Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan Chapter 1

Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan Chapter 1

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Page 1

In another world

Right now

The battle to find the strongest is happening

*Fight for the title of ‘The Strongest Fighter’!!!

Page 2

Time of Peter Grill and the sage

Page 3

Even the strongest

Cannot endure

His lust

Page 4


You are so strong..!

But I am going to win this!!

Today, I am going to be

The strongest man!

Page 5

The result is clear!

In the 213th Fighters’ Tournament

Our champion today…

He is from the Brave Swordsmen’s Guild


Page 6

You did it, Peter!!

I always believed that

If anyone could do it, it would be you!


What a flattery!

Peter Grill – Human (Male)

“The Strongest of the Continent”


Page 7



As a fellow guild member, I am so proud of you

Mimi Alpacas – Ogre (Female)

Muscle-Brain Idiot

Oh, thanks

Mimi, are you here to support me?

So lucky!

Looks like I am the first to come!

What happened?

About that…

From the man who has just been named the strongest in the continent, I want to ask for a favor…

Can you listen to me Senpai?


I don’t really get it but since I’m in a good mood I’ll listen to what you have to say.

(Scribbles) lol

Page 8

Thank you so much!



Can you give me your sperm?


What are you saying in a crowded place like this?

Huh? Is that so strange?

We Ogres always want to mate with someone strong for better genes

That’s why I really want to mate with someone like Senpai…

Do Ogres have no shame?? What kind of tradition is that? *And no mating, are you a horse or what?

Page 9


Does the human law forbid it??

I’m still rather new here so…

I still don’t know much about the ways of humans…

Well, she hasn’t done anything bad yet…

It’s just that she says some stupid things from time to time…

That’s why…

I understand, Senpai!!

Please f*ck me!!!

No, you still don’t understand anything!! *You changed the words but not the meaning!!

What? That didn’t work either?

I’m so sorry!!

Human traditions are so complicated, I’m sorry!


Is every Ogre this dumb?

Page 10

Stop it Mimi!


O…Onee chan!

Lisa Alpacas – Ogre (Female) (Big boobs with no brain)

Oh…Lisa, you should say something to her too!

This little girl…

That’s right Mimi

This is an adult problem

So his sperm

Belongs to me!

You too???

Page 11

Wow that was dangerous

Someone else has already targeted your sperm

What the hell is happening?

Doesn’t anyone realize how confused I am???

Peter, you…

Don’t tell me you went through this Tournament without knowing anything??


Tim Robison – Human (Male)

The Explainer

What do you mean?


This Tournament happens once every ten years and has a great impact on the war between kingdoms!

Most of those kingdoms want to win this Tournament to increase their influence and attract people to join their military….

Basically they have a huge interest in cultivating the strong!!

*The Explainer

Page 12

After all that is said

You should be able to understand it now right??

Not a single word?

*What the hell are you talking about??

Why am I not surprised…

You share the same brains as the Ogres

That means…

In order to give birth to the strongest child

Girls from every nation are on their way to get your sperm!

*What the hell?

As a female Ogre, this is unacceptable!

Historically speaking the blood of the strongest should belong to the Ogres!

Page 13

Come on Senpai!

That’s why you should just surrender yourself!

Are you crazy?

What is the problem with this world?

I don’t plan on having to do anything more than necessary with you

And I don’t plan on offering you my sperm!

That’s all I have to say!

I’m going back to my room!

Remember this…

Peter Grill

What? *me??

For the pride of the Ogres…

We will not giving up!!

Just how much do they love strong beings?! What race are you guys?!

Page 14



What is this all about??

I didn’t join this tournament to become some breeding horse?

Now is not the right time for me to be thinking of these things, myself…

The happiness of this victory, I must hurry…

I need to get to…

That person?

Page 15


Peter kun, you are late!

Luvelia Sanctos – Human (Female) [extraordinarily perfect]

Luveila senpai!

Peter kun!!

You finally did it

With this….



With how much you have accomplished

Even my bull-headed father will accept our relationship!

Page 16

The pure female knight whose looks is admired by everyone, accomplished in both the literary and military arts

It has been 2 years since my relationship with Luvelia-senpai started

Next is getting the engagement approval from senpai’s father who is the guild master

*Guild Leader

If you take a glimpse at it, everything probably looks fine

Or that was what I thought a while ago…

After that, yes…

Being blessed with a child who will become the heir, I guess…

Shall we pray together

Peter kun!




Page 17

Sorry Senpai…

Can I ask you something?


Do you know

Where do babies come from??


Are you testing me?

No matter how down to earth I am, I know at least that much



Page 18

Will be brought to you by a stock

After you pray to God for it, so magical right???




Your innocence is what is magical…


You can be that innocent at this age, I’m impressed…

Huh? What are you talking about?

Nothing, nothing

Peter Grill had already tried to explain to her how to make babies…

Using stamen and pistils as examples

In the simplest and politest way

But the result….

Page 19

What are you talking about?

That place is only used during excretion

You should know the limit of what to joke about!

She’s not listening!

Her dad is so protective that she doesn’t know anything about genders…

This is getting nowhere… a reverse sexual monster is born

Thanks to that, our relationship has only advanced to holding hands…

Those ogres sisters’ aggressiveness is also something to think about *why there is such a gap in behavior*

Peter kun?

At this rate even after we get married…

I’m gonna have to

Spend every day for the rest of my life praying to God for a child

What a scary future…

Page 20

That night

Hostel and dinning

The “Golden Baked Bokkuri”

What a day…

So many things happened…

Winning the Tournament is great but…

It came with a hefty price…

With our prides as Ogres…

We will not give up!!

There is no use thinking about it

There will be a ceremony tomorrow, I have to sleep early…

Page 21


It’s me

Hug me senpai!

Get out!

Don’t Ogres have any sense of virtue…?


Open the door!

Page 22

Now we can finally be alone together

What is wrong with you?

I don’t understand

Yeah! Do you have a problem with us or something?

Is it money?

How much do you want?

I will pay!

That’s not the issue!

Just let go of the door already!

Page 23

What is going on?

Why so noisy?


Damn it

Why am I the bad guy?

Was it my fault that things became like this…!?

Oh look

He locked the two naked girls outside…

Seriously? What a douchebag…

Alright alright

Come inside and put some clothes on you two!

Let’s calm down first!

At this rate, I’m going to be manipulated by the two of them

Stay calm….

Peter Grill…

Page 24

I knew…

About your relationship with Luvelia

But that is ok

I’m sure that

You will have way more fun with me than her

Stop it!!


Do I look like some kind of human trash to you?

Page 25

Luvelia-senpai and I shared an oath to be together in the future!

I won’t betray her like this…!

That’s why…

I definitely…

Will not yield to you ogres…!

Page 26


What did you just say??



I have…

Have to…


Page 29

I did it!

Why do I have such weak will!


Just die already!!

Page 30

Peter kun

Sorry to bother you this early in the morning

I have something to say

Do you mind…?


This voice

Belongs to Luvelia-senpai?

Page 31


Senpai, good morning!

This is bad…!

I’m so dead!!

Think Peter

Humans are a capable race!

Just by using their brains, they can overcome any dilemma!


*what a minute

She doesn’t have any knowledge about sexual education…

Even if I’m seen like this

*well these are

*my best friends

There still won’t be any problem…right?

Page 32


Even if I can somehow get through this, it could still cause problems in the future…

And when she does gain those knowledge…

You cheater!! *Do you think I am that stupid??


Damn it!

*That won’t work!!


About last night…

You were so rough!


You two stay inside this closet!

And be complete silent!!


What happened?

What is going on??

Page 33

Last night you f*cked us so many times but you’re just going to dump us like this?

That is so cruel!!

I know it’s pretty ironic, but there is no time to explain!

Just hide in there!



Good morning, Luvelia Senpai

Did something happen Peter-kun?

Why do you look so exhausted!?

Ah no I was just…


I just did some training!!


Page 34


Look at you!

I thought after winning the Tournament

You would be too complacent to be training the next day…

Oh right…

By the way…

About whether you are

Befitting to be my husband or not…!


I wanted to tell you that

Today after I get back to the guild’s headquarter…

I will inform dad

About our engagement…

Page 35

Do you…

Agree with my decision?


Of course!

100% yes!


Only Luvelia Senpai…

I only love you!


Phew, thank goodness

I’m relieved to hear that

It’s a bit embarrassing but…

I was really worrying about it so…

Can I borrow your bathroom?

Yeah, sure!

Page 36


This is getting really fun


I wonder what willl happen

If we make a fuss about this

*big trouble!!

A..about that…


Anything but that, I’ll do anything you want!

Well then… I’ll just ask for one thing…

Make a pact with us

Page 37

We won’t say a single word about this

And in return…

From now on

Until we are prenagnt

You have to keep impregnating us

That’s all!

Page 38


Why did it become like this…?

Oh wait, the answer is simple

This is all because of my weak will…!


Almost every kingdom

Want to win this Tournament

Basically they have a huge interest in cultivating the strong-

Girls from every nations

Are on their way to get your sperm


Which means….

Page 39

From now on…

There will be more people who want to ruin my relationship with Luvelia Senpai…?

*Acting like a victim



*I will overcome every challenge

And then…

Live happily ever after

with Luvelia senpai!

Page 40

At this moment

Peter Grill still has no idea

About the frightening, warm and soft hell

That awaits him…

Another battle has begin!


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