Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan Chapter 3

Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan Chapter 3

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+Page 1

What’s in the previous chapter of Peter Quill?

The greatest tournament that ever happened.

In this tournament, Peter Grill managed to become the champion as well as the continent’s strongest man.

Because of the ogre sisters’ scheme toward the blood line of the strongest man.

Two times Peter had struggled his way out of those deadly threats.


The third trial.

Is closer than he thinks….

+Page 2

A hell filled with pleasure

Will appear soon-?

+Page 3

The Brave Swordsmen Guild’s headquarters.

At Peter Grill’s second love scene.


There’s no one around…!!

What’s with the sneaky attitude, Peter Grill?


Shouldn’t you guys be the ones who understands this situation the most?

We are still at the Guild’s headquarters….

And can you please put some damn clothes on!?

What if someone sees you like this!?

There will be no explanation available if we get caught like this!

Even if the one who sees it is senpai!


+Page 4

Explaining is the act of weaklings!

We have to stand straight and live our lives to the fullest!

Nobody can stand straight in a situation like this!

Ah!! So you’re here, Peter-san!

I have some business I want to discuss, but…..

Are you free right now?

The female receptionist of the Brave Swordsmen Guild.

Mitchy Peligrima.

[annoyingly energetic all the time]

+Page 5

I get it! Let’s find another place!

Let’s go!


It’s nothing, but are there any problems!?

*Why are you in such a hurry!?

The Guild’s front counter reception.

A monster subjugating party?

That’s right

That’s right, Peter-san!!

There’s a ferocious beast appearing at a nearby village, they sent a request for subjugation!

And you’re our trump card, the champion of the fighter’s tournament!

That’s why I would like to ask Peter-san to join the subjugating party…!!

Besides, Luvelia-sama is the captain of this party too.

She left to that beast site early in the morning!

*she was also looking for you but she couldn’t find you anywhere…..


So Luvelia’s in on this too.

+Page 6

Monster subjugation…..

There’s a motto for this kind of job – “cheap price, easy work” meaning this is the main kind of job for Guilds.

Swordsmen that belong to a Guild.

After receiving requests, they will be provided food by their own Guild.

After all those fierce battles at the tournament.

And all the congratulation feasts that have come to an end.

Everybody returned to their daily tasks.

It’s okay for you to start the trip tomorrow but be sure to participate, okay?

Sure…. Let me think about it.

And Peter’s also back to his normal job as a warrior.

The dorm where Peter currently lives.

+Page 7

So you’re going to set off tomorrow.

But it seems…..

Looking at the reward, this might be dangerous work.

Sanji….. oops, wrong manga. Tim Robinson.

Member of the same Guild, Peter’s roommate.

Yeah, this is going to be a tough one.

I’m worried about Luvelia’s vanguard team.


I guess that’s the only thing you care right now.

Then I’m off to grab a drink with Wazuki and the guys…..

You’d better rest for tomorrow’s trip.

Leave the preparations to us.


Sorry to trouble you, Tim.

+Page 8

Then, as usual, Peter climbed on his bed and went to sleep.


Today he can’t sleep soundly like he normally could.

This is uncomfortable.

It feels like my chest is being pressed down, I can’t breath.

This is so strange.

Something is off.

And when he opened his eyes, Peter Grill saw

Right at that spot.

There’s a person….

+Page 10





No, a burglar!?

Quiet you fool!

Yeah, that’s more like it!

Huh!? What are you idiots doing!?

Just keep quiet and get back to sleep!

The hell!?

+Page 11


I’m getting a bit drunk-

Hey Peter!

Why did you turn off the lights?

Magical light.

Can shine without any electricity, a convenient invention.

+Page 13


+Page 14


A girl…?



Let go of me you pervert!!

What is….


I guess I’ll go and drink some more….

I won’t tell anyone about this, you can continue.

*I’m on your side

It’s not what you think!!

You’re misunderstanding, Tim-kun!!

So he cheated…

This guy got some guts….

You’re wrongggg.

What is the meaning of this….!?

I can’t understand a thing….!!


I guess I need to do this directly.

+Page 15

I am Vegan. Eldriel.

Today I come, as a friendly ambassador of the Elf!

Vegan. Eldriel

Elf (female)

[An ultimate vegan]


A woman…

Of the Demis….!!

I don’t know why…

But I have a bad feeling about this….

She couldn’t be…..

Does she have the same intention as the ogre sisters?

That’s right.

I come here today for no other reason!

+Page 16

Give me your sperm!


Even though I know that I’m even afraid to hear your answer, but….

Why…. mine….?


That’s a good question!!

Our honorable race has to bear the blood child of the strongest mind…

In order to save the homeland of the Elves from the verge of extinction, there couldn’t be any other person!

*Elf’s homeland

+Page 17

That was such a disgrace, but the Elves couldn’t achieve a good result in the tournament.

So we’re getting disregarded by other neighboring countries, and we even face the threat of invasion.

Many solutions had been given.

And the main reason is that an Elf’s body is too weak to practice any kind of martial art, this was proven along the course of history.

That’s why….!

The Elders made a selection and decided which blood lines are the most suitable for our race.

+Page 18

And me, as a friendly ambassador, came here with the task to bring your essence back!

That’s the end of my story!

So, Peter Grill!

You…. can come and hug me if you want?

Can’t you guys think about my position even just in the slightest….!?

Are all Demis crazy like this….?

+Page 19

But, to be honest…..

Being approached by a cute girl is fine by me….!


That’s right!!

However…. I have to apologize….

I refuse to have sex with you!


A-are you stupid!?

How dare a human like you ignore a chance to embrace such a noble Elf like myself!?

Kuh…. What an arrogant race…..!

+Page 20

That’s exactly what the Elf truly is…!!

But who is the Elf?

A race who possess immense magical talent to compensate for the lack of physical competence, they always show an elegant and excellent appearance. Extremely arrogant, doesn’t care what other races think, they carry a deep impression that their race is the essence of the world. That’s why they are hated by many other creatures!

Their education is top quality, and their knowledge is wide, that explains for their disdainful attitude!

*Tim’s notes

That does it!!

Then I have no other choice but to make you obey by force!

It’s no use!

You will understand the moment you take a look at mine!

*For illustration purpose only

+Page 21

It’s impossible…..!

Why isn’t your thing erect after witnessing my naked body!?


Why is it not responding-!?

Our hearts don’t belong to each other….

It doesn’t matter even when you’re naked or not!

*words of a man that have cheated on his fiancé twice

Guh… Kuh!!

It can’t be….!!

+Page 22

Then how can I accomplish my task as an ambassador now….!?

If things goes on like this….!!

[that thing]

You will be forced to use it!!





What is this light…..!?

+Page 23

What the hell is this!?

Why is my thing shining like this!?


It’s too late to regret now!

I’ve just cast a forbidden spell on it….!

It is an ancient technique that had been sealed by the Elf for ages.

F-forbidden technique!?

Peter Grill!

Let me give you a prophecy!

+Page 24

Until you feel the true horror of this spell….!

You will kneel before me and ask for my help!

Begging in desperation to give me your sperm!

And out of compassion, I will agree to sleep with you!

I don’t get it, but why does this prophecy sound so detailed!?

That’s it for tonight!

I will leave now!

Hey…. Wait a second!?

What just happened…?

+Page 25


Right now, there’s still nothing strange about it….


I’m such a fool!!

I’ve never heard of such a spell….!

She must be trying to fool me!

And so Peter just laughed the problem off…..

However, in the future….


The sun is already rising….

The problems he has to deal with because of this spell.

For now, Peter hasn’t

Let’s get to work……

Figured out yet….

+Page 26

Locating at a half-day position from the citadel.

Across many huge mountains.

Lies a famous village with a healing hot spring.

The hot spring village Carbonara.

We’ve finally made it.


+Page 27

So this is.

The village that sent the subjugation request……

Before any fight, a warrior needs to remain on high alert…

I see.

This eerie kind of atmosphere….

This is a warrior’s instinct.

I’ve finally returned to my normal state…!

+Page 28

Looks like we’ve made it here safely!

Peter Grill.

But I wish they weren’t here!

Do they plan to follow me everywhere….!?

Senpai senpai!!

Let’s finish this request quickly, then we can finally have fun tonight!

*There’s also a hot spring here!!

Please just let me work to release me from this cruel reality….!


Are you from the Warrior’s Guild….!?

+Page 29

We’re in luck!

Grandpa look, the warriors from the Guild have come!

What a relieve….

Are you okay, grandpa!?

It seems like something horrible happened….!

Hey grampa, are you really okay!?

I heard that there’s a ferocious beast appearing in this region….!

What do you mean….

Ferocious beast….?


*You’re still alive!!

That thing is…..

A demon….!!

+Page 30

An incarnation of

The devil…..!

*Luvelia is in danger!?


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