsugu-nii, it’s called SKILL ‘Cooking’.

As your cooking level rises, you get to skip some steps.


…You’re right. My skill level has gone up.


This ability…


It would be nice to have this in the real world too!


My cooking level’s gone up y’all!


Tsugu-nii’s gonna cook something for us!



Alright! How’s this?


Good work Tsugu-nii!


Items Made:

Fruity Bread

Squishy Bread

Herby Meat and Vegetable Sandwich

Egg and Vegetable Sandwich

Herby Rolled Meat and Vegetable Fry

Herby Rabbit Kara-age


If we put all this food in our inventory,

we could take it out and eat it anytime we want!


It looks delicious.

I can’t stop drooling.


Don’t stare at it too long!


Before we go let’s check our inventory!


I have 4 lesser potions and 10 antidotes!


Same here!


Alright! Let’s go!


He’s treating it like a field trip…


Hey, Hii-chan.


Page 16:

Is manufacture work really this easy?

Picking up capture jobs from the bulletin board…


You need real skills.

Is Tsugu-nii capable?


Well, as long as it’s easy!

And it raises Tsugu-nii’s level right?


If Spid tries his hardest then it’ll reflect on Tsugu-nii too.


Oh yeah!

Any monster your tamed partner defeats gets you EXP too.


Right, so it’ll be fine.


So in other words, I have to rely on Spid to raise my level.


I thought by fighting with a whip I’d become a sex god but there’s no skill for whips…


Aah, I already learned that the hard way before…


Page 17:

…I can see, Hoppy Rabbits, Slimes and Stray Dogs…


Tsugu-nii, Spid! Give it your best shot!


Even I have an HP guage…!



Can I count on your Spid?


Page 18:

Watch out Tsugu-nii! I see Stray Dogs coming!




They’re just regular dogs…

I’m sure they’re not as mean as they look?


I’m gonna take them on head on, Hii-chan you watch my back!






One got through!


Spid! He jumped out of Tsugu-nii’s arms to take on the beast!


Page 19:



How cute…


Spid looks so serious, so I’d best not say that out loud…


I have to give it my all too.






Page 20:

If I throw this pebble it’ll distract the dog…


Spid! If you can spin a web, direct it around its muzzle!


I hit it!?




Right, uh…

Next, try bite?


Page 21:

Go Spid!


Page 22:

He’s really going for it…


His bites are weak but they’re lowering the dog’s HP!


Good job Spid!



You did it Spid!


Page 23:

Don’t forget to grab the items!


I wanna help Hibari and Hitaki too.

Can I do that without getting in the way though?


And that was the time that Tsugu-nii felt the response from his first fight with Spid…


Little Angel and Little Devil’s Protective Watch: Part 1


311: Nameless Lolicon

So we finally see the twin’s brother becoming a Tamer lolololol

He looked so nervous lololol

So kyuuute lololol


Page 24:

313: Nameless Lolicon

Taming monsters is so cool.

I wish I’d set Tamer as my sub job now…

Go, Slime! I choose you! How cool would that be?


314: Nameless Lolicon

>>313 That’s nice and all, but it’s not that great a job.

The success rate is a joke.


315: Nameless Lolicon

Can somebody tell >>313 what it means to be a Tamer please!


316: Nameless Lolicon

>>315 It’s no Pokemon lololol

Alright, I’ll fill you in.

Point one of a Tamer is to always be kind to your monster.


However, a monster might run away when you get close to tame it, or may even ignore you after you’ve tamed it. You have to feed it once a day, and even if you give it its favourite food, it still may not like you.


In short, the need for trust with your monster relationship is the same as relationships in real life in that there’s no set method and it takes time… This is one reason why I wouldn’t recommend it.


317: Nameless Lolicon

>>316 Agreed.

Making your monster love you costs money for food too, and it’s depressing when it ignores you.


But there’s an exception here. The relationship between the brother and his Spider looked quite good. Surely kindness and contact with a smile is enough nyan lololol


Page 25:

319: Nameless Lolicon

Is this the power of being a hot guy? I-I’m so jealous! Lolol


322: Nameless Lolicon

Hold up.

Isn’t this the Lolicon thread?


323: Nameless Lolicon

>>322 Hey newbie. If you’re confused then check >>37’s post.


37: Nameless Lolicon

This is the thread for discussing the energetic apprentice L’il Angel and the quieter apprentice L’il Devil, as they watch over their girly-faced older brother. Ok?


326: Nameless Lolicon

Ok I got it >>323 But still, I’d like to be in a party with the twins.


327: Nameless Lolicon

So they didn’t use the 1st floor today…

We must’ve been staring a bit too much.


328: Nameless Lolicon

Let’s back off a little now guys…


Page 26:

329: Nameless Lolicon

Not our fault they’re a hot trio!



That’s right!


The thread members made a temporary agreement.


And with that, Tsugumi’s fears of his sister’s subjection to everyone’s hot (?) stares was quashed.


That older brother, protected by two little girls and a spider…


Indulged himself in a bit of weeding.


This’ll do nicely.


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