Nonbiri VRMMOki Chapter 8

Nonbiri VRMMOki Chapter 8

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: Let’s Register in a Guild!


B1: Tsugumi and party are able to avoid battles, thanks to Hitaki’s skill [Search Presence]…
Making their way smoothly to the next town, Aqueria.

B2: There are only Slime, Hop Rabbit and wild dogs around here, but I’ll turn it on to be safe

B3: I know I can rely on you, Hii-chan

B4: Huh..?

B5: Tsugu-Nii…


B1: Look at that…
Which road should we take?

B2: If we think about it normally, it should be the wider one, but…
I’ll look it up.

B3: Click

B4: Click

T: [Map]

T: [Map]

B5: Let’s see…


B1: If we take the left turn, we’ll go straight to Aqueria. But, if we take the other one…
What’s this? A small village?

BC: Tsugu-nii right!

B2: However, I can’t see the village’s name anywhere though…

B3: Yeah, it’s not written anywhere. Do you think that it’s an undiscovered village?

B4: What do you mean undiscovered?

B5: Locations without names on the map means that adventurers have not found it yet, so it literally doesn’t have any name.

B6: And the players that arrive there first will receive discovery commemoration rewards for discovering it.

B7: Hee…


B1: But I don’t think a place like that has been left alone for such a long time, so…

B2: Tsugu-Nii! I’m so curious about it! Can we go?
[Just for a while! It won’t take long, I promise! Just the tip is…]

B3: Hitaki, I think you should stop talking like that… And…

B4: Was it Dad..?

B5: Was it Dad that taught you those idiotic words..? The same dad that when I thought he went back to Japan…
He went to Spain at the same day as a flamenco dancer apprentice? It was him, right?

B6: I understand! I won’t say it anymore, Tsugu-Nii!

B7: You girls don’t really need to ask for my permission, you know…

B8: If the three of you want to go, I won’t forbid it.


B1: Well, we just want to hear your opinion about it, Tsugu-Nii!

B2: I agree with Hibari-chan

B3: We are not pressed with time either way, right?

B4: But I personally find it interesting enough by just following them around…

B5: I know this is off topic, but I want to go to Town of Dungeons quickly and clear a dungeon there!

B6: For me, I just want a private guild

B7: Don’t you get a free room when you make a private guild? Isn’t that so handy?


B1: We haven’t reached the village yet, and you girls already thought that far..?

Sfx: Sulk

B2: Tsugu-nii, you just don’t understand girls’ dreams!
This is one of those called “life planning”!

Sfx: Ooh…

B3: We can see the village now!


B1: Rather than a village, it feels more like a settlement to me…

BC: They’re all watching us intently…


B1: Hey, Hibaripedia. What do you think that is?

B2: It’s called Cocko, a monster that looks like a bigger version of a chicken

H: Real world chicken                                   Cocko

B3: It’s a docile monster without an inch of battle strength, but good for raising because of its frequent egg laying.

B4: Looks like Spid is anxious around it…

BC: Is it because it ate bugs..?

B5: Tsugu-Nii!


B1: The eggs here are good, so the people around here stay to harvest their eggs

B2: Because this village is affiliated with the Town of Beginning, Earth, it’s name is not showing up on the map

B3: Tsugu Nii-sama, they seem to sell fresh eggs here!

B4: Eggs… Looks tasty…

B5: 20M each, huh…

B6: I don’t have any in my inventory so… Why not?

T: [Cocko’s Egg] X99

T: Bought


B1: If I had these eggs when I made that apple pie…

B2: I could make them into eggwash, to make the apple pie’s surface shinier…

BC: Sigh…

Sfx: Resupply in progress

B3: Iron Chef Tsugu-Nii appears!

B4: I’m satisfied enough with the one before. No complaints here!

B5: Same goes with me!

B6: Well then…
Our lunch time is finished already…

B7: If we go to Aqueria right now, can we get there before dark?

B8: Yeah. If we avoid any battles that is.


B1: Is that it..?
Town of Water, Aqueria…

B2: And all of us have arrived safely!
TLN: It’s the bottom right one

B3: It’s almost night, so why don’t we search for an inn first?

B4: After recovering all of our HP and MP with a full night sleep…
We’ll continue our travel when everyone wakes up.

B5: I want to eat Tsugu-Nii cooking again!

B6: I guess it’s about time to cook new dishes if I don’t want to run out of stock…


BC: Hmm…

B1: I guess I’ll just restock the ingredients after a good night’s sleep…

B2: There’re a lot of players here compared to the Town of Beginning!

B3: …
I guess we didn’t realize it yesterday because it was dark…


B1: It is really a water town right here…

B2: Because of the aqueducts, Aqueria is well known for being cool in the summer and warm in winter.
And with abundant supply of spring water all around the year, this town is blessed with good quality crops and livestock.


B1: It’s a bigger town than Earth. However…

H: Fountain Plaza
Shop  Main Street Shop

B2: Most adventurers gather in the same kind of place, regardless the town they’re in…

B3: I see…


B1: So, what are we going to do today?

B2: Oh right! Let’s go to the guild first!
Yeah. Let’s register there.

H: Guild… I only know a bit about it…

B3: Give me more details about the private guild you girls are talking about please…

B4: There are two kinds of guilds in this game, [Adventurer’s Guild] that is managed by the in-game kingdom…
and there’s [Private Guild]. It’s basically a guild that players make and manage independently.

B5: First, we go to Adventurer’s Guild to register and then we could make a Private Guild in the future, but… There are requirements to be met if we want to make a private guild…

B6: First, we have to clear a certain amount of quests, and have 1.000.000 M for establishment fees…

B7: A million M establishment fees!?

H: How many eggs you can buy with that much of money..!!

H: Tsugu-Nii…


B1: Tsugu Nii-sama…
All of that is related to the room received after the private guild established

B2: As a proof of a legal independent private guild, a room crystal will be distributed to each member for a charge…
That one mill will be used at that time.

B3: Private Guild’s privileges…

B4: Guild members only room…

B5: In other words…
If we make a private guild, we can use a room for ourselves, which erases our inn fees, but the initial investment is so damn high! Right?

Sfx: Economical House-Husband

B6: And of course, we can customize the room as we like! Isn’t that really handy?

B7: Then, our next goal is gathering 1 million M I guess?

B8: And the fastest way is…


B1: Traveling around the world of course!

B2: Yeah. We are adventurers after all.
And I personally want to see every corner of this world.

B3: And I have the same opinion as both of you…

B4: No, it’s more like I want to be with all of you. That is enough for me.


B1: You’re right

B2: I agree completely with you girls

B3: So, first off, let’s register at the Adventurer’s Guild! Wait, does anybody know where that is?

B4: It’s called [National Adventurer’s Guild], Tsugu-Nii

B5: Pleased to meet you…

B6: I will be the one that’s in charge of you today. My name is Sara.


B1: Well then, are you going to register as new adventurers?

B2: Yes!

T: [Little Angel and Devil] Protector Group Part 2

B3: 149: Lolicon Gentlemen
Even if we move from Town of Beginning, Earth to Town of Water, Aqueria, what we do won’t change!

B4: 150: Lolicon Gentlemen
Yeah! And that is…


B1: 151: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>149 Stalking them!

B2: 152: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>150 >>151 Are you guys best friends or what? Lol

B3: 159: Lolicon Gentlemen
3 cute girls, 1 pretty man, and a spider confirmed inside national adventurer’s guild building. Seems like taking a quest after registering.

B4: 160: Lolicon Gentlemen
Goblin subjugation and Ent subjugation are taken. Wait, they also took Honey Bee’s honey gathering!

B5: 163: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>159 What the… Thanks for the live report from the scene lol

B6: 166: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>Great stalking!

B7: 168: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>160 Uwaah… Honey bees sure don’t have a lot of attack power, but their HP is higher than our tank. It still traumatizes me even now…


B1: 170: Lolicon Gentlemen
Are they going to be allright…

B2: 171: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>170 Why wouldn’t they? They’re a strong party after all… And in the end, Cuteness will always win!

B3: 172: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>171 That’s completely right! Lol
And they have a tamed monster to boot! I was afraid of spiders before, but I can love that Spider-tan with all of my heart!

B4: 173: Lolicon Gentlemen
I know how you’re feeling! Those cute eyes are just so adorable!!

B5: 177: Lolicon Gentlemen
I want to take the same quest with Angel-chan…

B6: 178: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>177 Me too…

B7: 179: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>177 Count me three…

T: Thus, Tsugumi’s party has already finished their registry in the adventurer’s guild and is taking a quest.

B8: Shall we go?


T: Their adventures in Aquaria are just beginning…

B1: Let’s subjugate 50 goblins to start!


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