Nonbiri VRMMOki Chapter 9

Nonbiri VRMMOki Chapter 9

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P: Page
B: Bubble
Sfx : Self explained
BC: Text on bubble’s corner
H: Handwritten text/Text without bubble
T: Textbox
TLN: TL Note
Change line means different paragraph or double balloon/attached balloon


B1: Play.09 [Let’s Accept a Quest!]

T:*The long awaited Volume 1 Comic goes on sale at 28 November!!


B1: After registering at the second town, Aqueria’s Adventurer’s Guild, Tsugumi and co…

B2: Are getting a lecture with the guild’s receptionist about tips and pointers for beginners

B3: In R&M, Adventurers are classified into ranks.
Your rank is based at your level of [trust], after considering how many quests, from rank F to S, you did.

B4: Up to 3 quests can be taken simultaneously

B5: The rules you have to abide by here are: 1. You must not bring harm to common people. 2. You must not lie about your accomplishments. 3. You must not trouble another guild member.
4. The rewards must be shared evenly 5. Don’t kill 6. Don’t steal 7. When breaking any rule mentioned above, you must obliged to guild’s directive order. And so on…

B6: Looks like it won’t be any problem for us

B7: Yeah


B1: Tsugu-Nii! Let’s decide the quests we’ll accept!
BC: Hurry up!

B2: Ah yeah, in a minute

B3: I will pray for your success


B4: Thanks

BC: Ooh…
B5: Most of these are about monster subjugations…

B6: The alternatives are material gathering, escorting merchant, or delivering things…


B1: Wait… Why so serious, girls?

Sfx: Discussing seriously
TLN: or use Meeting started as an alternate translation

H: Let’s start from rank F or E first

H: Yeah. The enemies around here are just Goblins, Cocko, and Sandworms

H: If we enter the forest, there’re also Ents and Honey Bees, you see? Isn’t it okay to choose it based on the location?

B2: Okay!

B3: Let’s take these three on!

B4: Subjugate 50 Goblins, 30 Ents, and gather 10 Honey Bee’s honey..?

B5: Yes! This is our first quest after all!

B6: Let’s go hunt those goblins around Aqueria!


B1: Haaa!

B2: …
You seem to be enjoying this, even while fighting a new kind of monster…

B3: Yeah, it’s fun. Even if I’m just acting as Tsugu-Nii and Spid’s bodyguard.


B1: Tsugu-Nii, behind you!

B2: Right!

B3: Spid, use your thread!


B1: [Blood]…


T: Goblin Subjugation 51/50

B1: We’re done with hunting goblins now, right?

B2: Yeah! Next is to subjugate 30 Ents!

B3: Both Ents and Honey Bee’s honey are located inside the forest.
We’re counting on your [Search Presence], Hitaki-chan!

B4: Right, leave it to me.


BC: Uugh…
B1: And here I am, in the center of formation. Protected by the girls while hugging Spid…

H: I know I am weak but, please…

B2: However…

B3: Even a weakling like me won’t forget to harvest medicinal herbs as I walk…

B4: Tsugu-Nii…
BC: So cool! Doing all of those while walking…

B5: If I remember correctly, Honey Bees are non-aggressive monsters…
So, be careful to not attack them!

BC: Let’s see
B6: We’ll trade Ent’s fruits and flowers with Honey Bee’s honey, right?


B1: There are a lot of them here…

B2: Huh, where are they? All I can see is just plain old trees…
Is that also the ability of [Search Presence] skill?

B3: It seems Spid’s thread won’t be very effective on big sized monsters, Tsugu-Nii!

B4: I’m afraid Spid will be stepped on when things became chaotic, so please wait with him in a safe place, okay?

B5: I know, be careful out there

B6: Ents are just big oafs with high STR and DEF anyway, so don’t worry about us!

B7: Yeah, piece of cake!

B8: Oh my goodness
BC: chuckle


B1: You must never underestimate any enemies, you know?

T: Ent Subjugation 41/30


B1: All of the trees around here disappeared just with that…
So, was all of that Ents?

B2: Tsugu-Nii! Help us collect the drops!

B3: Good work girls!

B4: It took a little time, but we cleared it safely!

B5: Yeah! Let’s do the 3rd quest at this pace!

B6: Next is gathering Honey Bee’s honey, right?

B7: Anyone see any Honey Bee around here?

B8: Let’s celebrate it with Tsugu-Nii’s cooking when we clear this!

Sfx: Yeah!!

B9: That’s exactly what we need! I feel motivated now!

B10: Seriously..?


B1: Are those simple things enough to make you girls motivated..?

H: Of course!!

T: [Little Angel and Devil] Protector Group Part 2
TLN: I know there’s 2 bracket, but please keep the bracket in [Little Angel and Devil] only

B2: 181: Lolicon Gentlemen
Onii-chan’s party’s Goblins and Ent’s subjugation was safely cleared

B3: 182: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>181 They are actually strong, so we can take our time admiring them lol!

B4: 183: Lolicon Gentlemen
All that’s left is Honey Bee’s honey…

B5: 184: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>183 Seems impossible to finish it today… A random player attacked a Honey Bee, and all of them are chasing him now…

B6: 185: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>184 Why would there be any idiot who would attack a non-aggressive monster? I bet my money he is a masochist…
Well, let’s put that aside. Even if they found them today, it would be hard with their aggressiveness now, so I think they’ll give up on today…


B1: 190: Lolicon Gentlemen
Thanks for the reports guys!

B2: 191: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>190 Where were you? Onii-chan’s party is calling it a night pretty soon I think…

B3: 192: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>191 Just posted a quest on guild. All I need to do is pray for my fortune.

Sfx: Thumbs up!

B4: 193: Lolicon Gentlemen
>>192 ??? I don’t really understand but, hope it come true bro!

B5: Hmpph…!
I thought we’re going to find Honey bees easily…

B6: But what’s this!? [Search Presence] hasn’t even reacted anyhow…


B1: Let’s keep this up together. There’s still time until 3 days’ time limit.

B2: Okay

B3: Are they hard to find because they are so small?

B4: Not at all, Tsugu Nii-sama!
The Queen bee’s body length is about 30 cm, while the workers are around 20 cm…
TLN: 30 cm = 11.8 Inches; 20 cm = 7.9 inches.

B5: Wow… That’s really big for a bee…

T: After clearing 2 subjugation quests…
Tsugumi’s party had planned to clear the 3rd gathering quest too…

T: However, they couldn’t find any Honey Bees at all..!

B6: Do you girls understand? Do not attack when you find it!


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