Nonbiri VRMMOki Chapter 7

Nonbiri VRMMOki Chapter 7

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Page 1

Title : Play 07 – Second Thread Started

Page 2

Handwritten : In a week of nonstop battle…
The four of them (plus spid) engaged in a great number of battles to increase coordination between them

Bubble 1 : What weaklings…

Bubble 2 : So who’s next?

Bubble 3 : Actually, we just defeated them all…

Bubble 4 : Eh, so soon?

Bubblecorner: Uuh…

Bubble 5 :  It seems I went too far this time…
I’m so embarrassed…

Bubble 6 : Don’t worry about it. You were really looking forward to play this game, right?

Bubble 7 : Her tail is so cute…

Bubble 8 : That’s right! Good job, Mii-chan!

Page 3

Bubble 1 : Seems like there’re no more enemies around here…

Bubble 2 : Tsugu-Nii’s instructions are so precise that make any battle feel so easy

Bubble 3 : Oh, really?

Bubble 4 : So, now what?

Bubble 5 : Let’s see…

Bubble 6 : Ah, by the way…
Isn’t R&M’s first event held today?

Handwritten : I saw it on the official website

Textbox : R&M One month launch anniversary
*Let’s defeat Goblin flocks that are creeping towards towns!*
Flocks of goblins are seen towards Town of Beginning, Town of Water, Town of Wisdom , and Town of Dungeon!
After hearing this report, Mayors of each town now hurriedly post a quest to subjugate them!
OTown of Beginning – Earth                       OTown of Wisdom <name hindered by tsugu>
Goblin flocks                                                   Goblin flocks
Goblin king                                                       Ogre king
OTown of Water – Aqueria                          OTown of Dungeon
Goblin flocks                                                   Goblin flocks
Orc king                                                            Troll king

Bubble 7 : You girls love events like that, right?

Page 4

Bubble 1 : Well, we really love it, but…
If asked will I be interested, I would say a flat no.

Bubble 2 : Yeah. It’s just a plain subjugation event, right?

Bubble 3 : The rewards are just inferior items too anyway
I just can’t feel motivated to do it this time

Bubble 4 : I see…

Bubble 5 : Beep

Bubblecorner : Ah!

Bubble 6 : Tsugu-Nii! There’s a new announcement posted!

Bubble 7 : This time it says a Mini Event!

Bubble 8 : Okay, what’s written here…

Textbox : [Mini Event Triggered!]
*Help Adventurers or Vigilante Corps that are subjugating Goblin flocks that are creeping towards towns!*
*This is a mini event for players that haven’t participated in the main event. Deliver a certain amount of potions to the people waiting for them
Starting time : X/XX/20XX (Sun), 7.00 PM until 11.59 PM
*Adventurers 0/5
Adventurers who have critical HP at the event  but have no potion left will be marked with red icon. Please use that as a marker to deliver the potions.
* Vigilante Corps 0/5
Vigilante Corps NPC icon will be the marker.
Let’s give them potions!
Group rewards will be randomized
*Valid for both adventurer or vigilante corps
[Yes] [No]

Page 5

Bubble 1 : A mini event…

Bubble 2 : Tsugu-Nii has a lot of potions, so that’s maybe why it came to us

Bubble 3 : Rewards are randomized is the main charm point, right?

Bubble 4 : Wanna do it, Tsugu-Nii?

Bubble 5 : Let’s try it then…
Not for adventurers, but the vigilante corps NPC seems good enough for now…

Bubble 6 : Then let’s go back to town, it has bigger crowds

Page 6

Bubble 1 : Ooh! Thanks for the potion, mate!
It really helps me!

Textbox : Vigilante Corps 5/5

Textbox : Event success!!

Bubble 2 : It was so easy to find five of them…

Bubble 3 : Yeah. Because this is just a mini event

Textbox : Group rewards will be distributed bellow

Textbox (Onii) : Discount Charm (Half)

Textbox (devil) : Ring of Origin

Textbox (angel) : Recording Cloth’s Lace*

*TLN: forgive me if it’s wrong, to blurry to read

Textbox (wolf) : Sacrifice Ribbon

Page 7

Bubble 1 : Discount Charm..?

Text box : [Discount Charm (Half)]
A Charm that can be used as a discount ticket in a certain shop. A mysterious pattern is drawn on it. Can’t be sold.

Bubble 2 : A certain shop? Where could that be?
I know it’s a random drop, but couldn’t they do something about this item’s description?

Bubble 3 : Mine is a ribbon that gives bonus to AGI.

Handwritten : I’ll replace my old gauntlet with this

Bubble 4 : Ring that gives +2 to all stats…
Of course I’ll equip it

Bubble 5 : I’ll give my lace to Tsugu-Nii

Bubble 6 : Please purchase sewing skill and make me something with this, okay?

Page 8

Bubble 1 : O-okay…

Handwritten : What should I make with this lace…

Bubble 2 : Now after we cleared Mini Event…

Bubble 3 : Isn’t it about time we go to the next town?

Bubble 4 : The nearest town is the Town of Water, Aqueria, right?

Bubble 5 : Sorry to break your bubbles girls, but time is up

Handwritten : It’s dinner time soon in real time clock

Sfx : Ah…

Bubble 6 : Phew…

Bubble 7 : Tsugu-Nii…

Page 9

Bubble 1 : W-What’s wrong?

Bubble 2 : Can we play R&M after dinner, too? Pretty please!

Bubble 3 : Please, Tsugu-Nii…

Bubble 4 : Yeah, let us play!

Bubble 5 : Fine, you girls can play…
But, only until 9 PM! I won’t allow you girls more than that.

Handwritten : Onii-chan’s disciplinary rules

Bubble 6 : And now, I’m going to make dinner

Bubble 7 : Misa-chan, don’t forget to call your parents that you’re going to eat with us.

Bubble 8 : Thank you very much, Tsugu-Nii!

Page 10

Handwritten : Thanks for the food! (or itadakimasu)

Bubble 1 : When we login later on, let’s buy new skills first, okay?

Bubblecorner : Hmm…

Bubble 2 : Well, after defeating that many monsters, we have all the money we can spend.

Bubble 3 : Tsugu-Nii, how about purchasing [Tailoring], [MP Transfer] and [Non Combatant]?

Bubble 4 : I understand your logic with [MP Transfer], but why [Non Combatant]?

Handwritten : Even without that, I never fight anyway

Bubble 5 : It declares that Tsugu-Nii won’t be participating in a fight, thus reducing enemies’ agro and make Tsugu-nii harder to be targeted
It only affects the user, so even if Spid is in the party, it still can attack!

Handwritten : Hibaripedia

Page 11

Bubblecorner : I see…

Bubble 1 : If it only makes me harder to be targeted, while leaving Spid alone… It’s worth a shot.

Bubble 2 : And both of us will try our take on [Synchro]…
If we release our magic in same time, it will generate a brand new resonance skill

Bubble 3 : Fusion Magic!

Text : Selected Magic Blood X Selected Magic Ray
[Bloody Ray] *

*TLN: Or Bloody Light, as I prefer it

Bubble 4 : Also, I’ll probably take [Stats Conversion] and [Weight Addition]…

Bubble 5 : [Stats Conversion] can convert a Stats to another within fixed time.
I think I’ll convert my STR to VIT to increase my sturdiness!

Handwritten : The hamburger steak was really delicious!

Bubble 6 : Really? Then I’m going take [Stats Conversion] too to convert my VIT to STR!
Attack is the best defense after all!

Bubblecorner : Chuckle *

*TLN: prefer that than fufu

Page 12

Bubble 1 : [Weight Addition] increases my own weight… But, if I don’t take it, how can I hold on my own against monsters!
Bubblecorner : A little sacrifice as everyone’s tank…

Bubble 2 : Don’t mind it, Hibari-chan!

Bubble 3 : You’ll take [Nimble Body] right, Hitaki-chan?

Bubble 4 : Yeah. It will make my body light as a feather.
And [Armor Break] is a skill that gives me extra damage if I hit the enemie’s weakness accurately.

Handwritten : It was good <or use gochisou sama>

Bubble 5 : Swiftly go for a kill.

Bubble 6 : Is she a professional killer or something!?

Bubble 7 : Are you going to take [Synchro] too, Misa-chan?

Bubble 8 : Ah no. As I prefer melee, I’m going to take [Kick] to polish my kicking attack…

Bubble 9 : And maybe the Wolf family’s race exclusive skill [Howl]…
It’s a skill that gives any lower level enemies stun and deterioration debuff

Page 13

Bubble 1 : Hmm…
You girls…

Bubble 2 : Just how far did you research to make all these suggestions?
The three of you keep surprising me since yesterday…

Bubble 3 : Let’s go, Onii-chan!

Bubble 4 : At same time, inside R&M

Bubble 5 : So it’s finally come into this… The Second Thread…

Bubble 6 : I’m so touched…

Textbox : [Little Angel and Devil] Protector Group
Will you make this thread?

Sfx : Click

Textbox : [Little Angel and Devil] Protector Group part 2

Page 14

Bubble 1 : 1: Lolicon Gentlemen
[This thread is a place to admire and protect Lively Angel Apprentice-chan, Docile Devil Apprentice-chan, Androgynous Artisan Onii-chan, and the new face, Princess Like  Beast Eared-chan]
Previous thread was buried so I made a new one. Search it yourself to find it.
Things you can do
[Shout your heart’s desire out, Random chatting, Admire with all your soul, Watching them from shadow]
Things you cannot do
[Identify member’s name, Excessive Contact, Trolling, Harassment, Extortion]
Remember Gentlemen, the password is “Harassment won’t be tolerated”!

Bubble 2 : 2: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>1 Good work with the 1st!
I never thought that this lolicon thread would continue to 2nd thread lol

Bubble 3 : 3: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>1 Great job dude!
>> Me neither lol!

Page 15

Bubble 1 : 4: Lolicon Gentlemen
I don’t know if the 2nd thread is too early or too late… lol

Bubble 2 : 5: Lolicon Gentlemen
It’s actually too early lol!
Hey guys! Don’t forget to level up just because you are too busy admiring them, lol!

Handwritten : 6: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>5 Oh, shi…!

Handwritten : 7: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>5 Sensei! >>6 seems to be in trouble lol!

Bubble 6 : 41: Lolicon Gentlemen
Seems like Angel-chan and co. were busy with hunting nonstop for a  week.
What, me? I’m standing by at my stand near the gate

Bubble 7 : 44: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>41 Great timing with advertising lol!
also thanks for being a good stalker lol!

Bubble 8 : 45: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>44 It couldn’t be helped if he just saw them.
Well, of course there’s a limit to that excuse lol!
I hope they come to Aqueria quickly…
I want to see them with my own eyes!

Bubble 9 : 49: Lolicon Gentlemen
Wha..! I just saw Onii-chan buying a map!
Could it be..!? Their next destination is..!?

Bubble 10 : 51: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>49  ! ! ? ! ! ? !

Bubble 11 : 60: Lolicon Gentlemen
I feel like a great joy is coming to me who is in Aqueria!
Page 16

Bubble 1 : 61: Lolicon Gentlemen
We need to repair our armor and head to Aqueria immediately!

Bubble 2 : 62: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>61 You’re right!
Even if it’s a different place, our style to admire them from the shadows won’t be changed!
The password is “Harassment won’t be tolerated”, don’t forget it guys!

Bubble 3 : 63: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>61 Let’s make our way to Aqueria quickly, to protect the smiles of those cute girls!
>>62 You read my mind completely

Bubble 4 : 64: Lolicon Gentlemen
After that, there’s no one who knows >>63’s whereabouts ever again.

Bubble 5 : 65: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>64 The heck!?
Bubble 6 : Okay! I’ve already bought the skills!
Mii-chan’s armor is completed as well.

Bubble 7 : Our water flask is already full too. Is there anything anyone forgot to buy?

Bubble 8 : I already bought the map, so It’s all ok, Onii-chan!

Page 17

Bubble 1 : Is that so? Then let’s go…

Bubble 2 : To The Town of Water, Aqueria!

Bubble 3 : While the guys at Bulletin Board are busy with their preparation…

Bubble 4 : Tsugumi’s party is leaving the Town of Beginning, Earth…
To go to a new adventure in the next town, Aqueria


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