Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan Chapter 5

Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan Chapter 5

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+Page 1

What’s new in the previous Peter Grill chapter?

In order to earn the bloodline of the strongest man in the world, a “friendly” Elf ambassador – Vegan Eldriel appeared.

But upon Peter’s refusal, she cast a forbidden spell on his penis.

Can Peter save his junk from utter destruction!?

*Sexual capability can be a problem too!!

+Page 2

Slicing off emotional affections with her Ogre’s axe!? You’d better run!!

Chapter 5: Peter Grill and the bathtub.

+Page 3

Peter tried many different methods!

Ice compressing.

Reading ancient and complex tomes.

And even fapping furiously.

This image can’t be shown, for your own good!!

Still doesn’t work!

It’s like I can’t even feel satisfied anymore…!

+Page 4

This is bad…

If my thing keeps getting erect like this all the time…

It will eventually…

Break down and can never rise again…!

I guess Elf’s magic can’t be solved in common ways…

Then we have no other choice,

but to use that method…

Maybe that will work…

If it’s the person who originally cast this spell on you,

+Page 5

then we will definitely

get rid of that curse for you.

The Guild’s resting place.

Old tavern – [Crazy Salt]

Personal hot tub.

Even if he said it so confidently…

+Page 6

Where can we even find…

the whereabouts of that elf woman…?

If I had been a little more delicate, I guess things wouldn’t have turned out like this…

No way!!

What the hell am I thinking!?

Are you trying to betray Luvelia-senpai again, Peter Grill?


So the time has come…! Am I right, Peter Grill?

+Page 7

How foolish of you to reject my offer.

Do you start feeling regret now?


How could you…!?

Vegan Eldriel – Elf.

The culprit of that weird erection spell on Peter’s penis.

+Page 8

You’ve finally showed up…!!

You can get rid of this dumb curse, can’t you!?

I know I was wrong, please do something about it!!


That’s more like it.

However, there’s one small problem, Peter Grill!

About this spell I cast on you, even I can’t get rid of it by myself.

Gah… What do you mean!?

If you want to save your penis….

Then you have to show your resolve.


That spell can only be reversed through 1 method and 1 method only.

+Page 9

You have to sleep with the person who cast it.

“This” right here.

Your only antidote is to shoot all of your sperms inside this place.

At that moment, Peter finally realized.

+Page 10


The moment he got hit by that spell, he had already lost!


if you don’t mind losing the most important ability of a man,

then it’s fine by me.

You monster!

Now now, Peter Grill.

If you remember what I said.

Then I guess you know what to say at this moment, right?

Until you feel the true horror of this spell…!

You will kneel before me and ask for my help!

Begging in desperation to give me your sperm!

+Page 11




I can’t hear anything?


*I have no other choice.

*This is the only way

*I have to save

I beg you…!!

*My penis!

Please let me

Give you all my sperm…!?

+Page 12

It’s over!!

The warrior’s spirit and pride inside me.

They’re all gone!



You definitely heard that, you little…!


Are you there? Peter-kun!

+Page 13


She’s here too…

Why does she always show up

in these kinds of situations…!?

This place is truly amazing.

I feel really relaxed here after all those fierce battles.

Oh, by the way, Peter-kun.

I’ve just heard of a legend about this hot spring.


What legend!?

It looks like the hot spring in this village is really famous.

Its source remains a secret and It is said to possess a special ability.

According to what I heard….

anyone who bathes here…

will be blessed with a child.

+Page 14

So I’m thinking, if possible…

can you…

come over here…

and we can find out whether that legend is true or not together…?

Wh-what did I just hear!?

Is-is this…

A dream?

Or did Luvelia-senpai…

She just…

invited me to come over and take a bath with her!!?

+Page 15

This is an opportunity of a lifetime, Peter Grill!

We’ve been doing nothing but holding hands these past 2 years, this will be a huge step for you and Luvelia-senpai to move on to a whole new level!



The problem is…!

My penis

can’t take it anymore!

+Page 16

How about it, have you decided yet?

Or should we stop now…?

I can’t let this opportunity pass, not like this…!





I’m sorry…!!

+Page 17

I’m really sorry…!


I can’t come to you right now…!

I… I see…

I guess I said it so suddenly…

Don’t worry about it…


I’m sorry…!

I’m really sorry, senpai…!

+Page 18

Now then…

The only way to protect me and senpai’s future–!


Very good.


let’s end that curse together.

Come here.

Peter Grill!

That’s right…!!

I’m not betraying her…!

+Page 19

I just don’t—

have any other choices!

+Page 21


This can’t be happening…!!

I don’t even have the guts to see Luvelia-senpai ever again…!

Or maybe I can just consider all of this as a dream…

Peter Grill…

Last night… Was really amazing, wasn’t it?

Why is this reality so heart-breaking…?


Such a jerk…

So… this is how it feels.

We’ve finally reached that relationship.

+Page 22

Now you can finally return to the village as the elf’s groom…!

*You were the one who set up all those traps for me, and now you’re babbling these nonsense.

Well… How about no?

I already have a fiancée…

What’re you talking about? Stop being shy like that.

It’s not about being shy or not…

It’s okay, don’t worry about it!!

It really isn’t!!

Do you really want me to cast another spell on your penis again!?

No, please don’t… I’m sorry!!

I can’t even compare myself right now to the me in the battlefield, so tragic…!

Is this really happening to me…!?

+Page 23

Sorry to interrupt, Peter Grill!

So this is where you’re hiding! Let’s continue where we left off yesterday—

+Page 24


What’s with this heavy atmosphere…!?

What’s this…?

A scum elf.

Who are you and why are you here…?

You lowly Ogres?

That’s right…

Tim spoke about this before…!

Elves and Ogres…

You must remember not to gather those 2 races in the same party.

+Page 25

These two…

have a long lasting history of fighting against each other, their relationship is extremely terrible.

So, to be honest…

these guys…

are very hostile towards each other…!

+Page 26


This is getting out of hand…

But is this…

Could it be…

Did I just start a war between the 2 races…

that shouldn’t even be allowed to encounter each other….!?

*The women that Peter gave his “seeds” to!!


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