Nonbiri VRMMOki Chapter 5

Nonbiri VRMMOki Chapter 5

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Page 1:

Play.05 – Misa-chan joins the game!


Page 2:

Panel 1-

The first time back in the real world away from the perils of R&M

We need to finish our homework so that we can play with Misa-chan tomorroooooow!

<- Already finished

Right, you can do it.

Passing a Saturday evening as one pleases.

Panel 2-

Finally Sunday rolls around-

I look forward to playing with you today


The twins’ childhood friend

Misa Iida (Age 13)


Page 3:

Panel 1-

Yodo Camera

Panel 2-

Ah, what’s this…?

I’m feeling a bit of dejavu…

Panel 3-

Did you go and take the VR headsets from my room…?

Even though I told you it’s rude to take things from others peoples rooms?

…I-I’m sorry.

Panel 4-

Just be glad we didn’t search under the bed.

What’s this?

Does Tsugu-nii-sama have some adult material under his bed?

Panel 5-

Tsugu-nii’s not really much different from those Lolicon guys.

Is that so? I suppose even proper gentlemen have their indulgences!

Where in the hell did you learn such things, you two…?


Page 4:

Panel 1-

By the way, Misa-chan.
I’m aware that Hibari and Hitaki goaded you into playing the game with them but…


Awful Tsugu-nii.

Panel 2-

No, ahh.
What I mean is these headsets…

— Last Night

Panel 3-

I did all kinds of research last night into R&M but…

The stuff here’s pretty much the same as what they told me in-game.

Panel 4-

…What in the hell did these two research…?

About the necessary headsets for the game.


Page 5:

Panel 1-

…R&M’s own VR Headsets…
49,800yen (including tax) huh?

Woah woah. Even as a gift, this price isn’t something to be sniffed at.

Panel 2-

Daddy bought them for us as a gift!

Panel 3-

I can’t let this stand.
I have to call Dad.

Hi, Dad? It’s about the headsets…

Panel 4-

Huh? Well it’d been such a long time since I saw my doting daughters and bought them in the heat of the moment.
Like a good father…

That’s not the kind of price you just buy something for on a whim.

Panel 5-

Of course the same goes for you too Tsugumi. If there’s anything you ever want!
You know Papa loves you very much too.
I’ll buy you anything you like!

Tsugumi too?
You’ll buy him anything, huh?


Page 6:

Panel 1-

What’s this? What did you buy them I wonder?
I would love to know, eheehee.

Panel 2-

Ah, it’s not like that…

Panel 3-

My parents are a real pair of lovebirds, but when mom’s mad, she gets mad.

That’ll do.

You pay for your own mistakes.
Rest in peace dad.

Panel 4-

After that exchange,
It really drove home how I couldn’t afford something like these.

Panel 5-

…But I wasn’t coaxed into this Tsugu-nii-sama.

Panel 6-

I’ve wanted to play R&M this whole time.

But because of the age limit… I shed many bitter tears over the thought that I would have to wait until I was 15.



Page 7:

Panel 1-

At that point I confided in Hibari-chan and Hitaki-chan…

And they proposed that we all play together with Tsugu-nii-sama.

Plus, I recently won at a martial arts competition!

So my parents bought me a headset as a prize!

Panel 2-

Wow. So you have an interest in facing off against adults.

Not only that, but she’s a bigger gamer than the twins…

Panel 3-

I finished all of my homework yesterday by the way, so if you’re free Tsugu-nii.

Panel 4-



Page 8:

Panel 1-

I’m still not used to floating around when we start the game.

Panel 2-

First Misa-chan, we have to make your character.

I wanted to try fighting with some kind of staff!

I can see you taking on a lot of monsters. Magic is fun to use too!

Panel 3-

I think this skill really suits Misa-chan.

Oh? Which one?

They’ve really adapted quickly…
It just looks like so much fun.

Panel 4-



Page 9:

Panel 1-

From today, my name in this game is Mii.
I’d like you to use that name too, Tsugu-nii-sama.

[JOB/SUB] Grappler Lv.1 / Wolf Cub Lv.1
[HP] 224/224
[STR] 19
[VIT] 13
[AGI] 14
[INT] 10
[WIS] 7
[LUC] 18
[SKILL] 5/10
Punch 1 / Evade 1 / Step 1 / Charge 1 / Rush 1
Leather Gauntlets / Adventures Clothes (Upper/Lower) / Adventurers Shoes / Wolf Cub Ears + Tail

Panel 2-

Reminds me of the first day of school.

Right, Mii-chan?

Panel 3-

Alright. With that out of the way, let’s go!



Page 10:

Panel 1-

Ah, this is…

This is the world I’ve dreamed of…!

Welcome to R&M!

Panel 2-

I’m so glad we could come here together.

Alright, I’ll call Rig too…


Page 11:

Panel 1-

Let’s go and level  Mii-chan up~

Panel 2-

Let’s make a Party first in case something bad happens while I’m away.
I think I’m going to hole myself up in the warehouse for a while so you guys can go on ahead.

Panel 3-

Nothing bad will happen, but you’re right.
Alright, the three of us will go hunting monsters!

It’s a bit of a shame though.

Do talk to us on the Party chat when it’s safe, okay Tsugu-nii-sama?

Ok, let’s go to the Tool store!


Page 12:

Panel 1-

Last night I checked a site with FAQs and saw a ‘Sky Stone’ filled with magic…!

Panel 2-

If I become able of making one using [ALCHEMY] then I might be able to fight too.

After all, I can’t keep running away on my own forever.

Panel 3-

I’ll do my best to try and make one.

Panel 4-

Ri-Rig can still reply when he’s sleeping!?
What a sleepy head…

Panel 5-

I bet Tsugu-nii’s holding back and doing his own thing so we can have fun.
I wish he didn’t feel that he had to though.

But this’ll be fun with the three of us…


Panel 6-

I bought a flask and I’ve divided my potions. I’ve even stored some of Tsugu-nii’s food.
I’m all ready to go!

So we can enjoy some of Tsugu-nii-sama’s cooking skill.  He’s so dependable!
I’ve heard a lot of good things about his cooking!


Page 13:

Panel 1-

No kidding! His food is delicious!


Panel 2-

Truth is, I want to organize your equipment and skills, but
turns out that I’m flat broke.

There’s no need for that!
If I kick some monster-butt then I’ll make money in no time.

Panel 3-

The blood of a gamer runs through my veins!

M-Mii-chan, you’re more boisterous than usual…

Panel 4-

Well without Tsugu-nii-sama here, there’s no need for me to be modest.

Panel 5-

So to get started, let’s take on some Jelly Slime’s and Hop Rabbits.


Panel 14:

Panel 1-

Fighting’s what Mii-chan’s all about right?

I’ve got it!

Panel 2-

Let’s dance,  Jelly Slime!

>SKILL [Charge]


Page 15:


You’re finished!


Page 16:

Panel 1+2-

Using [Charge] raised her attack power, and [Rush] dealt the finishing blow…
She’s so much better than me even though she’s just Lvl 1!
I’m a bit shocked.

Mii-chan’s a martial arts gamer girl after all.

Panel 3-

Let’s fight some Slimes too!
Shall we collect some Starch?

I did iiiiiit!

Panel 4-

Good idea. We can use Starch from Slimes to create things like bread…
So we can have Tsugu-nii make it for us again!

Yes! It was delicious!


Page 17:

Panel 1-

Little Angel and Little Devil’s Protective Watch: Part 1

571: Nameless Lolicon
The twin’s friend finally arrived!
Something about that girl,
is irresistibly adorable!
I think I have a new favourite!!

Panel 2-

572: Nameless Lolicon
>>571 She’s one of the limited Wolf Cub jobs.
Those ears and that tail are nosebleed inducing.
How am I supposed to choose just one to be my bride…?!

573: Nameless Lolicon
>>>572 If we’re choosing then I’ll happily take the brother!

Panel 3-

574: Nameless Lolicon
Another homo…?
Wait a minute,
You taking the brother = You get the twins too.
>>573 You are  evil!!


Page 18:

Panel 1-

575: Nameless Lolicon
Sound’s like a dream harem of lolita.
I would be so jealous.

576: Nameless Lolicon
That’s the face of someone who would never know sadness again with a beautiful harem of lolitas lol

577: Nameless Lolicon
>>576 lololololololol

Panel 2-

582: Nameless Lolicon
Still, just the twins would be fine.
A harem of lolita’s would do nothing but fight.

585: Nameless Lolicon
>>582 The beauties of the world must be wrapped up in the stress of not being able to express their feelings.
T’is a cruel world.

Panel 3-

586: Nameless Lolicon
Not forgetting them playing heroine for their older brothers lololol

587: Nameless Lolicon
>>586 Heroine! Lololol

Panel 4-

611: Nameless Lolicon
Every heroine needs a mascot character!

612: Nameless Lolicon
>>611 Is that not one of the perks of being a Tamer…?!


Page 19:

Panel 1-

661: Nameless Lolicon
T-There’s a pervert!

Panel 2-

662: Nameless Lolicon
>>661 You called?

663: Nameless Lolicon
>>661 Heheh, what would you like this pervert to do?

664: Nameless Lolicon
I didn’t call you!
Ah, but you could give me hand!!
Big brother’s in trouble!
Some nasty host-looking knight is stirring up trouble!
I repeat!

Panel 3-

667: Nameless Lolicon
>>664 *Slams the table *

668: Nameless Lolicon
>>664 *Slams the table harder *

Panel 4-

669: Nameless Lolicon
*Slams the table, then flips it over! *

670: Nameless Lolicon
>>669 fell over lol


Page 20:

Panel 1-

671: Nameless Lolicon
Alright everyone, get together!
We’ll sneak attack them from the back alleys!

672: Nameless Lolicon
>>671 It’s up to you!

673: Nameless Lolicon
Everyone follow >>671!

Panel 2-

Mii-chan’s debut swells the bulletin board.
And with it, the promise of new adventures…

Panel 3+4-

Hey, you!
It’s not looking good for you.

And what of Tsugu-nii?
We’ll find out next time!

Uh… Huh?


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