Nonbiri VRMMOki Chapter 4

Nonbiri VRMMOki Chapter 4

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Page 1:


3 people and a spider’s amazing party!


Play 04: We got some skills!



Page 2:


With Rig in our team, the battles went much smoother!


And our brother’s harvesting spirit really shone too!



Rig’s binding ability makes a really big difference in a fight!




Tsugu-nii should have no problem leveling up at this rate too.


Yum <3

And our health replenishing food supply is delicious too!




The sandwiches are a hit!


It is convenient being able to put food in our inventories.


If our weapons break then we should head this way to the nearest town and get them fixed.

We can make supplies there too.



Page 3:


When we’re on the move we can use Hii-chan’s ‘Sense’ skill to hide ourselves from the monsters.


That’d make it safer!


>SKILL ‘Sense’


It’ll level up my skill too…


Stone weapons are brittle, so you’d need to repair them often…

Iron weapons are more resilient, but they’re expensive for new adventurers.


Then I won’t log out until I’ve gathered enough money!



In that case, shall we spend less money on food?



I’ll just keep going with stone equipment!


I am against tasteless food!



You really feel that strongly!?



Page 4:



There’s not much work to do right now, so I’ll have this fixed up in a jiffy.





Once he’s done, I’d like to go out and hunt again if there’s time.


It’ll be night soon.

Monsters become more active at night, so that could be a problem.


That’s right…

It’s better to avoid heading to the next town, as well as fighting monsters and stuff.




Tsugu-nii. First up is grocery shopping.

After that, start selling items you don’t need at the weapon and armour stores.


Once that’s done, we can take a walk through the town.

What do you think?


Sounds good.



Page 5:

Okay, Hibari will be our tour guide.




Hibari-chan you’re too loud.


Huh? Am I?




You too Tsugu-nii!?



I-I didn’t know…




Ah, hey.


What’s this store between the weapon and armour stores?


There’s marble-shaped things lined up in the window…



This is the skill store.


You can get all kinds of skills here.

Fundamental attack skills, status-boosting skills, magic skills. There’s also a wide price range.


These marble things are called Magic Stones.

The skills are contained in them.



Page 6:


The prices range from 100M to more than 1,000,000M.

Skills are quite important.


There’re so many… With this many available,

you may as well just come here and buy any skills you want.


That’s true. The skills you receive from a quest is random,

and working with others on group quests is tough, as are the quests themselves.


Is that so?


Whip Skill


I think I’ll pass on this one.



Is this one for Tamers?


Looks interesting, doesn’t it, Tsugu-nii?


Looking around in this skill shop makes me want more skills!


Me too!


Well, how about we each buy one?



Page 7:



Understand the mood of your tamed monster.

Tamer only      Cost 500M



Increases evasion rate of 1 target

Relies on AGI    Cost 500M





Increases HATE on 1 target

Cost 500M


That killed some time didn’t it!


Then there’s still 5 days to go in this world?

I can see this having a jet-lag affect in the real world.


You’re not kidding!


It’ll be Sunday tomorrow in reality right?

We’re going over to Misa-chan’s house to play.


We can tell her all about the game!


Aah, you mean Iita-san’s place?

Don’t be too bothersome, now.


Especially Hibari.





Page 8:


But I’m not a pain!


There there.




If they’re both going to their friend’s house,

then I can do some research into R&M.


Since I just finished a job, there won’t be another for a while.


I’ll say it once just in case,

but I’m not jobless.


Absolutely not.


Tsugu-nii, who are you talking to?


Let’s go to the inn!


Rig… You sure are eating a lot considering you’ve just woken up.


It’s because Tsugu-nii’s cooking is delicious, right?


Yes, very delicious.



Page 9:






W-What’s wrong?


U-Uh, this…


Am I the only one that can see it?


Then this must be a result of the Skill [Coordinate]…



Page 10:


This isn’t so bad. Now it’s much easier to understand how Rig is feeling.




Ah, oh yeah.


The prices for the equipment we saw while shopping before…


They were quite expensive don’t you think?


Of course, the prices seem high now…

But after training a while and becoming stronger, your savings should grow.

Getting stronger is the whole point of the game.


Things like the cost of gathering minerals in an area

is another thing to take into consideration.



So how about we buy some equipment for when we travel to the next town?



Page 11:


If we can, let’s do it!

Even if we leave in the morning, I can’t say for sure whether or not we’ll arrive at the next town by nightfall.


If we’re not strong enough to make the journey, we’ll die and get sent back here.



I see.


This game is pretty well made.


Let’s work hard until we log out

so that we can make it to the next town.


It’ll mean fighting a lot of the same battles for the remaining 5 days but…


Stick by us Tsugu-nii!


That’s fine.

You two enjoy yourselves, I won’t get in the way.





Page 12:

It’s fun for me too.


He said it!

Starting tomorrow, train hard!

Keep your eyes on the prize!


Fufu, agreed.




So, for the next 5 days…


We fought, sold, made things, and slept; over, and over…


Rig grew 10 levels and got a little bit bigger too.


And it paid off.


Please come again~



Page 13:


We upgraded our equipment.


Lesser Armour


Lesser Armour

Iron Short sword


Lesser Armour

Iron sword

Leather Buckler



We’ve done what we needed to do. Let’s log out for today!



Page 14:


This is where we started playing…

We’re logging out here too?


You can log out wherever you like, but nearby the fountain is the safest.

There’s no PK or theft, so it’s normal to log out here.


Not that we’d try to PK each other anyway.


Oh yeah, what about Rig?


Press Rig’s name on the status screen and select [REST].


Rig will sleep until the next time Tsugu-nii calls on him.



Page 15:


Alright, time to go back.




I’m done for the day, but it’s still a shame to go.





…We’re back…




Page 16:


Ooh…. Oooooooh…






Yes! It was fun!



Page 17:


What a fantasy world!


It’s like the monsters there really are alive!


Not just the smell of the food, but the trees and leaves in the forest smelled so real too!


I don’t want to kill the mood but…


Have you guys finished yesterday’s homework?


Ah, not yet…


I’ve done half.




Today was a good taster session but you must make sure you’re doing what’s expected.




If you don’t then we won’t play any longer!


Hii-chan let’s go!

We must hurry!




They don’t have to move that fast, but whatever.



Time for me to do some research into R&M myself…



Page 18:

Little Angel and Little Devil’s Protective Watch: Part 1


The location changes but we’re the same as always…


368: Nameless Lolicon

Wait… Did the twins go to the warehouse again?


369: Nameless Lolicon

Pay attention, they’ve logged out.


370: Nameless Lolicon

Huh!? Didn’t they still have some time left between logins?


371: Nameless Lolicon


Don’t take us for idiots lol

It’s bad to neglect your real-life responsibilities lolol


372: Nameless Lolicon

Do you think they’ll come back…?

I’m waiting for you big brother! Lolol


373: Nameless Lolicon

You’re waiting for your brother? Lolol


374: Nameless Lolicon

I wonder what’ll happen at the weekend event quest…

What was I doing back in my school days? lol

Such memories Lolol



Page 19:


375: Nameless Lolicon

Well there’s not much to do in the meantime…

When they choose to come back,

we should help them enjoy R&M

by assisting them behind the scenes.


376: Nameless Lolicon

Well said.


377: Nameless Lolicon

What a speech!


I wonder if they enjoyed their first time in R&M?

I do hope they’ll return…


I’ll just have to prepare for the weekend event for now.


Although I’m kind of lonely…No.

I’m a strong, independent player!


At this time, nobody expected anything from the thread’s protagonists.

So, for now…



Page 20:

Hold on tight for the next exciting episode!


Hibari-chan and Hitaki-chan,


and my lovely Tsugu-nii…


I can’t wait!


What do you want to eat for dinner?




Rolled Omelette!


B-But you can eat that in R&M!


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